Vivek gets out on bail by Sumitra, Raghu is declared dead in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

In Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Vivek and Maya rush home from the hospital as the patient dies after taking fake medicines. Vivek and Maya are engaged in fake medicine racket and Inspector finds out about their involvement. Shivani is working in the house and learning new things. She learns to make Papads from Lata. She gets Karan’s call asking her to bring some file to his office. Shivani goes. Sumitra tries to instigate Lata against Shivani. Shivani reaches his office and handover the file. They have pizza. Shivani recalls Raghu liking dal chawal. She leaves from there.

Later it shows Renuka Aunty going to Karan’s office. Karan touches her feet and calls her mom. She asks him to get married soon to a rich girl. Police comes and arrests Vivek on the charges of stealing the medicines and replacing them with fake ones. He tells them that a kid died because of him. Lata and Baburaam plead with the inspector not to arrest Vivek. Shivani also intervenes and asks for the arrest warrant. He shows the warrant. She gets shocked and speechless. Maya tells Sumitra about their crime. Sumitra smirks and thinks to trap them. She hugs her and promises to free Vivek.

Lata calls Parimal uncle and asks him to free Vivek on bail. She assures Lata that she will bring back Vivek. Sumitra goes to the hospital and provokes the dead girl’s parents against Vivek. She asks them to file a complaint against Vivek. They come in her talks. Parimal uncle gives bail papers to Inspector. Inspector tells him that he won’t free Vivek as he killed a girl. Shivani asks for the proofs. Inspector shows the video footage in which Vivek was seen replacing the original medicines with the fake ones. Vivek accepts his crime. Shivani feels disgusted. She leaving without getting him out on bail. Sumitra sees her and smiles.

Shivani comes home and tells everyone about Vivek committing the crime. Baburaam and Lata doesn’t believe and scold her. Sumitra comes with Karan and says she asked him to get the bail papers ready. Shivani tells Karan that Vivek is guilty and he should be punished. Karan says, she might have misunderstood him. Shivani tears the bail papers and asks Karan not to bail him out if he respects her. Karan leaves. Sumitra scolds her and speaks against her. Everyone go against Shivani.

Baburaam and Lata scold Shivani. Sumitra adds fire and provokes them. She says, Shivani betrayed them and is their enemy. Lata says, she wants to kick Shivani out of the house. Maya also blames Shivani for Vivek behind the bars. Sumitra gives an evil smile. Shivani hugs daaju’s photo and cries. She gets Raghu’s message. She replies him to come back soon. Inspector beats Vivek for taking an innocent girl’s life. Sumitra acts to support Maya. Shivani asks Maya to eat. Maya insults Shivani. Shivani tries to speak to Lata. Lata doesn’t want to see her face. She asks her not to show fake love towards her family.

Neighbours insults Lata and asks her to stay away from their kids. They say she is a mother of a murderer. Shivani comes and takes Lata’s side. She makes them remember whatever Raghu did for their families being the neighbour. Nishi comes home with bruises. She shows the paper in which it was written that her uncle is a murderer. Rupesh gets angry. Bella asks him to free Vivek. Rupesh says, he can’t do anything.

Lata tells Shivani that she won’t see her face once Vivek is out on bail. Sumitra provokes Lata against Shivani. Lata tells her that they won’t keep any contact with her once she leaves from their house. Shivani gets hurt. Shivani goes out of the house and starts walking on the road. She is about to get hit by the lorry, but just then Karan saves her. He says, he can bail out Vivek. Shivani says, she can’t tell anyone what she is going through. She holds herself responsible for everyone’s pain.

Shivani talks to Raghu and comes to know that he is coming. She gets happy. Later she gets a call informing her about the bus accident in which Raghu was travelling. Shivani gets shocked. She thinks nothing can happen to her Raghu and goes to the hospital. Lata and Maya blame Shivani for Vivek’s misery. Sumitra comes home with Vivek. Lata thinks Inspector must have freed him as he is innocent. Vivek tells her that Sumitra bailed him out. Lata asks, how she managed to get the money? Sumitra says, she sold her jewellery to bail Vivek. Lata blesses her. Maya says, she deserves to be the elder bahu of the house as she thinks of family betterment. Sumitra thinks Shivani will be out today.

Maya asks Vivek if he told the police about her involvement. Vivek says no. She says, she didn’t free him as Police might have suspect her. Vivek asks her to take out the money. Shivani comes to the hospital. Baburaam is also there as he came to plead with the doctor not to remove Vivek from his job. Doctor asks him to go. He sees Shivani in a tensed state. He hears her taking Raghu’s name. Shivani tells him about getting a call. Baburaam is shocked. They ask the doctor who asks them to check in morgue. Shivani cries. Baburaam consoles her. Maya and Vivek burn the money in the backyard.

Shivani and Baburaam check the dead bodies in the morgue. Ward boy comes and gives Raghu’s wallet pertaining to one dead body. Baburaam cries and thinks Raghu is dead. Keep reading.

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