Pari gets shocked knowing Ashi being Naren and Ankita’s daughter; Naren decides to divorce Pari; Pari vows not to divorce Naren in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Pari speaks to Rushaali and comes to know the truth about Ashi being Ankita and Naren’s daughter. Rushaali tells Pari how she got to know about Ankita’s pregnancy from Archana. She tells her that she decided to go Banaras to know about Ankita’s baby truth. She then narrates the entire story about how she had bribed the doctor when the DNA test came positive and then stolen Ankita’s baby the moment she was born. She tells her that she decided to bring baby home as she was Naren’s child and to revive Naren and Pari’s relation. Pari gets shocked and cries badly. She couldn’t accept the fact that Ankita is Naren’s baby mother. She confronts Rushaali about her actions. Rushaali tells her that she was helpless and thought about their happiness. Pari decides to never let Ashi meets Ankita.


Manav returns the property and company papers to Naren. Naren gets surprised to know that Ankita has returned his house and property in his name and asks him to pay her back in instalments. Naren gets touched by her gesture. Naren puts forth a condition infront of Ankita that Ankita will have to stay in the house as the owner.  Ankita agrees to his condition. Pari comes home from market and informs everybody that she has lost Ashi. Everyone gets shocked. Naren scolds Pari for her carelessless. They start searching for Ashi. Naren is broken as he couldn’t find his daughter and feels miserable. It is shown that Pari decides to get relieved off Ashi in order to separate Ashi from Ankita as she feels Ashi would bring Ankita and Naren closer to each other. She gets an idea and gives the responsibility of Ashi to an unknown childless couple and pays them hefty sum. The couple thanks Pari for her gesture and get happy.


Pari comes home and is confronted by Rushaali. Rushaali accuses her for Ashi’s kidnapping as she couldn’t bear the truth. Naren hears their conversation and gets shocked. He shouts at Rushaali for hiding such a big truth from him. Everyone comes to know about Rushaali stealing Ankita’s baby and Ashi being the one. Manav and Archana bash Rushaali with their words. Rushaali narrates the entire story that Ashi’s DNA matched with that of Naren’s and that’s why she had stolen her. Naren gets all more shocked to learn that his mother had been lying to him for the past 5 years regarding Ashi’s true identity. Rushaali apologizes to everyone. Naren refuses to forgive her.


Ankita comes to the place described by Pari and sees a jagran going on. She prays to the devima to help her find Ashi. Just then the couple is seen hiding there. They hear Ankita talking to the people there and try to make fast exit. Ankita sees Ashi’s toy fallen there and asks the couple to show the baby. She gets happy and shocked to see Ashi with the couple. She tries to take Ashi from them, but the couple claim Ashi to be their daughter. Naren arrives at the scene and gets the couple arrested for Ashi’s kidnapping. Naren tells the big truth to Ankita that Ashi is their daughter and Rushaali had stolen her. Ankita gets shocked. She kisses Ashi and hugs her happily. Naren apologizes to Ankita on his mom’s behalf.  Police calls Naren and asks him to come to the Police station. Manav confronts Pari. Pari confesses to have kidnapped Ashi to protect her failing relationship with Naren.


They come to the Police station where the couple informs them that it was Pari who had given Ashi to them. Naren and Ankita get shocked. Naren gets shattered and disgusted to know her selfish nature.  He takes back police complaint and tells Pari that he will give her punishment which even court can’t give. Naren takes Ashi with him. He thinks that Pari has failed to be a good wife and good mother too. Next morning Naren walks out of house after telling everyone that he is sick of Pari’s plotting against Ankita and Ashi.  He informs his decision that he will divorce Pari. He continues that Pari failed to live upto all relations. He tells everyone that Pari tried to kill Ankita because of her insecurity.  All the family members are shocked. Ankita gets shocked as she does not want to be the reason for Naren and Pari’s divorce. She says she just wants her daughter Ashi and nothing else.  Archana talks to Ankita and tries to convince her to go back to Naren. Ankita is still unconvinced.



Naren comes to his room and thinks about the love and concern Ankita has for Ashi and him. He talks to Ankita who reveals to him that she had informed him about her pregnancy, but he forgot when he got his memory. Naren thinks whether they had love between them. Pari comes to Manav and apologizes for her doings. Then she starts badmouthing about Ankita. She tells him that Ankita snatched everything from her. Manav gets angry with her.  He tells her that Ankita is staying at Naren’s house as she is his child’s mother and calls their relation as Pavitra Rishta. Pari gets irked as everyone is taking Ankita’s side. She then decides not to divorce Naren so that Ankita couldn’t marry him. Keep reading.


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