Raghu surprised to know that Karan is Shivani’s childhood friend in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

Last week in Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Raghu and Shivani come home after spending night at an old lady’s house. Lata, Maya and everyone see Shivani wearing Raghu’s kurta and gets surprised. Shivani tells them that her saree got drenched so she wore Raghu’s kurta. Maya irritates Sumitra and says Shivani and Raghu might have spend romantic night. Sumitra gets annoyed. Raghu gets ready to go to office. Shivani tells him that she will prepare tiffin for him. She touches his hand and feels he is having fever. She informs Lata, who asks Raghu to stay at home. Shivani calls to Raghu’s office and informs about Raghu’s unwellness.

Shivani grinds the herbs for Raghu with Lata’s instructions. Sumitra adds chillies on the burning coal so that Lata scolds Shivani. Raghu starts coughing. Shivani asks Sumitra not to do it again. Sumitra says, she will go to the temple. She goes to the sweet shop and buy laddoos. She thinks she will roam in the market instead of going to the temple.

Shivani buys vinegar for Raghu and applies on his head to lower the fever. Sumitra tells Shivani that the vinegar is prepared by the non veg fast food junction and says she should take bath. Lata also backs Sumitra. Doctor comes and checks Raghu. He prescribe the medicines. He praises Shivani and asks her to apply vinegar on his forehead. Maya informs Shivani that groom’s family is coming to see Gini. Shivani decorates the house as the groom’s family is coming. Lata praises her.

Gini gets ready. Everyone awaits for the groom’s family to come. Karan comes. Baburaam mistaken him to be the groom . They get impressed with Karan. Baburaam questions him about his salary. He says 50 lakhs per annum. Baburaam gets happy. Gini comes and gives him tea. She introduces herself as Gini. Shivani hears Karan’s name and is happy to see him. It appears that they are childhood friends. Raghu comes and asks Karan about the purpose of his visit. He says, he came to see him. Shivani tells him that she is Raghu’s wife. Karan gets shocked.

He asks her about Abhimanyu. Shivani tells him that she married Raghu and not Abhi. Karan says he didn’t find a girl yet. Shivani wishes him luck. Karan leaves. Sumitra comes to Shivani angrily and asks her not to address Raghu as her husband. Shivani bashes her with her words and says Raghu is indeed her husband. Sumitra gets angry and is about to slap her. Shivani stops her hand. Gini starts dreaming about Karan.

Karan remembers Shivani’s words and thinks he loves her so much but destiny brought Shivani infront of him as Raghu’s wife. Karan asks Raghu to give the presentation. Lata goes to the temple. Maya tells Vivek that Gini has dreaming about Karan. She thinks they will get rich if Gini marries Karan. Shivani prepares samosas for the guests. Sumitra tears the curtains. Shivani sees it and goes to get it stitched by the tailor. Sumitra takes credit for Shivani’s hardwork and says she has done all the work. Lata praises Sumitra. Groom’s family come to see Gini. They like her. They demand 10 lakhs rupees as dowry. Baburaam and Lata are eager to accept the alliance. Shivani tells them that marriage is a sacred relation between a man and his wife and one should not take advantage.They get angry. Lata apologizes to them.

Shivani says, Gini is educated and they won’t give dowry. Baburaam pleads with them to agree with the alliance. Groom’s family leaves rejecting Gini. Baburaam scolds Shivani. Lata too scolds Shivani. Shivani cries remembering Lata’s words. Raghu messages Shivani that he is going for the presentation and asks her to take care. Shivani gets emotional. Sumitra tries to fill Gini’s ears against Shivani. Gini tells her that Shivani did the right thing by refusing to give dowry.

Vivek praises Maya for selling fake medicines and making money. Shivani brings Nishi to the hospital. Shivani sees one patient’s father crying. He says, his daughter is dead because of the fake medicines and beats the doctor. Inspector comes and assures to investigate the matter. Bella praises Shivani and tells Lata that Shivani did the right thing. She says, she has suffered a lot and don’t want Gini to suffer. Rupesh also supports Bella.

Maya and Vivek come home. Maya tells Lata that Vivek is having severe headache so they early. Maya asks Vivek not to take any tension. Vivek gets frightened. Maya tells him that nobody will find their truth. Sumitra overhears them. Vivek will be caught by the police in the coming episodes. Keep reading Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

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