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In Pavitra Rishta, Naren and Ankita are invited by Archana and Manav for dinner. Sunanda comes with Naren and Ankita. They are greeted by Manav and his family. Sunanda praises the food made by Archana. Ankita asks Pia about Pari. She says, she has reached the chawl. Mansi helps Archana and takes care of the guests. Shashank brings Soham who is in drunk state. Archana sees him but doesn’t see his face. Pari and Shekhar come there. Manav asks them to have food. Naren tries to wake up Soham, but he doesn’t get up.

Shekhar have the food. Pari thanks Manav for suggesting Shekhar’s name as her lawyer. Archana asks Prashant to bring Shashank for having food. Naren goes back to Archana’s house. Sulochana and Savita look at Pia and Shekhar and think they should be married. Sunanda praises Manav and Archana. Archana asks Ankita not to worry about her siblings as she is there for them.

Naren doesn’t see Pari. Archana tells Naren about Shekhar. Sunanda asks him to meet him tomorrow. Naren leaves with his family. Pari sees raining outside and recalls Aman. On the other hand, Naren asks Ankita to enjoy the rain with him. Ankita says, she catches cold in rain and enjoys in the room itself. They dance on the song. Archana is worried about Pari. Pia tells her about Pari and Aman. She says, Aman left her and Pari lost faith in love and relationship. Archana decides to talk to Pari. She determines to settle her down with some nice guy.

Soham wakes up hearing drum beats. He looks out and sees his family dancing. He sees his grand parents, Manav, Sachin and kids. He asks Pranav not to go outside. Manav comes and tells him about Archana and family inviting Naren and Ankita. She asks him not to do anything to embarrassed them. Pari calls Ankita and asks her to come for a meeting. Archana asks her to have breakfast, but Pari leaves. Archana discusses with Savita about Pari. Savita says, she thought to get Pari married to Shekhar. Archana says, we shouldn’t rush. Savita says, we have to talk to Pari first. Ankita tells Naren about going to meet Pari.

Soham takes money from Shashank’s shirt and goes out. Gaurav and Prashant fight with each other. Sachin asks Gaurav to apologize to Prashant. Gauarv refuses. Soham sees them from far. Manav calls Soham thinking him as someone else. Soham gets tensed. Sulochana comes and tries to stop the fight. She gets unconscious. Everyone rush to her except Soham. Soham feels helpless.

Ankita and Pari meet in the café. Naren calls Ankita and asks her whether she is carrying cactus plant. Ankita says yes. Pari is surprised to hear that the cactus belongs to Ankita. Ankita tells Pari that Naren gifted her cactus plant instead of chocolates and gifts. Pari thinks that she also gifted cactus to Aman. She gets emotional. Ankita asks her to share her problem. Pari tells her about a guy who promised to love her, but ditched her. Doctor tells Manav to get the MRI scan done of Sulochana. Manav agrees. Sulochana asks Archana to talk to Pari about marriage. She proposes Shekhar’s name for Pari. She says, she wants to see Pari married before she dies. Archana talks with Pari like a friend. Pari says, she is not ready for marriage yet. Archana thinks how to make her understand.

Naren asks Ankita not to work at home. Ankita discusses with him about Pari. She tells him about a guy ditching her. Naren says, we will find a good guy for her. Ovi’s friend who is a matchmaker comes to Deshmukh’s house. She asks about Pia. Ovi says, they will get Pari married first. Archana tells her that they found a guy for Pari and he is Shekhar. Ovi’s friend shows Shekhar’s pic and says his mom registered his name in our marriage bureau. Savita asks her to speak to Shekhar’s mom.

Archana calls Naren and speaks to him about Pari and Shekhar’s alliance. Ankita and Naren go to Shekhar and tells him about his alliance with Pari. Shekhar says, Pari is a nice and workaholic girl. He asks Ankita to talk to Pari first. If she says yes then it is fine with him. Ankita informs Archana that Shekhar said yes if Pari agrees to the proposal. She says, Shekhar will bring his parents tonight. Pia says, who will inform Pari. Savita says, she will get to know in the evening itself. She asks Pari to wear Indian dress for the puja. Pari says, she has a meeting tonight. Savita emotionally blackmails her. Pari agrees.

Shekhar and Naren talk about Pari. Shekhar says, Pari is beautiful. Ankita and Pari go for shopping. Ankita helps her in selection of the saree. Naren calls her and asks her to buy saree for herself. Naren asks Ankita to send her photo in the saree. In one of the pics, Naren sees Pari but her face was not clear. Naren smses Ankita saying Pari has a good figure and height. He asks if she is jealous. Ankita replies no as she has the best husband.

Archana and Pia make the snacks for Shekhar’s parents. Neena cleans the house. She tells Gaurav that if Pari gets married then it will be good for them. Naren calls Ankita and asks her to come to Maha Laxmi temple. Ankita invites Pari to come with her as she can meet Naren. Pari refuses as she doesn’t trust God. Ankita asks her to have faith on the God. Naren comes to the temple and buys the prasad. Ankita comes in her car. They go inside the temple. Pari comes and stands beside Ankita and Naren. Naren gets a call and he goes from there. Panditji applies sindoor on Pari’s forehead instead of Ankita. Ankita gets tensed.

Shekhar calls Pari. She says, she is in temple as she is starting her new life. Shekhar asks if she is happy. Pari says yes. Naren is talking to Sunanda on mobile. Pari hears his voice and identifies him as Aman. She searches for Aman, but doesn’t find him. Keep reading.

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