Ankita gets kidnapped by Raunaq and demands ransom; Naren and Shashank try to arrange the money; Pari thinks she won’t get the money wasted on Ankita in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Kinnari plans against Ankita and targets Vaishnavi. She leaves her in the park and comes back home. When she is questioned by the elders, she acts innocent. Teju blames her for acting careless. Some goons lure Vaishnavi with icecream and kidnap her. Meanwhile Naren comes to know about Vaishnavi missing from home. He gets tensed. Manav and Shashank go to the park to search her but the guard tells them that the child was sitting near the icecream stall. When they couldn’t find her they think to inform the police.

Naren comes to the goons indisguise of child buyer. They show him the kids which were held captive by them. Naren sees Vaishnavi at their hiding. Vaishnavi identifies Naren and calls him uncle. The goons realize that Naren came to get her and start fighting with him. Manav and Shashank reach there with Police and gets the goons arrested. They rescue the kidnapped kids and Vaishnavi. Manav thanks Naren for his gesture.

They bring Vaishnavi home. Ankita gets emotional and hugs her. Vaishnavi tells her that she was rescued by Naren. Manav too tells the same thing. Ankita thanks Naren.

Ankita comes home from office. Rushaali accuses her for making Naren work extra hours and tells her that Ashi is unwell. Ankita gets shocked and goes to her room. She checks her fever and takes her to the hospital, although Rushaali tries her best to stop her. Doctor checks Ashi and tells Ankita that she brought her at the right time. Rushaali comes there. Doctor asks her to complete the formalities. Ankita gets sad and worried for Ashi. She asks the security guard to inform Naren about Ashi being in the hospital. Naren comes there and thinks Pari is in the hospital with Ashi. He gets surprised to see Ankita instead and thanks her.

Naren comes home and questions Pari. Pari asks him not to make an issue of it and tells him that Ashi is just not well. Vaishnavi mixes chilli powder in Kinnari’s facepack. She applies it and screams. She scolds Vaishnavi. Savita and Teju come to her rescue and scold Kinnari. Rushaali tells Pari that you don’t give attention to Naren and Ashi then you might lose them. She provokes Pari against Ankita. Mansi gets worried as Ankita and Prashant didn’t come back home. He says she must be busy. Savita brings Ganapati home. Kinnari and Pari get irritated. Teju distributes work among Mansi, Rushaali and Kinnari. Pari tells them that she don’t have time.

Mansi makes modak and talks to Savita about Ankita. Vaishnavi comes there and tells that Ashi has broken her toy and Rushaali backing her. Savita thinks to teach a lesson to Rushaali. She brainwashes Ashi against Vaishnavi. Naren comes to office and comes to know that Ankita hasn’t reached the meeting. He gets tensed. Kinnari makes an issue when Vaishnavi cuts her saree. Savitra argues with her. Teju tells Savita that Vaishnavi didn’t do the right thing.

Mansi calls Naren to enquire about Ankita. Naren tells her that they are busy in the meeting. Naren gets a call informing him about Prashant. He takes an auto and goes to that place. He sees Prashant lying unconscious on the ground. Prashant gains consciousness and tells Naren about Ankita kidnapped by the goons. Naren gets tensed and takes him to the hospital. He calls and informs Mansi. Mansi gets shocked. Rushaali thinks to take advantage of the situation.

Rushaali tells Pari about her plan to win Manav’s confidence and let Ankita feel down. Pari likes her idea. Vaishnavi refuses to eat food. Naren makes her eat food. Mansi talks to Naren. He assures her that Ankita would be fine. Naren comes to his room. Pari tells him that she doesn’t know if Ankita will come back or not. Naren asks her to talk positively.

Raunaq is shown as Ankita’s kidnapper. He calls Naren and asks him to give 5 crores ransom. Naren gets worried and thinks from where to arrange money. Naren agrees to give him money and asks him not to do anything to Ankita. Raunaq thinks true love never dies. Savita says, we will get the money somehow and prays for her. Naren goes to get money from office. Rushaali tells Pari that they can’t get the money as they have bribed the manager not to give money to Naren. Keep reading.

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