Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls

In Raghu and Shivani’s love story, Sumitra has reentered as a negative character marking the third unwanted angle. Shivani gets ready for Raghu wearing the saree. Sumitra challenges her that she looks more beautiful than her. And she knows household chores unlike her. Shivani says, she can also do household chores with ease. Sumitra is making Shivani’s life hell by plotting against her. She asks Shivani to give hot water to Baburaam. Shivani is unaware that the hot water utensil actually have oil outside the utensil as it was Sumitra’s trick. Shivani picks the utensil and the hot water falls on her feet. She shouts in pain. Bella comes to her rescue. Lata comes back and asks what happened? Bella tells her about Shivani burnt feet. Lata scolds Shivani and asks her not to enter the kitchen. Baburaam shouts at Shivani and calls his daughter in law’s useless.

Bella informs Raghu about Shivani. Lata prepares ointment for Shivani’s feet. Sumitra mixes chilli powder in the ointment. Bella applies ointment on Shivani’s burnt feet. Shivani cries in pain and asks her to stop massaging her feet. Bella tells her that it will be fine. Raghu comes home and sees Shivani in pain. He checks the ointment and tells Lata that it contains Chilli powder. Lata cries and says she didn’t mix chilli powder in the ointment. She accuses Shivani to poisoning Raghu’s mind. Sumitra takes Lata’s side.

Raghu takes Shivani to wash her feet. He makes him sit and pours cold water on her feet. He then wipes her feet. Sumitra sees them and get jealous. Shivani gets emotional and doesn’t feel any pain. She says him sorry as he came from office because of her. Sumitra burns in jealously. She thinks to give one more wound to Shivani and thinks of a plan. Raghu applies ointment on Shivani’s feet.

Sumitra gives matrimonial advertisement to Raghu and asks him to find a good groom for Shivani. She says, she can’t see a princess suffering in a small house. Raghu says, he have to talk to babyji before doing anything. Sumitra insists and asks him to fulfill the promise made to Maliksaa. She goes on to ask him, if he started loving Shivani. Raghu says he is just her servant. She makes him feel bad. Raghu leaves with the newspaper advertisement. Rupesh thinks husband is searching a groom for his wife and smiles.

Shivani thinks she can do anything for Raghu and can become his servant happily. She thinks Raghu washed her feet because he loves her. Sumitra torns Shivani’s teddy and promises to make her forget Raghu. She says, she will make her run to save her life. Shivani cries.

Neighbourhood ladies comes to Lata’s house and invites Lata and family for the satyanarayana puja. They ask, who will sit with Raghu. Bella says, babyji as she is Raghu legally wedded wife. They ask her to keep the fast. Shivani gets happy thinking about keeping the fast for Raghu. Sumitra starts her drama. Lata says, Sumitra will sit with Raghu but Bella says, babyji is Raghu’s wife. Lata finally agrees. Sumitra determines to ruin Shivani’s fast and challenges her. Rupesh informs Mahima and Aunty about the drama at Raghu’s house. Mahima feels pity on Shivani.

Shivani gets ready for the rituals. Bella says,she will look beautiful in whatever she wears. Sumitra takes Maya on her side by gifting her perfume. Maya likes her and promises to support her. Shivani comes to the kitchen with Bella to prepare samosas with curd dip. Lata asks her not to cook anything. Shivani asks for one last chance. Lata agrees. Shivani makes the samosa. Bella likes it. Everyone eat it happily. Bella tells them that it is prepared by Shivani. They stop eating. Raghu is about to eat the samosa, Vivek stops him and shows the hair in the samosa. Everyone stop eating and scolds Shivani. Sumitra adds fire and says she purposely mixed her hairs in the samosa. Lata scolds Shivani and asks her to be the guest.

Raghu brings icecream for Shivani. Both of them eat it while the Do dil bandhe song plays. They look at each other. Shivani thanks him. Raghu says, I can’t see you sad. Shivani thinks even Raghu loves me. Raghu leaves. Shivani eats the icecream looking at Sumitra. She makes her jealous and says he brought icecream as I am his wife. Sumitra is irked.

Everyone celebrate holika dahan. Sumitra thinks of a plan and takes Raghu’s inside. She asks him, what he has decided about getting Shivani married. Bella follows them. Raghu says, he can’t do anything without Shivani’s agreement. Bella scolds Raghu for making Shivani suffer. She says, you are insulting babyji’s sacrifices. Bella says the truth is that you cannot live without babyji and you love her. Raghu replies that he doesn’t love babyji. He says, he wants Shivani better life. Bella determines to make Raghu realizes his love for babyji.

Maya thinks that her salary is spending on the house and gets angry. Lata comes and asks her for the hair oil. Nishi looks at the perfume and asks her can she keep it. Maya scolds her. Lata tells her that Raghu will bring it for her. Sumitra traps Maya in her words again.

Sumitra thinks to colour Raghu’s face with holi colors. Nishi asks Shivani to apply holi on Raghu’s face. Shivani and Raghu apply holi on each other’s faces. Do dil bandhe song plays……..Maya tells everyone that her perfume is stolen. She blames Nishi for the theft. She checks her bag and finds the perfume. Nishi says, she didn’t steal it. Sumitra takes Maya’s side. Shivani supports Shivani and says she can’t steal anything. Nishi starts crying. Bella feels insulted and decides to leave the house. Everyone are shocked. Keep reading Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

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