Sonal gets exposed by Rachna in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

Last week Kabir misunderstands Rachna because of Sonal. He asks her to get out. The models refuses to go on stage with the wrong dresses. Everyone applaud Vikram’s collection. Shail hopes that Rachna and Kabir’s collection hits in the shows. Rachna tries to stop the models but they leave. Sonal watches happily. Rachna asks Sonal to do something. Kabir asks her to leave. Judges ask questions to Vikram. Sonal messages Vikram about Kabir’s answers. Kabir thinks Rachna had stolen his ideas along with the designs. Kabir warns Vikram and says he can expose him. Vikram says, you are finished. Murli comes to see the fashion show. Pihu looks at him. Kabir tells Sonal that he will go on stage and tell the jury that he has nothing to showcase. He decides to go to America. Mayank and Gunjan make Pihu and Murli go and get the coffee.

Pihu and Murli have the coffee. Murli compliments her dress. Pihu too appreciates him for wearing jacket. Murli asks her to come back home. Pihu gets annoyed. Sonal comes to Dadi and tells her that Kabir has nothing to show in the fashion show as Rachna sold the designs to Vikram. Dadi gets shocked and goes to Kabir. Meanwhile Rachna’s family can’t believe Sonal and bashes her for lying. They tell her that they are aware that it was her plan.

Dadi comes to Kabir. Kabir says, he lost it. Dadi gives him strength and says you are a winner always. Kabir comes on the stage and tells that he is not eligible for this respect. Just then light goes off. Rachna comes with a handicapped dance group wearing banarasi outfit with wheelchair. They dance beautifully. They get standing ovation by the jury. Kabir is stunned by Rachna’s performance. Rachna gives him paper and leaves. Kabir reads the speech written by Rachna. Everyone appreciates his collection. Rachna recalls Mayank and Gunjan helping her.

Kabir thinks Rachna can never do any wrong as she has saved his reputation. Dadi and Shail are proud of Rachna. Kabir is being appreciated by the jury for the novel idea. Sonal and Vikram get tensed. Sonal tells the reporters that they are going to get married next month. Kabir imagines saying I love you to Rachna. He realizes his feelings for Rachna. Judges announces the winner to be Kabir. Kabir receives the award. He looks at Rachna.

Kabir calls Rachna and the special people to receive the award. Rachna tells him that she didn’t steal his designs. Kabir says, he knows her heart is clean. Vikram and Sonal are irked. Kabir goes to talk to Sonal. Kabir sees Sonal giving interview about their wedding. Kabir tells her that he wants to talk to her. Rachna comes and tells Kabir that she didn’t steal the designs and tells him that it was Sonal’s work. Kabir asks for the proof. Rachna says, she herself is the proof. She tells him that nobody knows about the designs in the drawer except her. She calls someone. It happens to be Vikram. Vikram accepts stealing the designs. He says, Sonal gave the designs to him. She betrayed you. Kabir is shocked.

Kabir says, you are my fiance and you betrayed me. I can’t forgive you. He refuses to marry her and breaks his engagement with her. He takes out the ring from her hand. Sonal tries to explain but in vain. She confesses to fill Rachna’s ears against Kabir. She says, she told Rachna that Kabir is stalking her. Sonal tells him about Rachna challenging her to get him. She says, Rachna loves you. Rachna feels embarrassed. She cries and says I did everything for you. She says, we will marry rightaway.

Dadi comes and slaps her. She says, you are not worth to be her friend. She says, you can take his life after marriage, if you can betray him like this. Shail tries to calm dadi. Sonal apologizes to Kabir. She tells I love you. Kabir says, I don’t love you. He asks her to go before he raises his hand on her.

Rachna tells sorry to Kabir for exposing Sonal as he felt bad. She tells him that she lied to Sonal saying she loves him. She says, she doesn’t love him nor he do. She thanks him for letting her work with him. He calls her name. She comes back home with Gunjan. Rachna tells Gunjan that she left her job. Gunjan is shocked. Rachna says, she has promised bauji that she will leave the job after the show. They enter the house. Light comes. Everyone congratulates her. Shail and Bauji praise her for her intelligence. Rachna hugs Shail. Will Kabir confesses his feelings to Rachna. Keep reading.

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