Kabir gets Rachna’s engagement dress designed by french designer; Bittu becomes a hurdle for Rachna- Kabir’s engagement in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Pihu comes home for Rachna’s engagement. Gunjan feels nausea. Khushbo predicts her pregnancy. Gunjan thinks is she really pregnant. Rachna shows the jewellery to Pihu. She says it is good. She mails Kabir about the work. Rachna wears the saree and waits for Kabir on video chat. He doesn’t turn up which makes her frustated. She gets Kabir message stating he is busy and missing her much. Kabir’s mom checks the utensils for ration but it was all empty. She gets sad. Bittu comes home and gives her money. He tells her about a friend (Rachna) who tied a friendship band on his hand and his goods was sold after that.
Rachna gets mehendi done on her hands while Mayank and everyone enjoy the sangeet. Gunjan thinks to inform Mayank about her suspected pregnancy. She comes to her room and see him with the baby. She was about to tell him, just then he gets his boss’ call. Gunjan keeps the almond bowl near the baby and goes in the hall. Mayank comes outside and informs everyone that baby had eaten the almonds. They get worried and call the doctor.
Baby Ayushi vomits the swallowed almonds much to the relief of everyone. Doctor checks her and tells that the baby is fine. Gunjan gets worried and tells Mayank that she couldn’t handle baby for a day then how can she take care of baby when she becomes a mother. She tells him that she might be pregnant. Mayank gets happy and hugs her happily. She tells him that baby is a big responsibility. Rachna couldn’t sleep. She gets Kabir’s message and gets happy. Shayl teases her.
Prabhu takes Ayushi and she starts crying. Sangeeta asks Khushbo to check baby’s nappy. Gunjan thinks when baby does something everyone remembers her mother. Gunjan asks Mayank to keep quiet until her pregnancy is confirmed. Kabir’s mom explains her plan to Bittu. He says ok. Rachna was in terrace waiting for Kabir and hopes that he returns soon. She sees Bittu standing with flowers. Rachna comes down and takes him to have icecream. Bittu asks her about Kabir. Rachna invites Bittu for his engagement.
Pihu takes Gunjan and Rachna for shopping. Mayank brings fruits for Gunjan and gets concerned knowing she went by auto. He tells everyone that she might be expecting. They get happy and bring the sweets. Gunjan comes and hears everything. Seema tells Prabhu that he is going to be grand father. Gunjan comes to her room. Mayank apologizes to her for informing the family. Gunjan thinks to confirm her pregnancy with pregnancy kit, but Seema takes the kit saying she will take her to the doctor.
Rachna engagement dress is brought from the tailor. Rachna waits for Kabir’s call. She thinks it is their engagement today and he hasn’t come till now. Dadi dials Kabir’s number but his phone was not connecting. Rachna asks her about Kabir. Dadi lies to her saying he just called. Dayal tells Shayl that if Kabir doesn’t return then……Shayl gets worried. Dayal and Shayl come to Dadi’s house. Dadi tells them that Kabir will reach soon. Rachna gets ready. Dadi comes to the engagement venue alone. Dayal asks her about Kabir. She tells him that he might be reaching soon. Dayal waits for him. Pihu brings Rachna.

Dayal asks Dadi to come along with them. Dayal asks her to tell the truth. Dadi tells him that she spoke to Kabir two days back. Dayal gets shocked. Rachna gets worried. Dayal gets angry and repents for fixing Rachna’s alliance with such a careless man. Dayal says, he will inform the guests. Rachna requests him to wait for some more time and cries. Kabir reaches there and apologizes to everyone. He tells them that he got Rachna’s dress designed by her favourite french designer and that’s why got late. Rachna gets touched by his gesture. He gives her dress and tells her that he hopes her family understands him now. Shayl gets happy too. Kabir apologizes to Dayal.
Dayal asks Rachna to change the dress. Kabir thanks him. Rachna wears the dress brought by Kabir. Kabir couldn’t take his eyes off her. Shayl makes them sit on the stage. Dadi gives the ring to Kabir. Rachna puts the ring in his finger. Everyone claps. Kabir was about to put the ring in her hand when Bittu comes. Kabir goes to him. Bittu hugs him saying he needs his help. Bittu signs him towards his mom. Kabir calls her maa. Dadi asks them to stop as there is no place for them.
Maasi says, Bittu told us that his bhaiyya will help us. Dadi asks them to leave. Maasi asks her to take care of Bittu as he is Kabir’s brother. Kabir gets shocked and questions Dadi. Gayatri cries. Dadi asks them to leave. They leave. Dadi asks them to complete the rituals. Panditji tells that the mahurat have ended and they must not get engaged. They get shocked. Keep reading.

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