Double whammy for Prince Narula

Roadies is not just a battleground, it is an experience. Here the participants foster friendships that are for life and viewers harbor dreams to be there one day. This time too, every episode of Renault MTV Roadies Rising never fails to surprise and inspire its audiences. That’s exactly what is going to happen in the upcoming episode thanks to googly master, Harbhajan and his googly.
The task in the upcoming episode is a test of patience and loyalty when one member will perform a task to save another member of his gang. This time it isn’t just another task! The gang members go the extra mile for the sake of friendship. They will be willing to give up their dreams of becoming the ultimate Roadie for their friends and gang members. During all this, gang leader Prince who is known to be loud and fierce broke down during this episode. In the task for partial immunity, Prince’s strongest gang member went through the grueling task and suffered injuries too and Prince was hoping for his team to scrape through but sadly for him, he was in for an unpleasant evening when he lost not just one but two of his gang members. His tears were a proof of how upset he was.
A source close to the sets said, “Prince looked absolutely inconsolable. I am sure it feels horrible to lose two of the strongest gang members at one go. However, the other gang members were considerate enough and were consoling a hard- pressed Prince.”

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