Kamla saves Pihu from Vicky, Shail thanks her in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

Last week in Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Gunjan leaves for Mumbai after informing Mayank that she have to attend the inter college debate. While on her way, she calls Ritu and asks her to do as she said. Vicky gets a place to live with Pihu in Manda’s house. He pays the money. Pihu tries to go. Vicky stops her and shows her their photos. He threatens to malign her reputation infront of her family members. Ritu calls Vicky and asks him to come for auditions. Vicky tells Pihu that she lucky for him. Pihu says, to hell with it. He binds her hands and sticks a tape on her mouth. Ritu calls Gunjan and tells her that Vicky is in Mumbai.

Gunjan comes to Ritu’s studio and tells her everything. She hides and thinks to follow Vicky. Vicky comes, Ritu’s assistant gives him the script. Gunjan gets Mayank’s call. Vicky hears Gunjan’s voice and goes there. He sees Gunjan and starts running. Gunjan follows him, but misses him. Vicky sits in the auto and wears the turban disguising himself as sardar. Gunjan meets Kamla and Vittal in the temple. Kamla invites her to stay in her house. Gunjan agrees.

Shail gets worried for Pihu and Gunjan. Dayal speaks to her about Pihu and Murli. Kamla hears Pihu’s shout and looks around. She knocks on the door. Vicky closes the windows and slaps Pihu. Manda tells Kamla and Vittal that he has given his room on rent to a sardar couple. Gunjan thinks he might not be Vicky.

Pihu thinks to win Vicky’s trust and steal her photos. She goes to him and starts acting. She asks him to remove the tape. Vicky removes the tape. She takes his permission and goes to freshen up. Gunjan sees Pihu’s dupatta and realizes that she had the same dupatta. Manda comes and tells her that it was his dupatta. Shail calls Gunjan and enquires about Pihu. Dayal thinks to get Rachna married and talks to her about it. Kabir calls her and asks her help as he is designing clothes for his special one. Rachna comes to help Kabir.

Gunjan and Pakiya come to the room. Pakiya says, we will break the lock when nobody is around. Pihu sees Gunjan leaving. Dayal meets Murli in the market and gets shocked. Murli asks him about Pihu. Dayal lies to him. He comes home angrily and calls Shail. He asks her where is Pihu. Shail tells that she is in Mumbai. Dayal asks her to tell the truth else get ready to see him dead. Shail tells him everything about taking Vicky’s help to make Pihu realize the worth of her husband Murli. She tells him that Vicky might have taken Pihu forcibly to Mumbai. Dayal gets angry. He says, you played with her life. Shail tells him that Gunjan went to Mumbai in search of Pihu. Dayal asks Rachna to call Gunjan and asks her to come home. He says, Pihu is dead for us. He tells Shail that he don’t want to see her face. Shail gets hurt.

Shail recalls Dayal’s harsh words and apologizes to him. She leaves from the house to bring Pihu and Gunjan. Dayal reads the letter left by Shail and gets shocked. Shail comes to the temple and meets Kamla. They share their problems with each other. Shail prays to the God for Pihu. Gunjan and Pakiya shows the sketch of Vicky to the police. They assure to catch him soon. Mayank sees Gunjan in Mumbai and calls her. She lies to him saying she is in Delhi. Mayank is shocked.

Vicky gets a call that he got selected for the role. He tells Pihu that they will get marry soon. He slaps Pihu as she tries to message Gunjan. He binds her hands again. Gunjan meets Shail and hugs her. Shail hears some noise outside Pihu’s room and gets alert. Vicky comes to the shoot indisguise of the sardar. Director doesn’t recognize him and asks him to leave. Vicky argues with him. Mayank comes there and is taken by the police with Vicky. Mayank comes out on bail. Inspector sees Vicky’s sketch and asks the constable to caught him. Inspector informs Shail that Vicky was in the lock up in the night. He tells that he will catch him soon.

Mayank calls Rachna. Rachna tells him everything about Pihu. Shail and Gunjan see Mayank in the police station. Gunjan tells him everything about Vicky and Pihu. Mayank says, you should have tell me. Inspector comes and enquires Manda about his tenants. Vicky escapes from the place with Pihu. Mayank calls Shail and tells her that Vicky brought a wedding dress from the shop. Shail leaves. Murli comes to Dayal’s house with his mom. His mom asks Dayal to send Pihu in a day else murli will forget her.

Mayank, Gunjan and Shail come to the shopkeeper. He shows the wedding card. Gunjan sees Vicky and Pihu’s wedding card and gets shocked. Manda calls Vicky and blackmails him to give her money. Kamla hears her and asks her where is Pihu. Pihu is in the under construction building with Vicky. He is marrying her forcefully. He tells her that tonight will be their wedding night. Pihu cries. Kamla comes there and asks Vicky to leave Pihu. He points gun at Pihu. Pihu bites his hand and hides behind Kamla. Vicky is about to shoot at Kamla when the police arrives at the place and fires him on his leg. Pihu runs and hugs Shail. Finally Pihu gets rescued and will be back home soon. Keep reading.

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