Kabir decides to confess his love to Rachna, Rajiv’s enters in Rachna’s life again in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Shail and Gunjan stop Vicky from marrying Pihu with the help of Kamla. Vicky theatens to break Pihu’s marriage with Murli by showing him their photos. Just then Murli comes there with Dayal. He refuses to believe that Pihu can betray him and love someone else. He slaps him hard. Pihu cries happily. Vicky gets arrested by the police. Pihu thanks Murli for trusting her and bends down on his knees apologizing him. Murli forgives and hugs her.

Rachna sees a lady coming to meet Kabir. She thinks she is Kabir’s girl friend. Murli gets his mom’s call. He tells her that he came to pick Pihu. She gets angry and disconnects the call when Murli gives the phone to Pihu. Kabir recognizes Rachna’s cell phone ringtone and calls her name. She runs away. Guard comes and gives her dupatta and says Kabir sent it. Seema’s husband appreciates Gunjan for her helping nature while Seema is annoyed with her. Shail, Gunjan, Dayal and Pihu come home. Seema gives lecture to Pihu and says she is happy that Pihu has learnt the lesson of her life. She looks angrily at Gunjan for not taking her permission before going.

Murli tells Dayal that he will come tomorrow to take Pihu back home. Gunjan tries to explain to seema, but Seema doesn’t listen to her and blames Shail. Pihu cries infront of Rachna. Dayal asks her to go back to Murli’s house. Seema tells Shail that it was Murli who forgave Pihu else no one else would have forgive her. Seema says, if Pihu would have been her daughter then she would have kill her for going with a stranger. Shail shouts at Seema. Mayank tells Shail that his mother is right about Pihu.

Dayal is still angry with Pihu and Shail. Shail brings food for him, but he refuses to eat and forgive her. Shail gets sad. Dayal forgives Pihu and Shail finally. Dayal apologizes to Shail for not understanding her. Gunjan overhears them and gets happy. Gunjan asks Seema to keep Mayank away from fake baba and their taweez. Seema tells her that they are facing problems because of Pihu. Gunjan and Rachna prepare food for their family. Gunjan invites Kabir for dinner. Rachna gets happy to see him. Seema notices Kabir and Rachna glaring at each other.

Gunjan asks him about his marriage. Dayal congrats him. Kabir says, he can’t say as the girl didn’t give any confirmation yet. Kabir praises the girl. Rachna feels uncomfortable. Dayal tells Kabir that he has no objections if Rachna wants to join work. Kabir asks her to join office from tomorrow. Rachna refuses saying she is not in a mood to join work again. In her room Rachna cries thinking about Kabir. Gunjan asks her, have you fallen in love with him. Rachna denies. She says, he is getting married and she wants to stay away from him. Rachna wonders whether she loves Kabir.

Rachna comes to Kabir’s room and sees him taking Kamla’s measurements. She thinks she is the girl whom Kabir is going to marry. Kabir sees her and gets happy. Rachna tells him that she is ready to join his office. Kabir says ok. He tells her that he is going to his love today and asks her for help. He tells her that he will send car for her in the evening. Kabir awaits for Rachna’s reaction. Rachna sits in the car and cries thinking she should be happy for Kabir. She prays for him. Murli comes to take Pihu back home. Gunjan welcomes him. Murli’s mom comes there too. Murli’s mom shows the video tape sent by Vicky. She refuses to take Pihu back home. Murli tells her that Pihu will always be his wife. His mom slaps him.

Kabir imagines confessing his love to Rachna. He says, I will call you Rachna from now onwards. Kamla claps her hand and tells that the arrangements is perfect. Car driver hits someone by mistake. Rachna comes out of the car and sees Rajiv lying unconsciously. Rachna gets shocked. Driver informs Kabir about the accident. Kabir comes to the hospital. Rachna hugs him and cries. Rachna tells him that nothing should happen to Rajiv sir. Kabir wonders, how she know him. Gunjan calls Kabir and asks her to send Rachna soon. Kabir says ok.

Shail asks Seema to call Guru ji. Seema gets happy and asks her brother to take an appointment of Guruji. Rachna comes back home. Gunjan tells her about Murli’s mom blaming Pihu and refusing to accept her. Rachna gets worried. She tells her about Rajiv’s accident. Chaya comes to the hospital and meets Kabir. She tells him that Rachna was craziest fan of Rajiv. Kabir gets shocked and hurt. Keep reading.

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