Gunjan meets DM and shares Villagers’ problems with him, Villagers’ refuse to tell their problems forcing her to return home in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, the head of the village breaks the marriage. Vikram also refuses to marry. Chiraya’s parents beg them to stop, but they leaves. Gunjan tries to console Chiraya’s father, but he scolds her and asks them to leave. As Gunjan and her family leaves from Rameshwar’s house, Gunjan sees Chiraya crying and insists to go back to the village. Chiraya apologizes to her parents. Rachna imagines Kabir moving her hairs from her face. She smiles. Kabir asks her to concentrate on work.

Chiraya’s parents bring her to the Village head and asks her to apologize to him. She bends down to touch his feet, Gunjan comes and stops her. Gunjan tells them that they can’t get love or respect by force. She tells them that she is back to change the things. Vikram gets angry and holds her hand. Gunjan makes him understand of his limits. Chiraya hugs Gunjan and cries. Her parents asks her to leave their house and stay with Gunjan. Rameshwar throws Gunjan out and thinks she will leave when she doesn’t get anywhere to live.

Vikram decides to take revenge from Gunjan. Gunjan gets Mayank’s call. She lies to him that she get back to Chiraya’s house and is fine. She asks him to concentrate on his interview. Someone puts his hand on her mouth and takes her somewhere. Shayl gets worried about Gunjan. Gunjan is taken to a room by Rahul. She tells him that she knows Karate. He asks her to sleep and goes out.

Rachna keeps I love you card in between the dress designs. Kabir sees it and scolds her for mixing professional and personal lives. Seema tells Shayl that Gunjan might be fine at Rajeshwar’s house. Rachna gets tips from her mom and thinks to order Kabir’s favourite dish to change his mood. Mayank calls Gunjan and tells her that he got a job and asks her to come back. Shayl talks to her. Gunjan tells her about the bad situation there. She talks about the women’s rights. Rahul tells her that the villagers paid his engineering fees, but he couldn’t do anything. Kabir realizes his mistake and apologizes to Rachna. She asks him to have pakodas. Kabir agrees.

Chiraya comes to meet Gunjan and informs her that Divya’s mom is in hospital. She decides to take up the matter to high authorities. She comes to the DM office to meet him. Rachna tells Kabir about getting client’s emails 5 mins before. He gets angry on her again. Gunjan keeps waiting for DM for 5 hours. Peon asks her to leave. Gunjan throws the glasses on the floor, DM comes out and asks the matter.

Gunjan shows him that the file with the statistics. She tells him there is no electricity and toilet, due to which the women are unsafe in the village. He assures her to sanction the funds to get the facilities. Gunjan thanks him. Gunjan tells Chiraya that their problems will be solved soon. Vikram hears them. Gunjan comes to DM office again. His secretary asks her to bring an application signed by 25 families. She gets worried. Mayank comes to his office and gets surprised to see a big cabin for him.

Rahul asks Gunjan to go back as none of the villager will sign with the fear of the head. Chiraya supports her. Mayank misses Gunjan. One girl comes to him and introduces herself as his secretary. Mayank thinks to meet the boss, but couldn’t. His boss, a lady is upto something. Gunjan and Chiraya takes villagers’ signatures.

Rachna thinks to teach Kabir the love talk. She asks him to try in Bollywood and says he can play a good anger man. Kabir understands her point and tells her that he didn’t like to say it everyday. She then gets busy with her work and dream about him. Mayank is offered a car by his new company. He gets happy and recalls Gunjan’s words.

Gunjan goes to the DM’s office with the villagers’ signatures application. DM says, he would visit the village personally and interact with them. Rachna asks Kabir to come for lunch, he refuses. Dadi insists them to go. Gunjan, Rahul and Chiraya think of a plan to gather the villagers. Chiraya lies to her mom about the havan in the mandir. The news spread among the villagers. Vikram tells the head about the havan.

Rachna and Kabir are having a good time eating gol gappa. They laugh. All the villagers gather at the temple and are shocked to know that Gunjan called them. DM comes and asks them to share their problems. Gunjan urges them to speak up. Head comes with Vikram and tells DM that they have no problem, have electricity in homes too. Gunjan gets shocked. One of the villagers tell that they have no problem. Gunjan asks him, if there is electricity in his house or are the woman here safe.

The DM warns Gunjan not to force the people and tells the villagers that he has came to help them. Gunjan says that these people are lying. The DM warns Gunjan of wasting his time and leaves. The head confronts Gunjan and says that the people of this village talks only under his language. Mayank shows the car to his family. He tells them that he called Gunjan, but her phone is not reachable. Rahul and Chiraya ask Gunjan to leave. Gunjan determines to do something.

Some goons lights Gunjan’s house on fire. Rahul throws water and puts off the fire. Mayank calls Gunjan. She informs him about the same. He asks her to come back home immediately. Rahul takes the phone and says he will bring Gunjan home. Gunjan says what is wrong with all of you? Rahul and Chiraya ask her to go as there is no hope left. Gunjan hugs Chiraya and apologizes to her.

Mayank brings Gunjan home. Gunjan is still lost in village problems’ thoughts. She tells Mayank that she is feeling pity for the villagers. Keep reading.

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