Raghu saves Shivani’s life and spend some romantic moments in Zee TV’s Do Dil bandhe Ek Dori Se.

Sumitra plans family picnic to win Raghu’s family. Shivani gets clothes for everyone ie, Salwar Kameez for ladies. While everyone are getting ready, Lata feels shy to come out wearing Salwar Kameez. She says, she will change to her usual saree. Baburaam orders her to come out wearing Salwar Kameez. He gets astonished to see her. He says, he will marry her once again. Sumitra hides Nishi’s jumping rope in Shivani’s room. Raghu’s boss calls Raghu and asks him to come to office. Shivani takes the call and requests him to let Raghu take off today. Boss agrees.

Nishi searches for the rope. Shivani goes to get it. Sumitra locks Shivani inside the house. She thinks to enjoy picnic with Raghu. Shivani calls everyone but nobody hears her. Everyone leave for the picnic in the tempo. Sumitra sits beside Raghu in the tempo. Raghu asks her about Shivani. She lies to him saying she is sitting at the back side with everyone. Shivani comes out through pipe. Neighbours see her and shout that she will fall. Neighbour brings the keys and asks Shivani to come down. Shivani gets happy.

Raghu gets concerned for Shivani as he thinks she is sitting at the back side as she is not used to Sunlight. Raghu stops the tempo to give water to everyone. Neighbour opens the lock and gives money to Shivani to go to the resort. Raghu gets water for everyone. He asks, where is babyji. They say she might be sitting with you. Raghu says no. Bella scolds Sumitra for lying. Raghu tries to call on Shivani’s number and Landline but both of them are switch off. Baburaam says, they have come half way. Bella says they should go back and get babyji. Raghu says, he will go and bring her.

Raghu comes home and asks Neighbour about Shivani. Neighbour says, Shivani was locked inside. She unlocked the door and gave her money to go to the resort. Raghu sees Shivani sitting in an auto. Raghu runs behind the auto and calls babyji. Shivani hears him and gets down. She hugs him and cries. Bella tells Baburaam that they shall go to the resort and Raghu and Shivani will join them there. Baburaam agrees. Sumitra says, they shall wait for them. Bella calls Raghu and asks him when he is coming. Raghu says, 5 mins. Bella asks him to come later.

Raghu and Shivani take lift from someone and board the truck. Some college students are already in the truck and they sing on the song. Raghu and Shivani join them. Shivani is about to fall but Raghu holds her and they fall on the grass. Baburaam and family reaches the resort and get happy looking at the fun rides. Sumitra thinks Shivani is enjoying with Raghu. Raghu comes there with Shivani. Shivani and Nishi enjoy the car ride. Later Sumitra asks Raghu to come with her as her happiness lies with him. Nishi asks Raghu to join them for the car ride. Raghu joins Shivani and Nishi. Sumitra gets irked. They play tug up war. Shivani wins the game.

Sumitra asks Maya to take Shivani away from Raghu. Maya agrees. Maya asks Shivani to click her pictures. They go to the mountain edge for clicking the pictures. Sumitra adds some white powder in the juice. She gives the juice to Raghu. Raghu is about to drink it, but stops on hearing Shivani’s voice. Shivani falls off from the mountain. Raghu goes to save her. He pushes the mountain and saves Shivani. Vivek throws rope. Raghu and Shivani come up holding the rope. Shivani says, she didn’t think she could be saved. Raghu says, nothing can happen to her until he is there. Lata scolds Maya for taking Shivani there. Raghu sees Shivani’s hand injured and goes to get band aid. Lata asks everyone to leave for home.

Sumitra is annoyed as Shivani ruined the picnic. Lata says, Shivani is her bahu and what would have happened if anything happens to her. Raghu asks everyone to leave in tempo and says he will come with Shivani in a taxi. Shivani and Raghu are in the car. Shivani is in pain. Raghu gets worried seeing her injured. Shivani thinks Raghu loves her. Driver stops the car and tells Raghu that Car has to be taken to garage. Raghu pays him money and leaves. Shivani plays in the rain.

Raghu and Shivani take shelter in old lady’s house. She gives them clothes too. Sumitra calls Raghu but his phone is not reachable. Maya comes and tells Sumitra that she will no longer support her. Sumitra acts innocently and traps Maya in her words. Raghu and Shivani spend some romantic moments and dance with each other, but it turns out to be Shivani’s dream. She goes to her and covers him with blanket. She hugs Raghu. Raghu goes from there. Shivani asks Raghu to come near the fire. Shivani asks him to look in her eyes and tell that he doesn’t love her. She hugs her but he stops her. He says, we are not husband and wife. You are my responsibility. Raghu shows her biodata. Shivani gets shocked. Raghu says, this is for her marriage. He asks her to understand that he doesn’t love her. Shivani threatens to end her life. She tears the biodata. What will happen when they come home. Keep reading Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

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