Raghu acts to have married Sumitra,Shivani decides to marry Karan in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

In Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Gini asks Shivani to speak tp Karan to teach her accounts. Shivani agrees. Baburaam likes the breakfast prepared by Shivani. Lata comes with Bella and Nishi. She tells Baburaam that she brought them as Nishi is ill. Raghu gets worried for Nishi. Lata tells him that she is going to Vaishno Devi temple and asks Baburaam to book the tickets. Shivani thinks to make soup for Nishi and says she will buy the veggies. Raghu says, he will go and bring the veggies. Shivani picks Raghu’s phone and Sanjeev tells her that Raghu didn’t come to office yesterday. Shivani wonders where had he gone then.

Karan teaches accounts to Ginni. Ginni just stare him instead of learning. She thanks God for sending Karan for her. Shivani confronts Raghu for lying. Raghu says, he is not lying. Shivani tells him that he just wants to prove that he don’t care for her. Raghu asks her to understand that his priorities have changed. Karan gives lift to Gini. Gini tells him that she wishes to have icecream. Karan takes her to the icecream parlour.

Shivani sees roadside loafers and thinks of making Raghu jealous. She speaks to them. Raghu gets angry at her. She asks Raghu, what is he to her. Raghu tries to make her understand that the guys are not good. Shivani asks him not to be bothered about her. Raghu gets angry on the goons when they hold Shivani’s hand. He starts beating them. Shivani stops Raghu. Gini gets flowed in Karan’s love.

Shivani tells Raghu that truth is that he loves her and that’s why got jealous to see her with someone else. Raghu says, she is his responsibility. Shivani says, responsibility as a husband. Raghu says, it is his duty being Maliksaa’s servant. Raghu tells her that he can’t give her luxuries and good living which Karan can give. Shivani gets shocked. Raghu tells her that Karan loves her very much. Shivani agrees to marry Karan, but asks Raghu to marry Sumitra first.

Raghu comes home with Sumitra wearing a garland. Shivani gets shocked seeing him married to Sumitra. Baburaam gets shocked too, but accepts the marriage. Shivani recalls her words. Bella confronts Raghu for marrying Sumitra. Raghu tells her that he married Sumitra and asks her to respect his wife. Bella curses Sumitra for ruining Shivani and Raghu’s life. Raghu tells them that Shivani asked him to marry Sumitra. He didn’t mean to hurt her. Maya and Vivek support Raghu. Maya does their aarti and goes to decorate the room for their wedding night. Bella consoles Shivani. Maya dances with joy while hugging Sumitra. Sumitra smirks. Raghu comes to Shivani and calls her babyji. Shivani holds his collar and asks him not to utter her name babyji. She says, she hates him very much. She says, I throw you out of my life and heart. Raghu turns and looks at her. Shivani cries and recalls their happy moments with Raghu.

Gini tells Maya that Raghu didn’t do the right thing with babyji. Maya tells her that Shivani was late in realizing her feelings for Raghu. She asks her to confess her feelings to Karan as soon as possible. Gini decides to propose Karan. Maya asks her to write a letter to Karan. Maya decorates the room for Raghu and Sumitra’s wedding night and makes Shivani jealous with her words. Shivani is about to leave the room, when Raghu comes and stops her. Bella comes there and says Shivani will sleep with her.

Sumitra closes the door. Raghu thanks her for agreeing to act as married to him. He says, I want to keep babyji happy, but makes her sad instead. I hurt her very much. Sumitra asks him not to be sad. She says, babyji will understand once she gets married to Karan. Sumitra feels happy to see Shivani real tears because of her fake marriage. Shivani cries looking at the stars and demands death from the God. Raghu comes outside and sees her crying. He thinks, I wish I could make you smile.

Next morning, Sumitra comes out of her room and sees shivani drying the clothes. She tells her that she didn’t sleep entire night and also tells that Raghu is very naughty. Shivani sees her wiped Sindoor and open hairs. Shivani gets sad. Raghu calls shivani and asks her to marry Karan. He gives her wedding dress. Gini gives the letter to Karan. Karan gets suspicious. Gini awaits for his reply. Sumitra gives Gulab Jamuns to everyone. Raghu asks about Shivani. Bella tells him that Shivani went out. Just then Shivani comes and asks Raghu to sign on the divorce papers. Raghu signs the papers and says our relationship has ended. Shivani then calls Karan and announces her marriage with him. Gini gets shocked. Baburaam tells that he will arrange their marriage and dreams of becoming rich. Sumitra provokes Gini against Shivani.

Shivani sees Raghu standing near them and tells Karan that she is very happy and regrets her decision to marry her servant Raghu. She says, she wants to get out of poverty. Karan promises to keep her happy. Raghu comes there and asks Karan to keep Shivani happy. Karan sends bouquet for Shivani. Gini gets angry. Sumitra provokes Gini and asks her to win her love back. She asks her to wear modern clothes. Karan calls shivani and confess his love for her. Shivani gets embarrassed. Renuka aunty and Mahima get shocked seeing Shivani’s portrait as Renuka would be bahu.

Sumitra gives a short dress to Gini and asks her to lure Karan. She gives her wrong address and asks her to take Shivani’s permission. Gini takes Shivani’s permission and leaves. Gini reaches the night club and searches for Karan. Some goons try to be friend her. One of the goon mixes tablet in her drink. Karan reads Gini’s love letter and gets shocked. Gini drinks and gets unconscious. Karan calls Shivani and asks about Gini. Shivani tells him that she went to her friend’s place. Karan reaches the night club somehow after contacting her friend. He sees the goons misbehaving with Gini and beats them. He saves Gini. Shivani asks him to take Gini to his house as she is inebriated.

Renuka and Mahima come to Baburaam’s house with fruits. Raghu says, how dare you both to enter my house. Shivani tells Raghu that Renuka is Karan’s mom. Everyone get shocked. Karan takes Gini to his house and make her sleep. Shivani takes Renuka’s blessings. Raghu gets angry and goes to Karan house. Raghu breaks Karan and Shivani’s alliance. Karan gets shattered. Raghu tells him that Renuka was troubling Shivani all the while. Karan calls Renuka and asks her to keep away from Shivani. Gini comes out of Karan’s room. Raghu gets shocked and angry. Shivani comes and stops Raghu. Raghu tells Karan that he has proved that he is Renuka’s son. They leave. Shivani asks Raghu to marry her leaving Sumitra. Keep reading.

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