Naren sees Raunaq as Ankita’s kidnapper; Helps Police to trace Raunaq and saves Ankita; Naren takes her home in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Kinnari goes to the market to buy vegetables. She bargains with the vendor and argues with him. She sees Raunaq there and gets shocked. Naren and Shashank come to the office and asks the manager to give them money from company funds. Pari signs him not to help them, Manager tells them that they can’t get the money without Ankita or Manav’s signatures. Naren gets sad as he wants to save Ankita at any cost. Pari comes home and tells Rushaali that their plan had worked and manager refused to give them money. Mansi asks Shashank to sell her jewellery and get Ankita home. Savita tells them that she sold some shares worth Rs 5 crores and asks Naren to get Ankita from kidnappers’ den. Pari thinks this money shall not reach the kidnappers else Ankita will be freed.

Raunaq calls Naren and asks him to come alone to some place with the ransom money. Naren agrees and asks him not to do anything to Ankita. Naren comes to the place and gives money to the kidnappers. Raunaq sees him from a hideout. Naren asks them to free Ankita. Police comes there. Raunaq and his goons flee from the place, but Naren sees his face. All the family members wait anxiously for Naren and Ankita to come. Naren comes home and tells everyone that police reached there and spoiled everything. Kidnappers took the money and also didn’t release Ankita. Mansi cries and shouts at Naren. Inspector tells them that he didn’t call him and he got a call from a woman informing him about the kidnapping. Naren doubts on Kinnari and then Pari. Pari confesses to have informed the police and tells him that she was worried and that’s why called the police. Naren is disgusted.

Inspector asks Naren, did you see kidnappers’ face. Naren says yes and tells about seeing Raunaq. Everyone get shocked. Rushaali is shaken as her brothers have become each other’s enemies. Rushaali calls Raunaq and asks him to change his number. He asks her to get sim cards for him. She agrees. Mansi fears that Raunaq will take away her daughter from her. Shashank assures her that nothing will happen. Naren feels guilty of Vaishnavi and makes her sleep. Rushaali meets Raunaq and gives him sim cards and money. Pari sees them. Naren meets the Inspector, who asks him to talk to Raunaq for 2 mins so that they can trace the call.

Naren feels guilty and thinks to unite Ranvijay and Ankita. Pari comes to Rushaali and tells her that she saw her talking to Raunaq and asks her to give share for ransom money. Rushaali agrees. Mansi gets a dream that Raunaq is taking Priya from her. She wakes up and tells Shashank. Shashank assures her that Raunaq can’t snatch their daughter. Shashank gives birthday gift to Priya and wishes her. Priya shows her dress to Ashi and Vaishnavi. Savita tells that Ashi and Ankita have so many similarities. Rushaali gets irked and tells her that Ashi has no connection with her. Naren reminiscences his past with Ankita and thinks he spoiled her life.

Shashank celebrates Priya’s birthday. Kinnari tells the guest that Ankita is kidnapped and don’t know when she will be back. Savita gets angry on her and reminds her of their present status. Kinnari gets irked. Pari blames Ankita infront of Naren. Naren tells her that he is concerned about Ankita because of humanity. He gets Inspector’s call. Naren tells to Pari that they got Raunaq’s hide out place. Rushaali hears that and calls Raunaq. Naren hears them and confronts Rushaali. He asks her to tell about Raunaq’s hide out place. Rushaali refuses and blames Ankita. Pari feels pity on her. Rushaali gets irked. Naren waits for Raunaq’s phone call and asks Pari to tell Kinnari not to create nuisance.

Pari thinks to behave good with Vaishnavi to come in everyone’s good books. Everyone is surprised to see her change behavior. Naren and Inspector wait for Raunaq’s call to trap his phone. Raunaq calls Naren and asks him to come. He cuts the call immediately. He calls him again and asks him not to inform the police. Naren tells him that he has nothing to do with Ankita and he can kill her. He lies to him as Police wants him to get Raunaq engaged in his talks so that they can locate his hide out. Police reaches there and tries to arrest him. Raunaq shoots at Ankita. Naren takes Ankita to the hospital and prays for her well being. Inspector comes and tells Naren that he couldn’t catch Raunaq. Naren determines to get him arrested. Pari thinks Naren is getting possessive about Ankita and she can’t let that happen. She questions Naren asking him how can he sign as Ankita’s husband. Naren tells her that it was needed for the operation. Rushaali brainwashes Pari against Ankita.

Doctor tells Naren that Ankita is not responding to treatment and that’s why he is discharging her. He asks him to take her home. Naren brings Ankita home. Ashi and Vaishnavi try to speak to her but she is in coma. Naren and kids pray to God for Ankita’s health. Keep reading.

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