Gunjan lands up in Village with her family and determines to bring a change there in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Kabir, Rachna, Gunjan and Mayank get attacked by Guruji’s men. They try to save themselves. Dayal calls Mayank and tells him about Rachna. Mayank promises to get Rachna back. Mayank calls Kabir, Kabir tells him that Rachna is with him and they are locked in a dying factory. Rachna hugs Kabir as she was scared. Kabir assures her not to worry. Kabir fights with her and then promises to love her always.

Gunjan saves two girls in the riots. Dayal and Prabhu go in search of them. Kabir notices Rachna having high fever and makes her rest on a bench. Rachna holds his hand and asks him never to leave her. Kabir promises her. Goons come to Mayank and Gunjan. Gunjan holds burning wood and threatens them. Some goons attack Prabhu and Dayal outside their room for sending Guruji to jail. Police reaches there and the goons flee from there. Gunjan takes Police help to locate Rachna.

Mayank and Gunjan reach the shop, where Kabir and Rachna are stuck. They takes Police help and breaks the lock of the shop. Gunjan and Rachna hug each other. Police tells them that the goons has been caught and the curfew is over. Rachna comes back home. Everyone get relieved. Dayal asks her, what was the need to go out. Instead of Rachna, Kabir answers that he asked Rachna to come urgently for a meeting with an important client. Dayal thanks Kabir for bringing Rachna back home. Rachna too thanks him.

Shail gives her turmeric milk to lower her fever. Gunjan teases Rachna and asks her to confess he love for Kabir, but Rachna feels shy. Kabir calls her and enquires about her health. Rachna says, she is fine and disconnects the call when Mayank comes. She calls him again and talk all the night. Dayal shows the newspaper to Prabhi saying about the kidnap of a lady in Mirpur village. Shail and Seema plan to go to Mirpur for their Mausaji daughter’s wedding. Mayank refuses to let Gunjan go, but Gunjan gets excited to see the village life. They decides to go.

Rachna doesn’t want to go and thinks some miracle happen. Dayal faints, Shail decides to stay at home. They are about to leave. Rachna slips from the stair and gets a cramp in foot. They leave Rachna at home. Gunjan understands that Rachna is happy. They leaves. Rachna gets ready to go to office and hugs Shail.

While they are on their way, Police stops them and asks them to go there on their risk and girls and women are being kidnapped in Mirpur. Rachna comes to the workshop and waits for Kabir’s attention. Kabir was busy with the clients and doesn’t pay attention to her. Rachna gets sad. Mayank, Seema, Prabhu and Gunjan reach Mirpur. They get good welcome by the villagers. Girls are surprised to see Gunjan’s modernity. One old lady asks Gunjan not to spoil the girls. Bride ‘s haldi rasam begins. Seema gifts her something and does the rituals.

Gunjan gets Shail’s call. She tells her to enjoy her stay. Gunjan goes to Mayank while calling his name. All the men get shocked. Mayank takes her to a side and asks her to adjust or 2 days. He asks her not to take his name and send someone to call him. She agrees. The bride Chiraya teases Gunjan about Mayank. Kabir takes Rachna for the lunch. He compliments her. Rachna waits for him to say something.

While Mayank takes bath openly near the tap. Girls looks at him teasingly. Gunjan gives him towel. She asks Mayank to come with her for village viewing. Mayank refuses. Gunjan goes alone and view the village. She falls in the mud. Missing girl Divya’s father comes to her rescue and asks her to change her clothes in his home. Gunjan agrees. Gopal kaka comes to the restaurant for his official meeting. Rachna hides with Kabir. Gopal sees Rachna hiding there and wonders why. Gunjan offers to help the couple finding their daughter. They refuse to take her help. Gunjan feels someone is following her.

She runs backwards and fall down again. Mayank comes there and asks her not to roam alone in the village. They go to have sugar cane juice at the stall. Dadi catches Rachna and Kabir coming to the workshop and thinks something is wrong. Shail tells Rachna, that Gopal informed her that you and Kabir had the lunch outside. Rachna gets surprised and confirms the same. She tells about the meeting with a client.

Gunjan talks to the bride and appreciates her for living in the village. Rachna tells Kabir on phone that Gopal saw them, and she lied to Shail that they had a meeting with a client. Kabir doesn’t like her to lie. She fears that their families may reject their alliance due to the age difference. Gunjan drinks water, Chiraya asks her not to drink much as they don’t have toilets at home. Kabir thinks of Rachna’s words and thinks how old he is? Dadi opines that he is in love and asks him to go to gym. Kabir refuses to change. Gunjan wakes up at midnight and thinks to go to loo. She tries to wake up Chiraya and Mayank, but they were fast asleep. She goes out. Someone puts lights on her face and introduces himself as Vikram Bundi. He tells her that it is not safe for women to come out at night. She tells him to leave her way. She comes to her room and thinks of Village women.

Kabir starts jogging to look young and fit. Next morning, Chiraya wakes Gunjan. They go to the fields to freshen up. Gunjan thinks to bring a change in the village. Gunjan tells Shail about the problems in the village. Shail gets surprised. Gunjan comes to Vikram and asks him, who is the head of the village. Someone comes, Vikram calls him bauji. Gunjan asks him about the missing girl. He says, police is searching her. Gunjan asks him, why there is no toilet in the village. He asks her to attend the marriage and go. They don’t want toilets. Gunjan talks about women’s security and respect. She says, women are in veil, but toilets are in fields. Mayank comes there and takes Gunjan with him.

Seema asks Gunjan not to interfere in their problems. Gunjan argues with her. Someone tells that baraat will come in the night and they have to welcome them well. Rachna tells sorry to Kabir in a filmy style. Kabir smiles. Gunjan goes to the missing girl Divya’s house to return her dress with Chiraya. Divya’s mom cries and tells them that they know Divya is no more. Gunjan talks to Chiraya to speak for Divya or marry Vikram. The hosts welcome the groom’s family and the bride and groom go to the stage. Gunjan says that this wedding cant take place. The head of the village comes. Gunjan questions him again about toilet. The head tells that she is insulting them.

They ask Gunjan to apologize to the groom’s father. Gunjan refuses. Seema asks Mayank to take her inside. He asks Chiraya to proceed with the wedding. She says that Gunjan is right. She refuses to marry in a house where there is no toilet. Her parents asks her to marry. Chiraya begs to her dad for a respected life. Keep reading.

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