Ankita comes to know that Pari did Ranvijay’s accident and gets Naren freed; Pari shocked to know that Ashi is Naren’s daughter in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Ankita comes to know that Naren accepted to have done Ranvijay’s accident and surrendered to the Police. She gets shocked and thinks Naren is repenting for it. Pari accuses Ankita for brainwashing Naren’s mind. Pari meets Naren at the Police station and asks him to take the statement back. Naren tells her that has surrendered for his peace. Pari reminds him that Police might reach her. However Naren is still adamant on his decision. Ankita comes to meet Naren and asks, did you really do the accident. Naren thinks Ankita believes him. Ankita thinks her duty has won but love failed. Pari calls the lawyer and talk to him regarding Naren’s case. Rushaali tells Pari to surrender to the police and get Naren freed. Pari didn’t comply and tells her that Naren don’t want me to get jailed. Rushaali is shocked at her behavior.

Pari tells Ashi that Ankita sent Naren to Jail. Ankita tries to stop her. Ashi asks Ankita to say. Ankita tells her that your dada won’t come today. Ashi gets angry and cries. Rushaali hears Manav and Savita talking about Naren and gets tensed. She thinks she won’t let Naren get punished for Pari’s crime. Ankita comes to Ranvijay and tells him that Naren has accepted his crime and is in jail. She feels something is wrong. Rushaali keeps the proofs against Pari outside Ankita’s door. Ankita sees the CD containing Ranvijay accident proof and gets shocked seeing Pari as the culprit. Ankita rushes to the Police station. Rushaali thinks she sent Ankita that video and can do anything to save her son.

Pari stops Ankita at the Police station and alleges saying that you wants to snatch Naren from me and says you could not bear a child, so wants a child from Naren now. Ankita slaps Pari and tells that she is Naren’s first wife and the emotions he shared with her, did not share with you. Ankita tells her that she will tell her truth to police and get her arrested. Pari gets irked.

Ankita asks inspector to release Naren as he did not make accident and asks him to find the real culprit. Inspector releases Naren. Naren tells Pari that they both should thank Ankita for forgiving them. Pari asks Ankita if she is planning to trap her. Naren asks Ankita why did not she tell truth to police. Ankita gives one chance to Pari. Neena tells Kinnari that Pari did Ranvijay’s accident and not Naren. Kinnari tells this to Rushaali. Pari, Naren and Ankita come back home. Pari accuses Rushaali for giving CCTV footage to Ankita. Rushaali tells everyone that Pari did Ranvijay’s accident and Naren lost everything to safeguard her. Manav is shocked. Ankita tells Manav that she gave one last chance to Pari to mend her ways. Manav feels proud of her.

Family members realize that Ankita and Ashi share same likes, dislikes and allergies. Rushaali gets angry and tells that it is coincidence. Naren says sorry. In the night, Naren bumps into Ankita. Ankita slips and falls on him. Pari comes and sees them holding each other. She taunts them and badmouths about Ankita. Naren sees her drunk and asks her to go to their room. Pari continues to insult Ankita. Naren slaps her. Pari goes inside. Naren apologizes to Ankita.

In the morning, Pari asks Naren to send Ankita somewhere as she couldn’t bear her. Naren tells her that Ankita isn’t bad and cares for others’ happiness too. Ankita thinks to keep herself far from Naren and Pari’s life. Ashi and Vaishvani call Ankita and Naren and ask them to come for their school exhibition. Ankita comes and sees Naren there. Teacher asks them to participate as well. They start drawing. Ashi gets first prize while Ankita gets second. Pari gets a bank slip in the name of Dr. Subhash Singh in Rushaali’s cupboard and wonders who is he? She enquires this about Dr. Subhash with Rushaali. Rushaali lies to her. Pari thinks to find out. Naren and Ankita take kids to have icecream. Some goons passes by and comments on Ankita. Naren beats them and gets wound on his head. Ankita gets worried for him. Naren gets touched by her gesture.

Pari calls the bank manager to get Rushaali’s bank statement. Manav and Archana talk about Pari, Ankita and Naren. Archana says, if Pari’s love is strong then Naren will be with her else he will go back to Ankita. Pari gets Dr. Subhash address and thinks to find out Rushaali’s secret. Pari packs her bags and tells Naren that she will be returning tomorrow. Naren gets flashbacks about Ankita and thinks if he had a relationship with Ankita when he was mad. Naren asks Ankita how was their relationship when they were married, if he loved her. Ankita says they had contract marriage as she needed money and they both did not love each other. Naren thinks she is hiding something from him.

Pari meets Dr. Subhash and comes to know that he is Ankita gynaec, took her child and gave it to Rushali. Pari thinks if Ashi is Naren and Ankita’s child.Ankita asks Manav to give Naren house and company to him. Manav recollects Ankita asking him to buy Naren’s house. Ankita tells him that Naren may forget her and that is good for them both. Pari comes home and confronts Rushaali. Rushaali tells her that Ashi is Naren’s child. Pari is shocked. Keep reading.

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