Pari gets shocked to see Ankita surviving the accident; Ankita asks Naren to confess his crime; Naren feels guilty in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Pari hires a goon to kill Ankita. He messes up with the car wires. Ankita leaves to go to office. Neena blackmails Pari and asks her to give her jewellery or money to safeguard her secret. Pari agrees. She goes to the place where Neena asked her to come and keeps the jewellery. Neena and Sachin get happy and think they can extract more money from Pari. Ankita waits for the driver to come in the parking area. Pari sees her and thinks Ankita will be killed and she will get all the property. She goes inside. Naren comes to Ankita and offers to drive her car as they were going to the same place. He makes her sit forcibly. Ankita and Naren reminiscence the old times spent with each other.

Neena and Sachin bring Pari’s jewellery to the room and thinks to sell it. Pari comes to their room and tells that she wants to share her secret with them. She tells them that she did Ranvijay’s accident and someone is blackmailing her. She removes the jewellery from bed cover. They get shocked. Pari tells them that no professional kidnapper asks jewellery and she knew that it was someone very close to her. Neena tells her that she will tell her secret but Pari warns her. Teju takes Vaishnavi to her room. Pari thinks Ankita won’t return home.

Naren drives the car and looks at Ankita constantly. He rams the car to a tree. Ankita tells him that she has to attend meeting at any cost and tries to take lift. Two men tries to misbehave with her. Ankita rushes back to Naren. Vaishnavi couldn’t sleep in the night. Ashi asks her to make something. Vaishnavi makes sandwich for them. Kinnari sees them with Jam smeared on their faces and thinks of them as ghost. Ankita and Naren walk on the road. Ankita sits back in the car after sometime. She apologizes to him for scolding him. She wakes up in the morning and finds her sleeping on Naren’s shoulder. She reminiscences their happier days.

Pari wakes up in the morning and checks the newspaper for Ankita’s accident news. She gets shocked to see Ankita and Naren standing infront of her. Ankita tells her about the accident in the jungle. Pari thinks Naren saved Ankita and scolds the goon. She refuses to pay him money. Pari asks Naren, why did he go with Ankita and acts concerned towards him. Naren asks if she is behind brake fail. Pari tells him that Ankita told her about it. Ankita takes Naren to the hospital where Ranvijay is undergoing treatment. She asks him to accept the crime. Naren recalls Pari doing the accident and walks out without saying anything. Naren tells Pari that Ankita wants him to accept the crime. She tells him not to accept the mistake else Police will catch her.

Neighbours gather outside Manav’s house and starts shouting. They show the newspaper to Savita and family. Savita gets shocked to see Ankita and Ranvijay’s photo in the newspaper. The neighbours badmouth about Ankita. Savita gets angry on them. All the office employees gossip about Ankita and badmouth about her. Prashant gets angry. Company’s board of directors ask Ankita to resign from MD position. Ankita refuses to resigns and doubts on Naren. Prashant suspects Pari’s hand behind the news and confronts her. Pari asks him to check what is brewing between Ankita and Naren. Ankita alleges Naren for the published news about her. Naren refuses to have done it. Pari thinks how can she allege him without proofs.

Naren asks the board of director to change his decision. He refuses. He gets a call. Naren thinks to find out. Ankita thinks to go back to Banaras and thinks she is ruining Vaishnavi’s life. Manav tries to stop her. Ankita tells him that she couldn’t get justice for Ranvijay and can’t let Vaishnavi’s life ruined because of her. Naren meets the reporter who published story about Ankita. Reporter tells him about Saxena giving him the photo and the news. Naren thinks to find out about the person behind Saxena. Ankita is on the road and saves a child. Saxena and his wife thank her. Naren comes to Saxena’s house and asks him why did he do this. Saxena tells him that he thought of a profit. Naren gets shocked to see Pari in Saxena’s house. She asks him to divert Naren’s attention. Saxena asks Naren to stop Ankita from going.

Naren comes to office and stops Ankita from leaving. Saxena reaches there and apologizes to Ankita. Ankita agrees. Ashi tells that she wants to play with Vaishnavi. Pari thinks Ashi will forget her. She asks Manav to handover the business to her. Ankita comes back shocking her. Ankita assures Manav that she will take care of the responsibilities. Manav gets happy. Naren tells Pari that board members stopped Ankita from leaving. Pari gets even more shocked. Pari calls Saxena and confronts him. Saxena tells her that Naren comes to know about the truth. Naren hears her speaking to Saxena and confronts her. Pari confesses to have provoked Saxena against Ankita and taking her pics with Ranvijay. Naren couldn’t believe that Pari would stoop to such a low level. Pari doesn’t regret and tells him that she will continue to try until she gets MD position. Naren comes out of his room to have water and reads Ankita’s love letters. He thinks it is written for Ranvijay. Ankita thanks him for saving her and make him realize his mistake. Naren feels bad. Keep reading.

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