Pari sees Aman/Naren with Ankita and gets upset in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta Pari is gearing up for her upcoming engagement and marriage. She goes on shopping with Ankita. Manav gives Pari’s engagement responsibility to Sachin. Ankita feels nausea. Naren wakes her up. Ankita tells him that she is feeling sleepy and sleeps. Archana prays for Pari. She prays that Pari forgets her past and starts her new life afresh. Shashank’s mom ill treats Mansi, which angers Prashant. Pari calls Purvi and tells her that she misses her on her engagement day. Ovi gets emotional and tells her that she experienced motherhood first with her. She says, you are my first child and I will get you ready for your wedding day. Pari gets emotional.

Prashant talks with Mansi about Shashank’s mom. Mansi says, she will accept her soon. She asks him to get ready for Pari’s engagement. Soham goes in search of job in the hotel, but is being rejected. Soham helps an elderly man and asks for a job. He gets a job for a salary of Rs. 3000.

Shekhar gets ready for his engagement. Naren compliments him. Manav’s car stop in the middle of road. Soham’s boss asks him to come to his garage till the mechanic repairs the car. He asks Soham to repair the car. Soham gets tensed. While Shekhar’s family are getting ready, engagement thali slips and falls on the floor. They get shocked. Archana calls Manav and tells him about missing Soham. Manav tells her that if Soham would have been there then he would have fulfilled his duty towards Pari. Soham hears it and gets emotional.

Manav leaves his car in the garage and leaves after giving 500 tip to Soham. Manav reaches the house. Archana wipes the grease from his hand with her saree and says she likes doing it. Shashank asks Mansi to get ready for the engagement. Mansi asks him to go with kids as she is busy with her inlaws. Shashank’s mom pretends to have headache. Mansi stays at home.

Ovi gets Pari’s ready. Ankita comes. Ovi asks her to take care of Pari. Ankita makes Pari wear bangles and tells her the importance of mangalsutra, sindoor etc. She tells about her relationship with Naren and which changed her perception. At the engagement venue, Naren and Shekhar try the gulab jamuns. Shashank comes there with Prashant and kids. Naren plays with the kids. Archana tells Manav that they are lucky to have son in laws like Naren and Shashank.

Pari comes out for her engagement. Naren couldn’t see her. He gets Shirish’s call informing him about Sunanda’s accident. Ankita prays for Shekhar and Pari’s happiness. Naren goes outside to talk to him. Pia sees Naren and goes to tell Pari about him. Pia comes to Pari and asks her to come outside with her. She shows him Aman. Pia asks Pari to ask Aman why did he left her. Pari sees Ankita coming and hugging Naren. Pari realizes Aman is Ankita’s husband. Naren informs Ankita about going to bangalore for Sunanda. Pari cries seeing him. Naren informs Shekhar before going. Pia asks Pari to expose Aman. Pari refuses to do it for Ankita’s sake as she loves him. Ankita hugs Naren and asks him to take care of Sunanda. Naren leaves. Soham repairs Manav’s car. His boss asks him to deliver the car to Manav’s house. He refuses. Boss offers to give him extra money. Soham agrees. Archana asks Ankita to get Pari. Pari asks Pia, why Aman lied to her. Pia says, even she lied. Pari says, he lied about loving her.

Ankita comes and asks what happened. Pari tells her that she thought she saw Aman, but he was someone else. She asks, do you want to marry Shekhar. Pari says yes. Ovi comes there. Ankita tells her that Pari and Pia are crying emotionally. Ovi asks them to come and tells they are like her and Teju.

Shekhar and Pari gets engaged and exchange rings. Soham sees and gets emotional. Archana too gets emotional. Manav asks her to smile. Soham keeps the gift brought for Pari. Archana stops him and asks him to have food. He refuses. Archana goes to pack food for his family.

Pari cries recalling Aman. Naren calls Ankita and tells her that Sunanda is under observation and he will be with her. He says, he don’t think he could attend Shekhar and Pari’s wedding. Ankita and Naren tell I love you to each other. It starts raining. Ankita informs him about it. Naren asks her to enjoy the rain. Ankita gets vomiting. Pari thinks she hates Aman and will never forgive him.

Manav and Archana talk about getting their grand children married one by one including Soham’s kids. Balan follows Soham. Soham comes to his house and closes the door. Balan knocks the door and comes inside. He asks him to give him food, shelter and wine else he will inform Manav about him. He shows him poster about Soham. Soham gets shocked and agrees to his demands.

Pari is seated for the haldi ceremony. Shekhar’s mom applies haldi on her face, followed by the other ladies. Later Ankita applies mehendi on Pari’s hands. Ankita gets Naren’s call. Pari hears it and gets upset. Ankita asks her, if she is still upset. Pari tells her that she got to know that Aman got married and is living a happy life. She says, she will move on in life with Shekhar. Ankita says, Aman has bad luck. Pari asks her not to say like that without knowing anything.

Ankita’s purse falls down. Pari’s picks Naren’s photo and gets sad. Ankita introduces him as her husband. Ankita asks her to give her husband’s pic. Pari returns the pic and gets sad. In the coming week, Ankita will be informed by the doctor about her pregnancy. Ankita gets happy. Keep reading.

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