DD breaks Sid and Roshini’s alliance by her cheap tactics; Roshini comes to know about DD faking heart problems in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, DD comes home and tells Roshini that she is happy with her alliance with Sid. Roshini gets happy and hugs her. Bablu thinks what she is upto. Roshini calls Sid and informs him about DD accepting their relation. Sid thinks she has accepted his challenge and informs his parents. Sid comes to Roshini’s house and gifts her dupatta. They hear noise and goes in the hall. Resham sees their reflection and thinks she saw a ghost. Everyone come there. Sid and Roshini hides. DD sees them romancing in the hall and determines to break their alliance. DD calls Sid’s mom and asks her to send Sid to select her ring. She insults her by calling her poor. Sid’s mom gets angry. Her husband calms her down. Sid thinks she might be ready with her conspiracy.

DD pretends to call Sid’s mom and says she is ready to give dowry and fulfill their demands. Roshini hears her and thinks she is misunderstood Sid’s parents. She says, she will talk to Sid, but DD asks her not to as dowry is common. Sid comes and gives the list to DD. Roshini sees the dowry list and gets shocked. Roshini comes to Prashant’s house and calls Sid. Sid reaches there. Roshini asks him how can he ask dowry from her mom. Sid laughs it off and says he didn’t ask. Roshini shows him the list. Sid makes an excuse that his parents prepared the list to get household items. Sid thinks DD didn’t do the right thing by alleging them.

Sid’s mom makes tea for Roshini and her family. Roshini apologizes to them and leaves. Sid’s mom thinks DD didn’t do right by creating misunderstandings. Sid says, he will ruin all her plans. Roshini comes home and tells DD that she has misunderstood Sid’s family. DD thinks to do something big. DD tells her family that she wants to invite Sid’s family for dinner. Roshini gets happy while Nani thinks DD has changed. Roshini calls Sid and invites his family for dinner. Sid family gets ready for dinner and wears simple clothes. They come and is greeted by Nani.

Roshini shows her house to Sid’s family. They see swimming pool. Mom says, they have bigger swimming pool in London house. DD comes and insults them. Sid and his family have dinner. DD asks them to have food as it is free. She asks the servants to keep the gifts in the car. Mona doubts her. DD insults Sid’s mom and makes her cry. Sid’s Dad gets angry. Sid feels bad. DD gives diamond ring to Sid and asks him to make Roshini wear on the engagement day. Sid doesn’t accept it and takes out a ring for Roshini. He proposes Roshini. Roshini gets touched by his gesture and agrees for the alliance. DD gets irked. DD insults Sid’s parents again and accuses them for selling their son to them. Sid’s Dad gets angry.Sid says he can’t see his parents getting insulted.

DD starts her drama when she sees Roshini and tells her that they are demanding 2 crores money as dowry. She tells that she already paid them 20 lakhs rupees and asks Kesar to bring the gift boxes. Roshini recalls Sid’s dad liking the gifts. Everyone is shocked to see money in gift boxes. Roshini asks Sid and his parents to leave. Sid apologizes to his parents. Sid and his parents come home. Dad asks him to try once again to win Roshini and expose DD. Sid says, he loves Roshini, and can’t let them insulted by her mom. Nani asks Roshini to talk to Sid. Roshini refuses.

Mona meets Roshini and convinces her to meet Sid once. Sid comes to meet Roshini at her NGO. Roshini says, they shall end their relations as their parents are not adjusted with each other. She returns the ring. DD talks to Krish and tells everything. Mona hears her and confronts her. DD argues with her. Roshini comes and tells them that she has broken up with Sid and asks DD to rest. Sid’s parents think to talk with Roshini about her mum. Mona asks Bablu to tell the truth to Roshini about DD and saves her happiness.

Roshini comes to the hospital to take DD’s medicines. Doctor gives her medicines and informs DD. Roshini comes to her NGO. Her bag falls on ground and the medicines scatter on the ground. A girls eats it. Roshini rushes her to the hospital where Doctor informs her that it is calcium tablets. Roshini gets shocked. Keep reading.

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