DD asks Sid to cook for her friends; Sid beats DD in the card game; He plans to go on honeymoon with Roshini in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, DD gives work to Sid to makes him busy. Meanwhile Roshini thinks to do household chores and takes broom from servant to clean her room. Sid is busy making the design, Kesar comes and throws coffee on the designs intentionally. DD thinks, she will send back Sid to his parents’s poor chawl. Resham comes to Sid’s office to wants to buy the property. She couldn’t see Mr. Khurana there. Mr. Khurana tells his assistant that Sid and Roshini are coming for dinner and cancels all his appointments. Simran invites Roshini and Sid for dinner. Roshini calls Sid and informs the same. She asks him to come home soon. Roshini calls him again and tells that she cleaned her room alone and says she wanted to become a perfect middle class wife. Sid tells her that she could have wait for him.

Roshini gets ready to go to Sid’s house and wears saree with Mona’s help. Resham comes to know about it and informs DD. DD looks at Sid and thinks his parents’ food must have been wasted. Simran waits for Sid and Roshni for dinner. Roshni calls her and says they cannot attend dinner as Sid has not come home yet. Simran says ok. Sid comes home and sees her sleeping. Roshini wakes up and asks him to talk to Simran. Raj calls Sid and scolds him. Sid apologizes to Roshini and praises her to uplift her mood. She tells him that she is feeling hungry. He takes out noodles from his bag and prepares them on candle flame. Roshini tastes noodles and likes its taste. They both enjoy its taste. He gets romantic. Roshini asks him to close the door. Sid goes to close the door but the door falls on him. Roshini rushes to him. Resham shows screws and signals thumbs up to DD. It is shown that Resham did it on DD’s order.

Sid gets a dream that Roshini came to know about his real identity. He gets worried as Roshini drags him out of house. He wakes up worriedly and deletes his name from his mobile. He thinks he will soon make her realize that all rich people are not bad. In the morning, DD asks servant to fix Roshni’s room door. Sid asks Roshini to wear chudidars as she is comfortable in it. Resham buys flat from Khurana builders. Raj and Simran reach their office to meet buyers but hide when they see Resham there. Resham asks the manager to give her flat keys. Manager reminds her that she paid just one installment and has to pay 1 Lakh every month for 15 years. Resham gets shocked and gets unconscious. Raj and Simran leaves.

Sid and Roshini get ready to go out. DD asks them to come back by 5 p.m and says Sid have to clean house. Roshini gets angry. Sid cheers her up and leaves. Sid and Roshini come to his parents’ house with grocery bag. Roshni tells them that she will pay her rent and will not eat her mom’s food so she bought some grocery. Simran sees only buiscuits and asks where are rice,sugar, salt etc. Roshni gets sad that she does not know what is needed in the kitchen. Raj asks Sid to hire tiffin service. Raj asks Sid to tell truth to Roshni and DD or handle everything carefully.

DD’s friends come for a party and mistaken Sid to be Roshini’s driver. Roshini tells them that she married him by eloping. DD tells them that Sid is my ghar jamai. She continues saying that Roshni married a lower middle class guy so she could not invite media or anyone. She asks him to prepare food and snacks for her friends. Mona reminds her that Sid is their Jamai. DD tells her friends that there is no difference between dog and ghar jamai. Roshini gets angry. Sid asks Roshni to relax and says your husband is not a servant and listens to his heart. DD asks him to prepare food in 30 minutes. He agrees. Roshini talks to Mona about DD’s rude behavior. Simran and Raj talk about Sid and get worried.

Sid starts preparing the food and injures his finger. Servant gives him list. Sid reads list and starts preparing dishes. Sid prepares the dishes and serves them to DD and her friends. Sid impresses her friends. DD asks him to prepare cards game. DD’s friend challenges that whoever defeats DD will get 25000 Rs. Sid accepts the challenge. DD asks him to back off if he wishes. Sid distributes the cards. DD checks her cards and thinks she cannot believe her daughter has married such a big loser. DD asks him to pick his third card. Sid says he will pick his third card later. DD increases betting money. Sid also increases the betting money. Roshini thinks DD have the winning cards.

DD shows her card and smiles while Sid gets tensed seeing king, queen and joker. DD signals Kesar to pick betting money, but Sid stops him. He shows his cards and wins game. DD gets angry. Roshini and Mona get happy. Sid returns the borrowed money to Mona. Roshini asks Sid what will he buy from this money. Sid says surprise. DD asks asks Bablu to call Sid as she has to leave for office. Sid thinks to book honeymoon package for Roshini. Roshini tries to make brinjal dish for dish. Sid comes there. She gets happy seeing the pamplet and gets happy. Meanwhile the dish gets burnt. Roshini gets sad. Sid cheers her up. Keep reading.

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