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Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu Invites King and Pragya to Anniversary Party

The episode starts with Tanu asking Pragya to return her mangalsutra before going. The fight between Tanu and Pragya continues, and Tanu asks Pragya to prove that she doesn’t love Abhi and respects her husband. Pragya gets angry and goes to slap Tanu. Pragya says she doesn’t want to break anyone’s house. Tanu tells her if she doesn’t prove this, then she will humiliate Pragya in front of the world.

Tanu thinks that Pragya is married to a professor who gives her coaching, but Pragya tells her that she is married to King Singh the rapper. Tanu then again accuses her of marrying a rich guy, and it’s proved that she is greedy for money. King comes there and wonders why this woman is talking to Pragya in this way. Before he can go to see, the security guy calls him to park his car properly.

Abhi comes to Pragya with the manager. Pragya congratulates him for his marriage with Tanu. It’s very painful for her to see him married to Tanu. Tanu takes a scalpel in her hand and tries to remove the mangalsutra. Abhi and Pragya look and each other, and Pragya wants to ask him why he married Tanu. Purab comes there, and on seeing him, Pragya hugs him.

Pragya is happy to know that Purab and Disha have a child. Tanu taunts her by saying that the child calls her Chachi, and Purab tells that he will call Pragya also the same. Pragya wonders how she will live without her family.

Mitali invites someone for Purab and Disha’s anniversary. While Mitali is praising Disha, she tells her that Aaliya is egoistic, and Aaliya hears this and warns Mitali before she says anything as Mitali cannot do anything without her.

King comes to Tanu and Pragya. Tanu introduces herself and tells him how lucky he and Pragya are to have each other. King is surprised as to why Pragya lied to Tanu about them. Tanu invites King for Purab and Disha’s anniversary. Tanu tells Pragya that she has accepted the challenge. Pragya is surprised to know that.

Kundali Bhagya: Police Come to Interrogate Doctor Seema

The episode starts with Karan and Preeta taking Prithvi to the car. Prithvi, as usual, is pretending that he is injured and Karan looks at him with anger and disgust. Shristi calls Sameer to know everything, Sameer tells her that a lot happened. He says that Sanju came to kidnap doctor Seema and he was the brother of Neil, who had kidnapped her. She gets angry on hearing this and he tells that he was drugged, but Shristi doesn’t believe him and disconnects the phone.

Karan stops the car at his house. Preeta tells him that they should take Prithvi to the hospital, to which Karan says that his mother called up and said that the doctor is awake and wanted to talk in front of them.

Karan says that Sherlin should also be here and he calls her and tells her that the doctor is here and can check her in the house, but she refuses to come and says she is unwell. Karan tells that we should go without Sherlin and she is not coming. Karan, Preetha, and Rishab go inside, and Prithvi thinks how he can escape this as the doctor will recognize him as soon as she sees him.

Sameer comes there and asks the doctor how she is feeling and says he was drugged, but no one believes him. But he is adamant and says he was drugged and then someone broke Sanju out. Rishab and everyone come and ask the doctor what she as to say. When she is about to tell, she sees Prithvi, and then everyone goes to him to ask about his injury.

Prithvi signals to the doctor not to say anything. Karan asks the doctor about who tried to hurt her and who the father of Sherlin’s child is. The police walk in and Mahesh says that he has called the police here. Preetha tells the doctor not to be afraid and to tell the truth. Prithvi is worried, and Karan starts to explain to the police about Sherlin and how she is a very clever girl and does not deserve to be a part of their family.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir Fights With Miraj

The episode starts with Zeenat asking Nilofar when her family is coming to meet Imran. Nilofar says that her mom is ill and that she and Imran will be going to meet her mother in Meerut. Zeenat says that she misses Ruksaar, and it’s been long since she spoke to her. She says she will message her and talk to her. She says she wants to go and meet her but she has to take care of Aman and his school. Kashan is going to Dubai so he can get her for the wedding.

Shahbaz says how can Ruksaar come here as she has a case on her. Zeenat says that she has spoken to Zara and she is ready to drop the case. Kabir and Zara come home. Kabir tries to talk to Shahbaz but all in vain. Shahbaz tells him that whenever he as some hope from him, he disappoints him. He says that today also, Zara defeated you in sharia board.

Miraj comes and congratulates Kabir. He tells him that he needs to talk about something. Zara says she will come along. He tells Kabir that he is very disappointed with his decision and he has been sold by his wife and brother-in-law. Kabir gets furious hearing this. Miraj tells him that he is no more a part of the project. He needs all the money he invested back along with the core money that Kabir took for his divorce

Zara is tensed and Kabir comes. She tries to ask what is wrong but he refuses to say anything. She pesters him to say but he refuses. She asks him is Miraj your friend or enemy? He says that he is not his enemy but not the same friend that he thought he was.

Reema is looking for jobs, and Zara comes there and tells her that I have news but I don’t know whether it’s bad or good. She says that the decision in sharia board can backfire because she told Miraj to stay away for 30 days, and now Kabir and Miraj have fought and she doesn’t know what has happened.

Kabir and Zara come close to each other, but then Zara asks Kabir whether he wants the divorce or he wants to wait for 20 days. He says whatever will happen will happen after 20 days, and goes away from there. Zara regrets speaking about the divorce. She doesn’t want to lose Kabir’s trust and wants to keep Kabir away from the evil Miraj.

Bepannaah: Aditya Defends Zoya

The episode starts with Zoya coming to Aditya’s room and checking her phone. She reads Arshad’s message. He wants to meet her and she says she won’t meet him. She hears Anjana’s voice and hides in the bathroom, Aditya come there, and in fear, Zoya drops her bag down, and Aditya takes a bat to and see who is in the bathroom.

Zoya is about to shout when she turns the tap on. Aditya sees her and asks her who hides in the bathroom. Zoya and Aditya share a moment with each other. That’s when Anjana and her friends come. Anjana calls out to Zoya and her friends taunt her about how she had said that Aditya is not ready to have anyone in his life. Kuku Aunty keeps taunting her and says that thank got her Sweety didn’t get married to Aditya.

Anjana tells her to stop talking rubbish and says that Zoya has no relation with Aditya. Kuku Aunty taunts her on Harsh’s extramarital affair. Zoya tells her to stop it and tells her that she is not saying anything as she respects her age and tells her that she has moved on in life and so should everyone else.

Anjana tells Zoya to stop but Zoya doesn’t listen and continues to give it back to the ladies. She is about to go when Aditya holds her hand and says that this is my house also and the one who is wrong should leave the house and go. Anjana leaves and Zoya tries to convince her why she had to give them back but she is no mood to listen to her.

Zoya feels she said too much but Aditya tells her that she did the right thing, and he saw the old Zoya back in her. Sakshi wakes up and uses a pin to write help with blood to reach out to Aditya.

Anjana asks Harsh about the results. He said they should be out soon. Aditya informs them that he hasn’t cleared it and they are all shocked. He says that after 6 months, he can give it again.

Zoya tells Noor that Aditya is a changed man. Noor tells her that she should tell Aditya what she thinks of him and how special he is to her. Zoya agrees and says she will tell him that he is her best friend and very special to her.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Aarohi Goes to Deep’s Other House

The episode starts with Aarohi reaching the bungalow and seeing Deep’s picture inside. She sees a lady coming out of the house, and now she is convinced that there is some connection with this bungalow and her plastic surgery. She has a feeling that Deep is involved in it. Virat comes to the Raichand house, and calls out to Aarohi and says that he knows that she will not forgive him; he doesn’t know that she is not Aarohi and she is Tara. Tara is about to tell him when Deep comes and tell him to get out from there.

Virat tells Deep that he is very sorry, and he is repenting to what he has done, but Deep tells him to just go away. Deep threatens him that he will call the police; Virat informs him that he is on bail. Tara tells Deep that they should listen to what he wants to tell them, but Deep tells her not to do any stupidity as he would know she is not Aarohi and she is Tara, as Aarohi would never talk to him.

Aarohi breaks into the bungalow and wonders why Deep betrayed her and if he ever loved her. She says she needs to be alive for a child. Deep comes to the bungalow and attacks Aarohi, but she manages to escape.

Virat talks to Tara as if she is Aarohi and apologies to her and tells he wants to teach Deep and Tara a lesson. Hearing this, Tara is shocked and says what a backstabber Virat bhaiya is. Deep slaps the watchman and tells him to be more alert. Deep says that he has to get hold of Arohi at the earliest as he doesn’t want the truth to come out since it can be dangerous for him.

Aarohi finds a phone; the phone is locked and opens up with her face recognition. She is surprised by this.

Aarohi receives a letter saying that that person knows she is Aarohi and all her questions will be answered. Aarohi goes to meet the person at Gandi Park. It happens to be the same girl who she saw at the bungalow. Her face and Aarohi’s faces are similar. The girl hits Aarohi and she faints.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Roshni Delivers Baby

The episode starts with Madhvi praying for safety of Roshni and her baby. Pihu comes there and ask about how Roshni is doing. Madhvi says that she is doing fine. They tell Pihu that the baby is every excited to meet Pihu that’s why the baby is coming out soon.

Ishita is very confused about what to do. She tells the doctor they have to save the baby and Roshni. The doctor says that Roshni wants to talk to Raman and Ishita; they rush towards Roshni. She tells them to save the baby as its Aditya’s child. Ishita tells her not to talk nonsense.

Raman tells Roshni that they will save both. Roshni’s condition worsens and Ishita and Raman pray to god to save Roshni and the baby. Ishita recalls Aditya’s death and prays to God that because of her mistake, the baby and Roshni shouldn’t suffer.

The doctors come out and congratulate them, as Roshni is blessed with a baby boy. Everyone is happy and Raman starts to distributes sweets with happiness. He asks Mihika where is Ishita. She says she is gone to the temple. He says one day, God will get fed up of her.

Ishita thanks God for saving Roshni and the kid. Ruhi comes and saya that they can meet the baby. Ishita and Raman see the baby and feel emotional. Roshni sees Ishita pampering the baby and asks her who he looks like. She says he looks just like you. Ishita tells Roshni if she wants anything she is there for her and her baby.

Ishqbaaz: Priyanka Meets With an Accident

The episode starts with the Oberoi family being worried about Daksh and why he disappeared. Priyanka bursts into tears. Shivaay turns to Tia and asks him where Daksh is. She says she is clueless about him. The media asks why he ran away and questions Priyanka’s character for it. To which, he says this is their personal matter and not to interfere in it. Shivaay and Priyanka both go in search for Daksh. Anika walks out of the house. Her fake teeth fall off and Shivaay notices it. He calls out to her, but she runs away, but he suspects that Daksh ran away because of her.

Anika returns home and her aunt taunts her for interfering in improper activities. Her sister tries to defend her. Her aunt says that Nikhil won’t marry her now. Anika tells her aunt that Nikhil will understand her. She meets Nikhil, who reacts angrily on her disappearance. Priyanka tries to call Daksh. He doesn’t answer. Tia realizes that Anika and Payal have run away, and this is the reason that Daksh fled. She gets angry that Daksh has ruined her planning.

In Anika’s house, Nikhil shouts at her leavening her engagement and going. She says she went to save Payal and Priyanka. Meanwhile, Priyanka sees Daksh and she runs behind him when she is hit by a car and she falls down. Shivaay is shocked and runs towards her.

Anika tries to make Nikhil understand and tells that she will fall down on his parent’s feet for forgiveness. He agrees but with a condition that she will never talk to or meet Shivaay. She agrees to the condition.

Priyanka is rushed to the hospital, and Shivaay requests the doctors to save his sister at any cost. He remembers how he saw Anika and blames her for all this. He decides to take revenge on her.

Rudra and Omkar are in tears as Priyanka hasn’t gained consciousness even after two days. Shivaay says that his sister’s marriage broke right in front of his eyes and she even met with an accident. He regrets that he could not do anything in any of these situations.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik Learns About Mansi’s Pregnancy

The episode starts with Naira trying to sleep, but Mansi and Shubham’s words keep resounding in her mind. Naira remembers how Kartik chided her for hiding Shubham. She tries to call him but the phone doesn’t get connected. She goes to talk to him in the morning but Kartik refuses to talk to her and continues to Jog. She tells him that Mansi is pregnant and he is shocked to hear it.

Akhil asks Suhasini to call Anmol’s family but she refuses. Suwarna asks Surekha to not agree for Mansi’s wedding in that family. She says that Mansi and Anmol will go to the USA post marriage. Naira tells Kartik that they should inform the family members of Mansi’s pregnancy. Kartik tells Naira that is this is not the right time to tell anyone about it.

Kartik warns her to tell anyone anything and tells her that he will handle the matter. He said that he will tell Mansi and Anmol also not to tell anyone about it. He tells Naira that he will go home and convince the family for Mansi and Anmol’s marriage and she should also do the same.

Kartik arrives at his home and tells Dadi that she should get Anmol and Mansi married and not think of him and Naira. Mansi is happy and she thanks Kartik for the support and he tells that she should tell him everything before she tells a third person

Rukmani tells everyone that Anmol’s marriage is fixed. Naira is worried that the truth about Mansi will be out. Kartik asks her to call Panditji immediately and start preparing for the wedding. Mohit asks Naira if she and Kartik compromised for this wedding and asks her to do what both of them feel is right for their relationship. Naksh and Kirti were listening to their conversation and Kirti feels that there is hope for Kartik and Naira to resolve their relationship.

Anmol and his family go to buy the ring when Kartik comes there and tells them that they have finalized the muhrat of the next day for the engagement and tells them not to worry and he will take care of the arrangements. He then shows the ring that he has purchased for Mansi and Anmol.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini and Mauli Meet Nandini’s Ex-Lover

The episode starts with Kunal gets a call from Mauli to inform that Nandini is back home. Kunal hurries to meet Nandini. Nandini tells everyone that she kept giving a chance to him but his lies were never-ending. She apologies to mama for leaving the pooja in the middle. Mauli and Nandini hug each other.

Kunal reaches home and is happy to see Nandini and Mauli together. Mauli tells Kunal that finally Nandini is back and now she won’t go back to Rajdeep. Kunal is also very happy that finally, Nandini is a free bird. While Kunal and Mauli do a havan, Nandini comes there and throws the gifted dress and bangles into the fire and pours the sindoor box in the dustbin vengefully. Mauli and Kunal are very happy to see this.

Mauli, Kunal, and Nandini go out for dinner. While in the restaurant, a guy enters and it happens to be someone who Mauli and Nandini know. When Kunal asks who he is, Mauli says he is Manas and he is madly in love with Nandini.

Manas comes and meets Mauli and Nandini. Mauli asks him if he is still single and what he does. He says he writes for movies. He asks help from Nandini to order the food. Nandini says that she has come here for the first time. Manas says that she has not changed at all.

Mauli asks why his movie endings are so depressing. He says that because in his life his love story was very incomplete. Manas says he actually thinks about not writing sad films now as it gets depressive, but the deficiencies in life sometimes reflect in his writing. He reads a poetic verse for Nandini. Kunal stares at Manas.

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