Abhi and Pragya’s knok jhok continues in haunted house; Corporator tries to rape Bulbul while Purab saves her in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

In Kumkum Bhagya, Sarla refuses to forgive Bulbul and asks Pragya if she has packed her bags. Pragya tries to convince her to let Bulbul stay in the house but Sarla is adamant on her decision. Pragya tells her that Bulbul is not behind Aaliya’s marriage break up. Abhi comes. Sarla tells Pragya that she will forgive Bulbul if Abhi forgives her. Abhi recalls Aaliya’s pain and walks off. Sarla tells Pragya that she don’t want their marriage to break because of Bulbul. Pragya asks her to punish Bulbul but let her stay at home. Sarla agrees and asks Bulbul not to come in front of her. Pragya tells Bulbul not to take Sarla’s words at heart. Bulbul thinks to make place in Sarla’s heart again. Pragya comes back home and asks Abhi to forgive Bulbul. Abhi asks her to leave the house if she wants him to forgive Bulbul. Pragya asks him to lie to Sarla Abhi refuses.
Mitali gets successful and takes Raj’s signatures on the papers given by her dad. Producer comes to meet Abhi with his wife and mistaken Pragya to be Pregnant. Abhi clears the misunderstanding. Dadi hopes Pragya gets pregnant soon. Abhi tries to tortures Pragya by pinching her. Tanu gets irked and leaves. Aaliya tries to calm her down. Producer requests Abhi to bring Pragya to the concert. Abhi refuses. Dadi insists him to take her along with him. Abhi tells Pragya that he won’t take her to the concert and asks her to talkt to Dadi about it. Dadi comes and tells him to give happiness to Pragya and says it was their honeymoon.
Sarla continues to be angry on Bulbul. Tanu comes to Abhi and tells him that she wants to go on a trip with him. Abhu hugs her. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya told that she is having illegitimate affair with him and asks him to slap her. Abhi says, he can’t until she gives him a chance. Tanu insists. Abhi goes to Pragya and slaps her. Dadi comes there. Tanu hides behind the curtain. Pragya covers her and lies to Dadi. Dadi goes out. Abhi gets intimate with Tanu once Pragya leaves.
Sarla suspects Bulbul having an affair with Purab still. Bulbul asks her to check her phone. Dadi asks Sarla to forgive Bulbul. Sarla refuses. Abhi mixes tablet in Pragya’s juice. Mitali drinks it and gets diarrhoea. Abhi thinks Pragya will spend a day in the washroom. His plans failed. Dadi asks him to take Pragya with her. Abhi angrily takes Pragya with him. Sarla gets worried about the marriage hall. Bulbul receives a courier and gets tensed. Sarla gets tensd and says he can’t see debtors infront of her house. Bulbul talks to Pragya on Phone. Pragya informs her that she is going to Pune with Abhi. Bulbul thinks to take help from Suresh, but Rachna tells her that he will be back after 10-15 days.
Abhi starts driving the car and asks Pragya to cover her face with the newspaper. He tries to torture her and touches her feet. Pragya shouts. Pragya stops Abhi from drinking the wine and during their fight he rams car into free. He falls unconscious. Pragya gets worried and calls for help. She thinks it was her mistake as she held the steering. He fights with her. Pragya suggests that they shall go to the dhaba on the way. Bulbul thinks to take Purab’s help and leaves from the house. Abhi goes in the opposite direction and realizes that he is lost in the jungle. Pragya follows him. Abhi scares her and starts his usual fight. He slips and falls on her. They have an eye lock.
Purab thinks to commit suicide. Bulbul comes there and sees blood on his wrist. She asks him not to do it again. She asks him to help her. Purab agrees. Abhi scolds Pragya as his phone battery is dead. Pragya tells him that her bones are broken as he fell on her. Abhi takes Pragya in his arms and starts walking. He sees a man with bicycle who asks if he needs help. He asks him to give lift to her. The man runs. Sarla checks Bulbul’s phone and sees Purab’s name in the phone list. She thinks to catch them red handed. Abhi and Pragya get inside a bungalow and get afraid seeing light bulb flickering. Purab drops Bulbul at the corporator’s home.
Abhi and Pragya see the door opening before he touch it. Pragya sees a man holding lantern and shouts. Abhi says he saw his bungalow and thought of charging his mobile, introduces himself as rockstar. The man disappears scaring them and then comes back. Bulbul comes inside the corporator’s house. He recalls the insult and tries to rape her. Purab comes back and beats him. Abhi and Pragya’s nok jhok continues. Abhi gets afraid of the man and runs towards Pragya. Purab takes Bulbul in his car. She bandages his wound. Abhi gets afraid and recites Hanuman chalisa. The man tells them a story scaring them.
Sarla comes to Purab’s house and sees them holding hands. She gets shocked and scolds Bulbul for ruining Abhi and Pragya’s life. Purab tells her everything. Sarla drags Bulbul with her. Abhi and Pragya run and hide in a same room separately. They both hide under blanket and see a shadow. Sarla comes home with Bulbul and indorms about the legal notice of marriage hall. She gets worried. Abhi and Pragya crash with each other. Abhi hides behind Pragya and tells her that he don’t want to die. They hear the lantern man talking on phone about scaring them. Keep reading.

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