Purab runs away from his marriage; Abhi accuses Pragya; Abhi shocked to know that Purab loves Bulbul in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

Last week in Kumkum Bhagya, Tanu gets a letter left by Purab before leaving from the marriage altar. She gets shocked knowing Purab loves Bulbul and not Pragya, She decides to stay silent and not let Abhi and Aaliya know about the letter as she fears Abhi and Aaliya may develop a soft corner for Pragya. They have been misunderstanding Pragya to be Purab’s love interest and that’s why hurting and torturing her. Pragya is silently bearing everything. Everyone waits for Purab while Dadi gets anxious and enquires with Purab’s aunty and uncle. They are oblivious to his doings. Later Purab calls his aunty and tells him about his decision not to marry Bulbul. His chachi says, he has taken the right decision but at the wrong time.

Aaliya asks Abhi to file a police complaint. Abhi tells her that Purab didn’t commit any crime. Pragya comes shocking Abhi as he thinks she eloped with Purab. He asks her about Purab. Praga gets shocked and says she didn’t know. Abhi accuses her for trapping Purab and helping him to elope. Pragya is shocked at the accusations. Aaliya threatens to ruin her family if Purab doesn’t come back. Taiji listens to their conversation and informs everyone. Dadi is shocked. Dadi asks Pragya and Abhi about Purab and get shocked seeing Aaliya’s condition. Abhi says he won’t leave the person who helped Purab. Dadi thinks to inform the guest.

Dadi tells the guests that Purab betrayed her grand daughter Aaliya once again and apologizes to them. All the guest leave the function. Dadi says, he has broken my trust. Tanu thinks she did the right thing by not showing the letter to Abhi. Sarla asks Pragya why Aaliya blamed her. Pragya asks her to understand her state of mind. Tanu fills Abhi’s ears against Pragya and asks him to throw her out from his home. Abhi decides to wait till morning. Abhi feels Pragya is taking advantage of his goodness.

Pragya recalls Abhi’s words and calls Bulbul./ She asks her to call Purab. Bulbul agrees for her sake. Bulbul calls Purab. Purab asks her to meet him. Bulbul tells him that she is in Pune. Purab tells her that he will come there. Bulbul calls Pragya and informs her about Purab wanting to meet her. Pragya tells her that she will come there. Pragya is leaving. Tanu apologizes to her for thinking her wrong and tells about Purab’s letter. Pragya falls in her trap and tells her that she is going to meet Purab. Tanu thinks to inform Abhi.

Purab thinks to talk to Bulbul and convince her to marry him at the temple. Bulbul goes to meet him. Tanu wakes up Abhi and tells him that Pragya left the house and went to meet Purab. She tells him that she tried to stop her but in vain. Abhi thanks her and says he will catch her red handed. Pragya is in the car. She gets Sarla’s call. She lies to her saying she is going to the temple and will call her after coming home. Aaliya asks Abhi to break relations with Pragya and says she will bring his gun. Abhi calms her down and says he will manage everything. Aaliya says she will come with him. Abhi says, he will go alone. Dadi asks Abhi to clear the misunderstandings with Pragya. Abhi leaves. He thinks Pragya has changed.

Aaliya tells Tanu that she will get Pragya out of Abhi’s life and get her married to Abhi. Tanu says, she had done a mistake by letting Abhi marry Pragya and this time she will marry him. Sarla gets worried for Bulbul. Bulbul comes to meet Purab. Purab hugs her and tries to convince her to marry him. Bulbul asks him to go back and marry Aaliya as it will effect Pragya’s marital life. Purab tells her that he heard Aaliya and Tanu talking to each other about kicking Pragya out after Aaliya’s marriage with him. Bulbul is shocked but still insists him to go back. Purab refuses to sacrifice and takes her to the temple forcibly.

Pragya comes to the temple and stops him for marrying Bulbul. She blames him for leaving Aaliya at the marriage altar. She asks him to go back. Purab refuses. Abhi comes there and sees Pragya and Purab at the temple with marriage decorations all around. He accuses Pragya and Purab. Bulbul couldn’t stop herself and tells Abhi that Purab loves her and not Pragya. Abhi gets shocked. Purab confirms the same. Abhi beats Purab accusing him for breaking his trust. He falls from the temple stairs. Bulbul goes to him. Purab takes her forcibly in his car. Pragya tries to talk to Abhi and stops him. Abhi blames her for helping them to elope again.

Abhi brings Pragya home. Aaliya goes mad and tries to harm Pragya. Abhi stops her. Aaliya determines to kill Pragya. Abhi tells her that Pragya is not the one whom Purab loves and it is none other than Bulbul. Aaliya stands in shock. Abhi tells her that he read the letter written by Purab. Pragya tells him that he married her and used her as a punching bag. Abhi tells her that he did a mistake by marrying her instead of her sister. Keep reading.

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