Gunjan gets Mayank free of all charges in Zee Tv’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Gunjan is trying to save Mayank. She comes infront of Kabir’s car. Kabir stops the car at the last min. Police arrests Mayank. Garg family get worried seeing Mayank in the lock up. Kabir and Gunjan make a plan to leave from the police station. She acts to get unconscious. Kabir takes her in his car with Rachna. Suddenly Gunjan opens her eyes and Kabir tells Rachna that it was their plan to get out of the police station. She comes to Nathulal and fools him saying she is not with Mayank. Kabir comes closer to Rachna. Rachna gets uncomfortable but it is actually he wants to change the car tyres. She sleeps in the back seat. They come to Rachna’s house to drop her. Rachna slips and Kabir holds her. Sonal thinks to fills Rachna’s ears against Kabir.

Rachna gets confused about Kabir’s behavior. Natulal’s man comes to Rachna’s house with some packet. He asks for Mayank. Rachna tells him that Mayank is not at home and asks him to come after few days. Gunjan stays with Natulal’s gang. Garg family come home and Seema is shattered and cries. She throws the gang photos. Rachna sees the goon and gets alarmed. Gunjan calls her and asks her to take care at home. She says, this is our last chance. The goon comes to Natulal’s house and tells him that he found nothing in Mayank’s house. Vidhi is sure that Gunjan is with Mayank and asks Natulal to check Gunjan’s phone. Gunjan hears them and thinks how to delete the history in a short span of time.

Gunjan puts her phone in the water. Vidhi comes with her gang and checks her phone but it is switched off. Gunjan wakes up and accuses them for doubting her intentions. Natulal gets convinved and scolds Vidhi. He asks her to clear the doubts from her mind. Gunjan wakes up and goes to the public booth to call Kabir. She asks him to meet at the highway at 8 pm. She comes back to Natulal’s house and finds them standing. Vidhi suspects her move. Gunjan tells Natulal that she went for a walk. Natulal convinces Vidhi.

Sonal tells Kabir about the holi tomorrow. Dadi plans to throw the party and invites Garg family. Sonal is irked. Dadi asks her to help in the preparation. Seema finds Rachna inplace of Gunjan. Rachna lies to her saying Gunjan left early to meet Mayank.

Gunjan comes to the police station and assures Mayank that he will be out of jail soon. Seema comes there but doesn’t see Gunjan. Gunjan leaves. Mayank tells her that he knows about Gunjan’s whereabouts and asks her to wait till night. Seema gets worried. Someone follows Rachna’s dad in the market. He thinks he have seen Pihu’s husband.

Sonal sends Kabir to the workshop where Rachna is already there. She disconnects the electricity supply. Rachna gets scared. Kabir holds her. Rachna thinks he is trying to take her advantage and shouts. Kabir is shocked. Rachna thinks not to reveal about Kabir to anyone else he will refuse to help Mayank.

Natulal and gang get ready to trap Kabir. Gunjan prays for her plan. They get ready with their fake blood packet for the accident. Kabir’s car is stuck to tree and the guy is saved, He asks Natulal to take the body. Gunjan takes the photos. Kabir fights with them. Police reaches there and arrests Natulal and the gang. Mayank is freed from the police station and meets his family. Everyone are happy.

At the holi celebrations, Kabir throws colors on Rachna thinking she is sonal. He says her sorry. Rachna applies color on Kabir’s face. Kabir closes his eyes. Sonal sends Rachna to the room where Kabir is changing his clothes. They collides. Rachna thinks Kabir is after her and tells everyone that he is stalking her. Sonal is happy that her plan worked. Sonal tells her that Kabir loves her and makes him put ring on her finger. Dadi gets an heart attack. Later, Rachna comes to know that it was Sonal’s place. Gunjan and Rachna plan to expose Sonal. Keep reading.

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