Gunjan finds out about Vicky and worries for Pihu, Kabir misses Rachna at work in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

Last week Rachna manages to perform at the fashion show and arranges the handicapped persons as model. Kabir gets surprised by her doings. He gets an award of the best designer. Rachna comes back home and is welcomed well by her family. Gunjan organises a small party for her. Bauji asks Rachna not to leave her work for him. Rachna says, she is leaving the work with her own wish. Kabir comes to know about Sonal’s truth in the party. She tries to prove her point, but in vain. She packs her stuff and is about to leave. Kabir stops her and takes out the ring from her finger. Sonal says, you deserves only behenji. Kabir warns her not to utter a word against Rachna. She leaves.

Shayl asks Gunjan if Rachna is happy with her decision. Gunjan asks what do you think. Shayl says she just wants her children happiness. Murli comes to meet Pihu and brings Jalebis for her. He makes her eat the jalebi. She refuses, but eats it. Shayl hopes everything gets well between Murli and Pihu. Murli tells poetry to Pihu which she appreciates. She gets Vicky’s call. She disconnects it. Mayank too praises Murli’s poetry. She attends Vicky’s call. Vicky asks her to meet her now. Pihu refuses citing guests have come.

Rachna thinks about Kabir. Shayl asks her if she is happy. Rachna smiles. Kabir is boxing and recalls Sonal words that he is in love with Rachna. He then recalls Rachna’s words that there is no love between them. Dadi motivates him to win. Mayank, Gunjan, Murli and Pihu play truth and dare game. Murli sings the song for Pihu. Pihu too say some lines. Shayl picks Vicky’s call and tells him that they don’t need him anymore as everything is getting well between Pihu and Murli. Rachna prepares dinner for everyone. Murli tells Pihu to come with him if she wishes. He leaves.

Kabir thinks of Rachna’s words and thinks he can never forget her. He comes to Rachna’s home and thinks to talk to her Dad. Rachna thinks about Kabir. Rachna thinks to meet Dadi. Rachna is about to steo out and Kabir is about to ring the bell, but both of them stop and go back. Vicky calls again and tells Shayl that he cme to give class forms to Pihu else she won’t be able to perform in the class. Shayl gets the papers. Gunjan thinks to tell Shayl about Vicky. Murli comes back and tells everything that his bike stopped on the way so he returned. Gunjan suggests him to spend the night in their house. Murli agrees. Gunjan asks him to stay with Pihu in her room. Shayl asks the girls to stay in one room and Murli and Mayank to share another room. Murli agrees. Bauji asks Shayl, why she did this. Shayl says, she doesn’t want anything wrong to happen. Bauji says, Pihu have to returned anyways.

Kabir recalls Rachna and gets upset as she is not around. Vicky comes to meet Pihu again. Pihu goes out to meet him. Gunjan sees them and feels disgusted. Vicky tells her that he cannot live without her. Pihu tells him not to create any trouble for her. He comes closer to her. Pihu comes inside the house. Vicky leaves.

Pihu tells Shayl that she doesn’t want to return to Murli’s home. Gunjan also comes to the temple. Shayl was already praying there. Gunjan talks with her and asks her to stop Pihu from going to the acting class as the environment there is bad. Shayl scolds her and asks her not to think about the matters which don’t concern her. Everyone notice Shayl strange behavior towards Gunjan. Pihu packs the parathas and leaves. Murli offers to drop her, but Pihu refuses. Vicky sees them together. He asks Pihu to sit on his bike. Pihu says, she will take an auto. She leaves. Gunjan worries for Pihu as she is getting closer to Vicky. Mayank asks her to give some space to Pihu.

Vicky tries to win Pihu. Pihu tells her that she is very confused right now. Director announces that Pihu and Vicky will play the roles of Heer and Ranjha respectively in the play. Dadi comes to Shayl and gives her Rachna’s pay cheque. She tells her that she is going to Kanpur and asks her to take care of Kabir. Pihu is rehearsing the dialogues with Vicky. Vicky tells her that he loves her no matter whether she is married or not. Dadi asks Rachna to get back to work. Rachna refuses as she has promised to her dad. They hug each other. Dadi comes to Kabir and tells her about giving cheque to Rachna. She tells him that she won’t return to work. She asks him to call her. Kabir refuses to call her.

Pihu tells Vicky that they can be just good friends. Vicky gets angry and speaks badly about Murli. Pihu warns him not to say anything against her husband. She sits in the auto and leaves. Gunjan comes there wearing the veil and makes vicky fell on the ground. Pihu comes home and goes straight to her room. Shayl gets worried.

Rachna comes to meet Kabir. Kabir was in the gym and was exercising. He looks at her. Rachna tells her that she came to give him post. He faints. Rachna holds him to prevent him from falling. Shayl comes to Pihu. Pihu is crying and tells her about Vicky torning her shirt. Shayl thinks Vicky is getting out of his mind. She thinks to call Vicky and confront him. Gunjan sees Vicky’s number in Shayl’s call list and gets suspicious. Keep reading.

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