Vicky forcibly takes Pihu to Mumbai, Gunjan decides to bring Pihu back home in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Rachna comes to meet Kabir. Kabir is boxing rigorously and falls unconscious. Rachna holds him and make him lie down. While he was unconscious, he holds her hand and asks why she left him. Rachna thinks he might be telling it for Sonal. She gets the medicines and makes him take it. Rachna thinks he shall get fine soon. Gunjan messages Vicky from Shayl’s phone that she wants to meet him. He replies her that he is in Pihu’s room. She rushes there and finds Murli urging Pihu to watch a film with him. Pihu refuse, but then goes to get ready.

Rachna sits with Kabir. When his fever is under controlled, she thinks to leave. Shayl thinks that Vicky is getting bad. Kabir wakes up and sees Rachna sleeping on his hand. He wonders what she is doing there. He takes his hand and thinks to confess his love to Rachna. Vicky comes to Shayl’s house. She opens the door and tells him to go. Vicky says, he is not a easy guy to leave from their way. Murli and Pihu is about to see him, but Gunjan diverts their attention. Vicky leaves. Pihu is going with Murli on the bike. Vicky comes and compliments her.Pihu gets tensed. Rachna leaves from Kabir’s house.

Gunjan comes to meet Vicky to some place. Vicky tells her that Shayl hired her for harassing Pihu and to prove Pihu that all good looking guys are not husband material. Gunjan is shocked. Shayl comes there and slaps him hard. Shayl says, she will end the matter. Vicky says, he started loving Pihu and it is difficult to forget her. Kabir sends thank you card to Rachna. Vicky threatens them to do something to Murli’s bike so that they met with an accident. Gunjan and Shayl get worried and rushes to the threatre.

Rachna calls Kabir and enquires him about his health. Kabir thanks her. Rachna tells her that she came to know about his love for Sonal and apologizes to him. Kabir tells her that he doesn’t love Sonal. He thinks to confesses his love to Rachna. Pihu and Murli are going on a bike, while someone comes in their way. Pihu gets tensed. Shayl and Gunjan come there. That guy returns Murli’s wallet. Pihu gets relieved. They go to have lunch in the nearby hotel. Gunjan and Shail come home.

They see Vicky at their house. Buaji tells her that he came to give the script. Shayl asks him to leave. Gunjan tells him that Pihu will return at night and shows him the door. Bauji gets angry at Shayl for admitting Pihu in the acting class. Pihu and Murli are having a good time together. Pihu holds his hand and says she loves him. Pihu gets Vicky’s message and she gets tensed. Vicky gets Gunjan’s mobile and he messages Pihu from her phone. Pihu replies her. Murli sees Pihu’s phone. Pihu tells Murli that she is ready to compromise with his mother.

Murli goes to call someone. Vicky comes and sits on his chair. Vicky tells her that he loves her. Pihu gets worried. She asks him to go. Vicky refuses. Pihu asks him not to create any scene infront of her husband. Vicky leaves. Gunjan tells Shayl that they shall talk to the family about Vicky. Shayl refuses. Gunjan thinks to take Mayank in her confidence and makes Shayl agree that everyone will understand her. Murli and Pihu leaves from the hotel. Shayl and Gunjan seek Vicky’s mom help to get Vicky on the right path. Kabir tells Dadi that he wants to confess love to the girl he loves. Dadi asks him to go ahead. Kabir smiles.

Pihu and Murli come there. Pihu tells everyone that she realized Murli’s love for her and wants to return to his house. Shayl hugs Pihu. Murli says, they will go to some hill station first. Pihu gets happy. Pihu is doing her packing when Vicky enters her room. He shows her their photographs and asks her to do as he says else he will tell to Murli.

Seema tells Rachna not to go to Kabir’s home as she is no longer working for him. Gunjan comes and takes Rachna’s mobile and rings her phone. She hears her phone ringing in Pihu’s room and goes there. She doesn’t find Pihu. She gets a letter written by Pihu that she is going with Vicky to meet his mother and will return in 2 hours. Shayl gets shocked to read the letter. Gunjan comes to Vicky’s house and gets Pihu and Vicky’s photos. Vicky’s mum calls him. Vicky tells her that he is going to Mumbai to meet the producer.

Gunjan gets worried. Bauji asks Shayl about Pihu. She tells him that they went outside to enquire about the outing and will return soon. Gunjan calls Murli and asks him to come to take Pihu after 2 days as Pihu went to Allahabad for an acting assignment. Murli thinks Pihu didn’t tell her anything. He thinks to wish her. Gunjan comes home and tells Shayl that she have to go to Mumbai to find Pihu. Shayl gets worried and shocked. Keep reading to know how Gunjan finds Pihu.

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