Pragya and Abhi walk the ramp together; Dadi invites Sarla and her family for Dussera Puja; Aaliya insults Bulbul in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

In Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi gets a call from the producer and gives him the address. Tanu comes to the hotel and waits for Abhi. Abhi and Pragya reach the hotel and get a good welcome by the staff and media. Tanu gets irked. Media asks questions to Abhi and Pragya, sidelining Tanu. Abhi and Pragya stand together for a photo shoot. Producer tells them that he has hired security guard for them as suggested by Dadi. Abhi tries to cheer up Tanu and tells her that they will spend some quality time together. Bulbul cries thinking she can’t do anything for Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. Beeji tells her that bad time will go soon. Abhi asks Pragya to leave the hotel room. They argue. Tanu comes to Abhi’s room, but is stopped by the guard. Abhi comes out and asks the guards why they didn’t let her in. They let her in. Dadi calls Pragya and makes her understand the importance of marriage and child. She asks her to give a new equation to their relation and become a mother of Abhi’s child. Pragya agrees. Dadi gets happy.

Tanu tells Abhi that they are finally together as they sit for dinner. Tanu goes to the washroom. Pragya comes there and sits on the chair opposite Abhi unknowingly. He hugs her from behind and is about to kiss her as it is dark. Pragya gets shocked but gets moved by his touch. Tanu comes back, lights candle and is shocked to see Abhi trying to kiss Pragya. Abhi realizes his mistake and follows Tanu. Abhi tries to console Tanu but she walks off angrily. Abhi angrily sits with Pragya for candle light dinner because of media. He asks if she would have allowed him to kiss if Tanu would not have come. Pragya says no. He asks her to not come in front of her as a punishment. Pragya thinks why she did not stop Abhi from coming near her. She recalls Sarla and Dadi’s words.

Tanu calls Aaliya and tells her that she will make Abhi crazy tonight. Abhi tries to cheer her up. Tanu pretends to be angry though and asks him to stay with her tonight. Pragya calls Sarla and tells her that Abhi took her for a candle light dinner and this is the happiest day of her life. Sarla is happy for her. She insists to talk to Abhi. Pragya says he has gone out to meet the producer. Sarla cries after disconnecting the call thinking about marriage hall eviction notice. Sarla asks Bulbul not to inform Pragya about marriage hall problem. Pragya thinks she is getting attracted to Abhi and should control herself. Dadi and her cousin come to the hotel. Receptionist gives wrong room number to dadi. Dadi and her cousin come to the wrong room. They see Pragya standing in the corridor. They ask her about Abhi. Pragya calls Abhi but he didn’t pick her call. Tanu picks call and asks her not to disturb them. Pragya thinks what to do now and gets Dadi’s engage with her talks.

Pragya knocks Tanu’s room door and asks about Abhi. Tanu asks her to walk out silently. Pragya says she wants to talk to Abhi. Abhi comes out and asks why did she come there. Pragya informs him that dadi’s have come to meet them. Abhi gets tensed. Tanu starts fighting with Pragya accusing her to called the dadis. Someone informs him that Dadis are coming this way. Abhi asks Tanu to hide in fridge, toilet etc. Tanu tries to hide outside windows but gets afraid seeing the height. Abhi sees false ceiling and asks her to hide Tanu under it. Tanu refuses. He demonstrates and gets trapped. Pragya and Tanu pulls him down, and he falls on Pragya. They have an eye lock.

Abhi then sends Tanu inside the false ceiling and closes its mesh. Dadis come there. Pragya loosens her hair as if she was sleeping and opens door. Abhi acts as surprised and asks why did they come here. Dadis say they came to check if he is behaving well with Pragya. Dadi asks them to sleep and says they will leave. Tanu shouts seeing cockroach. Pragya says Abhi’s mad fan is shouting from window. Abhi shouts and asks fan to stop shouting. They start sweating. Dadi’s cousin switches on AC. Abhi acts as feeling cold and shivers. Daadi switches off AC and asks Abhi and Pragya to rest. Pragya hugs him tightly. Tanu falls in some other room.

In the morning Dadis reach their room and think Abhi didn’t sleep entire night. Tanu comes there and lies to Dadis. Dadi’s cousin praises Pragya. Dadi talks to the producer and convinces him to let Pragya walk the ramp with Abhi instead of Tanu. He agrees finally. Pragya gets nervous and says she cannot ramp walk. Dadis convince her. Producer informs Tanu that his wife has selected another model. Tanu gets shocked to see Pragya. Producer asks her to walk behind junior models.

During the fashion show, Abhi walks the ramp. Producer announes that Abhi’s wife will walk on ramp with him. Abhi is shocked. Pragya comes on stage and stands next to him. Abhi asks Pragya about Tanu and asks where she sent her. Pragya says he should ask producer. Abhi launches product and scolds Pragya. Tanu thinks Pragya insulted her and now she will insult her in front of everyone. She makes Pragya fall, but Abhi holds her on time. Dadi and Sarla talk to lawyer who tells them that only influential person can save the marriage hall now. Producer comes to Tanu and thanks her for making Pragya fall on Abhi. He shows their posters. Tanu gets angry and burns it.

Dadi calls Sarla and invites them for Dussera puja. Bulbul refuses to go but Sarla orders her to come. Dadi sees the rangoli made by Pragya and gets happy. Pragya asks Abhi to select his party dress. Abhi refuses to come for party. He says Pragya that he cannot see Aaliya sad, so he does not want to come down. Pragya asks him to decide if he wants to live in sorrows or find new happiness. Sarla and family reach Abhi’s home and meet Dadi. Dadi hugs Bulbul as she told Pragya’s truth to her, else she would have misunderstood Pragya like Abhi. Bulbul thanks her. Tanu and Aaliya plan to take revenge on Pragya.

Dadi’s cousin gathers guests and announces that Abhi and Pragya will do dandiya on garba song. Abhi to torture her and starts dancing with her. Tanu comes there and calls Abhi. Pragya hits Abhi by mistake. Tanu pushes Pragya and starts nursing his wound. Abhi asks her to leave him. Dadi’s cousin sees them together. Aaliya insults Bulbul while Purab comes to her rescue. Sarla witness the entire scene and wipes Bulbul’s tears. Abhi stops from shooting Ravan, just then Purab shoots arrow on Ravan bursting it into flames. Abhi gets shocked. Keep reading.

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