Raghu promises to marry Sumitra, Shivani realizes Sumitra’s evil plans in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se is witnessing love, revenge and conspiracy. Shivani is in love with Raghu and realizes his worth in her life. When Raghu refuses to accept her as his wife citing their respective status (as Shivani is rich and Raghu is a poor guy). Shivani gives her property and haveli in charity and decides to live a simple, content and happy life with Raghu. She comes to his house and apologizes to everyone. It was Raghu’s birthday, so she made all the preparations and awaits for his return. Raghu comes home and is surprise to see Shivani in his house. Shivani asks him to fill her maang and completes their relation. Raghu is shocked. Sumitra comes and tells Shivani that Raghu won’t fill her maang as he has promised to marry her. Flashback is shown, Sumitra trapped Raghu by emotionally blackmailing him, Raghu promises to marry her. Sumitra smirks while Shivani is shocked.

Raghu’s family members are shocked too with Sumitra’a arrival. Lata supports Raghu while Bella supports Shivani. Raghu asks Shivani to return to her haveli. Shivani tells him that she has given her everything in charity and she has no place to go. Raghu is shocked and spell bound. Shivani tells him that she is not equal to him in every way as she has gotten poor now. Baburaam faints on this revelation.

Shivani is about to leave but Raghu stops her and asks her to stay in the room with Sumitra. Bella comes to Shivani and asks her to eat the food but Shivani refuses. Sumitra taunts Shivani. Bella tells her that she is the one who is coming between Raghu and Shivani. Sumitra gets annoyed and fills Raghu’s ears against Bella. Shivani overhears them and doubts Sumitra’s intentions.

Shivani confronts Sumitra who tells her that it was her plan to get Raghu and she will snatch him from her and his family. Shivani is shocked to see Sumitra’s ugly side. She decides to protect Raghu and his family from her clutches. She promises to protect them. Sumitra says, she will snatch Raghu in one month’s time. Baburaam thinks, Sumitra is the better wife for Raghu than Shivani as she will get some money after marriage. Shivani tries to win over everyone and involves in cooking with the help of Bella.

Shivani comes to Raghu who is sleeping and wishes him birthday. She sleeps beside him on the floor. Sumitra sees her sleeping beside Raghu’s bed and gets jealous. Some neighbour go to the terrace and sees them. They start gossiping. Sumitra provokes Lata against Shivani. Lata scolds Shivani for spoiling their reputation and respect. Raghu sees mosquito bites on Shivani’s hand and puts an ointment.

Mahima comes to haveli and steals Shivani’s credit cards on Aunty’s insistence. Shivani thinks, Raghu loves her too but doesn’t recognizes his love. She is sure that one day he will acknowledge his love. Sumitra tells Shivani that Raghu was doing his duty but Shivani says, it was love as no servant applies ointment to his Malkin’s hand with much care. She tells her that it is husband and wife love which she couldn’t understand.

Shivani makes tea for everyone, Baburaam drinks it and says it is tasty and different. Bella tells him that it is made by Shivani. Baburaam throws the glass on the floor and gets angry. Raghu drinks the tea and praises Shivani for the nice tea. Shivani feels happy. Sumitra is jealous again. Raghu is going to the office. Shivani takes out shirt for him. Sumitra comes and pluck the shirt’s buttons. Shivani is shocked. Sumitra asks her to sew the buttons. Shivani watches the video on her mobile and sews one button. Raghu comes and sees Shivani sewing his shirt. He gets touched and takes his shirt and sew the remaining buttons.

He wears the same shirt which Shivani has chosen for him. Shivani is glad. Sumitra comes to Raghu and asks him to wear the tie. Raghu says, only his boss can wear the tie and refuses to wear it. Sumitra thinks as if she has eaten the dust. Raghu takes Lata’s blessings and is about to go for work, but Shivani stops him. She asks him to eat curd and sugar as it is a good thing to do before starting a new work. Raghu eats curd and sugar. Shivani is happy for him. Everyone are surprised at Shivani’s move. Stay tuned to watch, how Shivani protects her love and husband from evil Sumitra. Keep reading.

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