DD asks Sid to become her Jamai and gets him freed ; She plans to separate Sid and Roshini in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

Last week in Jamai Raja, Sid and Roshini get married making DD’s plan go in drain. Krish asks DD to accept Sid as her Jamai. DD is adamant not to accept the marriage. Raj gets Sid’s room decorated for his wedding night. He gets naughty with his wife Simran. She reminds him that their son is married now. Sid comes to DD’s house and assures Nani that he will keep Roshini happy. Meanwhile Simran cheers up Roshini and does her aarti. Roshini steps inside Simran’s house whereas Sid enters DD’s house. Sid tries to touch Dd’s feet and makes her irritated. He thinks he will bring Roshini here and he will not tolerate DD’s torture. DD thinks she will kick Sid out of her house soon. Nani asks DD to bring Roshini back in the house else she will lose her. She gives her lecture. DD gets thinking.

Nani gets a call and gets tensed. DD asks her. Nani tells her about that aunt is unwell. Sid offers to go with her. DD asks him to back off. Nani scolds her and asks Sid to promise to take care of the responsibilities. Sid promises. Nani hugs him. Bablu and Mona apologize to Sid. Sid takes their blessings. Simran calls Sid and asks him to come home as her bahu is waiting for him. Sid and Roshini miss each other and reminiscence their meeting. Sid thinks to unite whole family. In the morning Sid greets Mona and Resham. DD comes to have breakfast. Sid calls her Sasuma and asks her to call him Jamai Raja. She gets irked and leaves for office.

Sid comes to his house and tells Simran that he spent a night in Roshini’s room with difficulty. He hopes that DD shall be like his parents who understand him so well. He tells them that he wants to unite mother and daughter. Roshini gets angry on seeing Sid. She ignores him. Police comes and arrests Sid on the charges of attempt to murder of Krish. They get shocked. Roshini feels disgusted as she knows it was DD’s plan. Inspector drags Sid with him and asks his parents to arrange 10 lakhs rupees. Roshini calls Bablu and asks him to arrange money by selling her jewellery, shares etc. Sid tells Roshini the whole incident. Roshini gets shocked.

Roshini goes to the hospital and asks Krish to accept his doings. She comes to know that it was DD’s plan. Kesar asks Resham to return the jewellery. Bablu informs Roshini that DD freezed her accounts and took away her shares. Simran tells Raj to get the money as she can’t see her son behind bars. Sid tells them that Roshini won’t be able to bear their lies. Simran asks Prashant to get the money. Roshini comes to DD and blames her for Sid’s arrest. DD acts innocent and tells her that she freezed her accounts when she left her. She thinks Roshini has to come back to her. Mona comes to Police station and offers money. Roshini comes there and says she arranged some money. Sid says, he knows from where she got the money. Roshini tells him that she can buy jewellery again.

Simran asks inspector to free Sid. He pushes her. Sid fights with him. DD comes there with the money and asks him to accept her condition, Sid agrees to become ghar jamai. Simran asks Sid to tell the truth to DD but Sid refuses. Roshini refuses to accept DD’s condition. DD asks the Inspector to beat Sid badly. Roshini agrees. Resham encashes the cheque dropped by DD intentionally and rushes home. Raj asks Sid not to lose his self respect being the ghar jamai. Sid promises and takes his blessings while Simran gets angry.

Sid and Roshini come to DD’s house. DD gets happy. Roshini tells her that she will pay rent to her and will live on her husband’s money. DD thinks how she will live on her husband’s less salary. Roshini puts bandages on his wounds and tells him I love you. They hug each other. Sid promises to pay the money to DD and clear the debt. Resham gets Roshini wear the bridal attire and brings her to Sid. Sid gets mesmerized by her beauty. Sid and Roshini get romantic. Mona and Resham knock on their door. Sid opens the door and teases them. Sid and Roshini hear Kesar and Resham fight and tries to control them. DD seek Kesar and Resham’s help to separate Roshini and Sid. She tells her plan of not letting them consummate their marriage. DD warns Mona not to tell about her plan to Roshini else she will not fund her daughter’s education.

DD splashes water on Sid to wake him up and handover the list of the work to be done. Sid thinks to teach her a lesson on how to behave. Sid comes to Roshini’s room and tries to get romantic. Then he sees DD’s list and goes to have a bath. Roshini keeps the wallet, handkerchief etc on bed and irons his clothes. Sid praises her. Sid tries to kiss her. Keep reading.

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