Krish kidnaps Sid to marry Roshini; Sid and Roshini get married annoying DD in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, Sid and Roshini get ready for their sangeet function. Sid plays the drum excitedly during the sangeet. Resham, Nani comes there. Mona asks them to enjoy Roshini’s marriage functions. Resham worries about DD’s reaction. Mona asks her to attend the function then get scolded by DD. Nani asks Sid and Roshini to compete with each other. Everyone likes the idea. DD shares her plan with Krish who doesn’t like her idea. DD provokes him against Sid and tells him that Sid is better than him if he is afraid of him. Krish falls in her trap and promises to break Sid and Roshini’s marriage. He takes her blessings and says that he will prove that he is best for Roshini. DD thinks she will stop poor Sid from marrying her daughter and will get Roshini married to Krish.

Sid and Roshini dance on romantic song. Krish reaches the venue and thinks to do something to Sid. He pours kerosene oil outside Sid’s chawl. Roshini gets in the house calling Sid and gets trapped by the fire. She calls for Sid. Krish thinks he can’t risk his life for Roshini and back off. Sid saves Roshini from the fire and gets appreciated by Nani. Roshini gains consciousness and hugs Sid. DD and Krish get irked seeing them together.

Doctor checks Roshini and says she is fine. Sid realizes that it was Krish’s plan and gets angry on him. Sid asks DD if she really loves Roshini. He asks her to attend their marriage if she really cares for Roshini, DD tells him that she loves her more than her life and asks him to go away from Roshini’s life. Sid thinks Roshini and DD love each other and thinks to unite them. Sid writes a letter to Roshini and keeps it in her hand with red rose. Roshini reads it after waking up and gets happy. DD’s family members think of excuses to attend Roshini’s marriage. DD hears them and asks them not to attend her marriage. Nani tells her that they have decided to attend her marriage and nobody could stop them. DD says, she won’t allow the marriage to happen.

Krish takes Sid’s sherwani from Simran for ironing. Roshini gets happy to see her family. Simran asks Sid to get ready. Sid gets ready and wears the sherwani. Krish wears the same kind of Sherwani and tells him that he is going to marry Roshini. His goons kidnap Sid. Krish covers his face with flower veil and calls DD. DD tells him that she is surely attending her daughter’s marriage and hopes Roshini realizes that she is right. Sid parents welcome the guests. Krish comes as a groom with veil on his face. Simran does his aarti. Krish sits on the horse. DD gets happy while Raj and Simran dance with the baratis.

Resham tells the groom that she has to pull his nose as per the rituals. Krish lets her pull his nose. DD thinks Krish handled the situation well. DD enter the place where Sid is held captive and tells him that her decision is right and Roshini will realize it soon. Roshini and the groom exchange garland. They sit for the marriage. Bablu offers to do the kanyadaan and do it. Panditji asks the bride’s mom to tie the gatbandhan. DD thinks to do the gatbandhan, but just then Simran comes forward and does the gatbandhan. Roshini and the groom take the pheras and get married. Panditji announces them husband and wife. DD thinks Krish has become her Jamai. Krish comes running to the marriage venue surprising DD. Sid removes the veil and happily faces DD as he got married to Roshini.

Krish tells DD that Sid beats him and the goons and tied him. He asks her to accept Sid as her son in law. DD refuses. She gets annoyed seeing the post marriage rituals. Nani says, she will get Roshini’s bidaai from her house. Roshini refuses and talks about getting a motherly love from Simran. Simran and Nani ask the newly weds to take DD’s blessings. Sid convinces Roshini to come to DD’s house for her bidaai. Meanwhile DD determines to break their marriage anyhow. Servant informs DD that Sid and Roshini come home. She boils in anger and throws the aarti thali. Sid asks her to accept their marriage. He asks her to remove hatred word from her dictionary and be a mother for Roshini. DD calls him bloody scamster which annoys Roshini. She asks her not to badmouth about her husband.

Roshini tells Sid that DD doesn’t have a heart and is only a money minded woman. She asks him to take her to her parents. Sid tells Roshini that he won’t go without taking DD’s blessings. Roshini tells him that she will go alone to her inlaws’ home. DD asks him not to enter her house else she will call the security. Sid tells her that he will call the Police and will tell him about swapping him with Krish. DD gets shocked, Keep reading.

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