Archana and Manav get emotional to see Soham, Soham puts a condition infront of them and Naren and Pari’s marriage functions start in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Naren gets Soham arrested. Inspector informs Ankita about Soham’s arrest. Prashant and Mansi get angry on Soham. Ankita goes to the police station with Shashank. Inspector says, bail is not possible as it is late at night. Soham tells her that he went to Karmakar’s house and beat Naren as he is marrying Pari. He says, he will smash his face for playing with his daughters’ life. He says, he won’t let him marry Pari. Ankita says that she married Naren for money. Ankita comes to Karmarkar’s house. Rushaali asks her to go.

Naren comes. Ankita requests him to take the complaint back. Naren refuses to take the complaint back and asks her to leave. Ankita comes to Deshmukhs’ house and requests Pari to ask Naren to take the complaint. Pari refuses to help her. Archana notices her and says she will ask Manav to bail her father. Ankita thanks him. Pari gets upset. In the morning, Archana and Manav come to the Police station to enquire about Soham. They also give bail papers of Raghav Matre to the Inspector.

Constable brings Soham. Archana sees him and gets emotional. Soham refuses to know her and pushes her. Archana hugs him and asks him to come home. Soham says, he won’t. Archana promises to give him his rights. Soham gets angry. He comes home and asks his kids to pack their bags as they are leaving. Archana and Manav come there. Archana tells them that Soham is her son. Ankita and her sibling get shocked.

Archana asks Soham and his kids to come to their home. Soham refuses to let his children stay at her house. Archana leaves sadly. Savita and everyone get happy knowing Soham is alive and Ankita is his daughter. She asks, why you didn’t bring them here. Sachin tells her that Soham is not ready to come and didn’t forget anything yet. Sulochana says, we shall be together.

Soham tells his children that he was Soham Deshmukh, but changed his name. He tells them how Archana and Manav snatched his love Gauri from him and tells everything. Pari comes to Naren and tells him that Ankita is her sister and Soham’s daughter. She says, she can’t accept Ankita as her sister. Archana and Manav come again to Soham’s house. Archana asks Ankita and her siblings to come to their house. Ankita refuses. Archana tells her that all the relatives are waiting. Ankita agrees finally.

Soham drinks in the bar and thinks they snatched Naren from Ankita like the way they snatched Gauri from him. Ankita and her siblings come to Deshmukh’s house. Everyone get happy and hug them. Soham gets tickets to Jamshedpur for him and his kids. Naren comes to drop Pari. Ankita opens the door and gets emotional seeing him. She requests Pari not to tell anyone about her pregnancy. Pari says, she won’t upset her loved ones.

Soham comes to Deshmukh’s house and asks Ankita, why she came here when he refused her to go. Archana tells him that she brought them here. Sulochana asks Soham to stay with them. Soham agrees and puts a condition. He asks Archana and Manav to get Naren married to Ankita instead of Pari. Everyone get shocked including Pari. Manav asks, what is this nonsense. Soham asks him to either accept his condition or forget him.

Archana talks to Manav and tells him that they can’t accept Soham’s condition and feels sad. Pari thinks Archana will ask her to sacrifice and goes to her. She tells Archana that she won’t sacrifice for her. Archana says, we won’t ask you to sacrifice and have not accepted Soham’s condition. Neena is happy that Soham himself refused to come back to them. She thinks they will get all the property now. Ankita sees Archana sad. She promises her that she will make Soham understand that his condition is wrong.

Ankita comes to Soham’s house. She explains to him that his condition is wrong as she married Naren for money and doesn’t love him. She says, Naren is meant to be with Pari. Soham doesn’t agree. He apologizes to her and promises to give them fatherly love. Ankita gets emotional. Soham promises her that he will get her married to Naren as he feels Naren loves her. Ankita says, Naren doesn’t love me, but Ahana. She takes him to Karmarkar’s house and asks Naren to answer Soham’s questions.

Naren tells Soham that he loves Pari and not Ankita. Soham gets angry and loses his cool. Naren shows him contract papers signed by Ankita. Ankita takes him with her. She tries to tell him that Naren loves Pari. Soham says, I know that my daughter can’t do a contract marriage. Ankita says, she is not hiding. She says, two loved ones should unite. Soham says, only you have the right on Naren. He asks her to come back home.

Ankita leaves the Deshmukh’s house after informing Archana and Manav that Soham asked them to come and he realized his mistake. She says, we got our baba back. Manav and Archana try to stop her. Manav tells Archana that Soham didn’t bring his kids well, but they gave good values. Archana tells him that she wants to transfer a big part of property in Soham’s kids name. Manav agrees with her. Neena overhears them and gets shocked.

Neena comes to Sachin and fills his ears against Soham, Archana and Manav. She tells them that he will get nothing. Sachin gets thoughtful. Manav gets emotional seeing Pari gearing up for marriage. He blesses her and gives tips for a successful marriage. He asks her to have trust on Naren for happy marriage. Pari hugs him. Pari sits for mehendi rasam. Rushaali asks Ankita to write Naren’s name on Pari’s hand. Ankita writes the name and feels sad.

She goes to Mansi’s house. Mansi follows her. Ankita tells her that she can’t bear anymore. She can’t see him getting married to Pari. She cries. Mansi comforts her. Archana comes and asks what happened. Mansi lies to her that Ankita is having stomach ache. Archana talks to Ovi and they decide to show Ankita to a good doctor and get her treated. Naren comes to meet Pari. Pari tells him that she feels pity on Mansi as she is living with Ankita after knowing that she is carrying her husband Shashank’s baby. Neena overhears them.

Pari tells him about Soham’s condition. Naren says, he won’t marry Ankita as he loves her. Pari hugs him. Ankita recalls the moments spent with Naren and cries. She tears the cheque given by Rushaali. Archana comes there and gives her prasad. She sees torn cheque lying there. Neena tells Sachin about Ankita’s pregnancy and thinks of a plan to insult her.

Shashank tells Ankita that he talked to the nursing home and she have to go there after two days. Mansi insists to come with her. Ankita refuses to take her as she is also pregnant. She asks her to meet her once she delivers the baby. Mansi is shocked to know that Ankita doesn’t want to return. They hug and cries. Ankita goes to Naren’s home to give him some files. Keep reading.

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