Archana invites Naren and Ankita’s family for dinner in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Naren and Pari are about to see each other but miss somehow. Naren asks the waiter to give flowers to Ankita, who gives it to Pari. Pari feels Aman’s presence around her. Shashank, Mansi and her siblings reach Anandi Nivas chawl. They enter the house and pray to God. Pari tells Pia that she doesn’t want to search Aman. Archana informs Manav that Police failed to trace Soham. She cries. Ovi thinks to check in the hospital.

Soham is sitting at the bar. Police comes there. Soham hides. Police shows his pic to the bar manager. He tells that he just left. Soham runs out of the bar. Ankita and Naren spend some romantic moments in the morning. Shekhar calls Naren and asks him to come to office to sign some papers. Naren says ok. Pari calls Shekhar and says she is coming to office. Pari meets Shekhar and tells him that Manav asked her to meet him for the project legal issues. Ankita comes there and meets Pari. Pari gets surprised to see her resemblance with Archana. Ankita tells her that Archana and Manav did her kanyadaan. They talk about Arjun and Purvi too. Pari leaves. Just then Naren comes and waves hi to Ankita.

Savitra asks Neena to fill the water through the common tap. Sonu comes and stands in the queue. Neena fights with her. Prashant comes to Sonu’s rescue. Savita asks Neena to let Sonu get the water first. Mansi comes to meet Archana’s family. Inspector comes and informs them that he is informed by the bar manager that Soham is going to his hometown. Archana asks Manav to stop Soham going to Bihar. She cries. Mansi prays Archana gets her son.

Naren signs the papers as Naren Karmarkar. Ankita tells him that she met Arjun’s daughter Pari. Naren says, Arjun never told him about Pari. Pari informs Archana about her meeting with Ankita. Ankita discuss with Naren about Pari. Pushti collides with Prashant and falls. Prashant applies turmeric powder on her wound. Gaurav comes and fights with Prashant. Manav comes and apologizes to Prashant.

Shekhar calls Pari and asks her to have partnership with Ankita. Naren tells Ankita that Shekhar has a proposal with the canadian company and her partner would be Pari. Naren says, he will help her. Ankita meets Pari and explains her business proposal. Pari gets impressed with her proposal. Ankita tells her that Naren transferred his business on her name. Ankita tells her that she is going to meet her sister Mansi. Pari says, she always lives in Anand Niwas. They go in the car.

They come to Mansi’s house. Mansi asks, if she is Archana’s grand daughter. Pari says yes. Pari says, she will be returning to Canada after project completes. They talk about Arjun. Ankita comes to Archana’s house with Pari. Archana gets happy seeing Ankita. Savita asks her to invite Naren and his family over dinner. Ankita calls Naren and tells him that Archana invited them for dinner. Naren talks to Archana and asks her to make bottle gourd dish. Teju informs Neena about Naren, a business tycoon coming to their house in the evening. Neena says, they shall hire the caterers. Savita says, they will cook the food themselves and serve the guests. Archana comes to Mansi’s house and invites them for dinner. Mansi asks Archana to give Soham’s pic to Shashank as he works for the newspaper. Archana says ok. Shashank goes to Soham’s house and is informed by the neighbours that he didn’t returned since 2 days.

Soham comes to the bar and recalls meeting Archana and Ovi. He gets emotional. Shashank finds Soham in the bar and takes him home. Neena cooks the food and feels hot. Teju teases her. Neena overhears Archana and Manav talking about Soham’s share. She thinks to do something. Shekhar meets Pari. She thanks him for proposing Ankita’s name for the business proposal. She invites him home for dinner. They go to Manav’s house.

Naren gifts Ahana’s favourite Indian dress to Ankita. Ankita thanks him. She tells him that she will go early to Archana’s house so that she can help her. Naren says, even he will come with her and help Archana. Archana prepares the food with the help of Pia. Mansi and her siblings come to help Archana. Archana asks Mansi, if she called her father. Mansi asks shashank. Shashank says, he is drunk. He says, he will bring him to their house.

Naren and Ankita come to Manav’s house with Sunanda. Archana does the aarti of Ankita and Naren. Manav asks Sunanda if she is comfortable as their house is small. Sunanda says, she looks at people’s heart and praises them. Naren mingles with everyone. Teju tells him that Pari will come soon. Naren introduces Kinnari to Archana. Archana searches for the silver coins to be given to Ankita and Naren. Shekhar and Pari are travelling in the car. Pari sees snow ball in his car and remembers Aman gifting him snow balls.

Kinnari meets Neena and thinks she is of her type and even Neena feels the same. They talk about their preferences. Neena tells Kinnari that her inlaws want themselves to prepare food and serve the guests. Savita asks Neena to help Archana. Pari and Naren will come face to face next week. Keep reading Pavitra Rishta.

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