Kesar tries to Sid and Roshini’s honeymoon on DD’s insistence; DD fumes hearing Sid’s challenge; Sid makes DD cook for Roshini in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, DD asks Kesar and Resham to work on her plan. They decide to join Sid and Roshini to ruin their honeymoon in Goa, but DD stops them. Kesar puts glass piece on the road so that Sid and Roshini’s car tyre get punctured on the way. Kesar cunningly smiles as his plans to ruin the honeymoon worked. Driver asks Sid and Roshini to take the bus to reach the spot, but Sid prefers to walk. Sid and Roshini start walking on the road. Roshini gets tired and start fighting with Sid saying they have been walking since two hours. Sid gives a leg massage to Roshini. They have an eye lock. Sid lifts Roshini in his arms and starts walking. Kesar calls DD and informs her that the two of them have started fighting with each other.  Sid brings Pakodas for Roshini which she refuses to eat under the hot sun.


They see the bus and manage to get into a bus. They go to Goa for their honeymoon. They reach the hotel and get shocked when they find out that their hotel booking had been cancelled. It is shown that Kesar had cancelled the booking. Sid and Roshini are unaware of Kesar’s presence around them. Kesar calls DD and informs the same. Roshni gets angry with Sid and blames him for ruining their honeymoon.  Roshni walks on a secluded road and gets afraid seeing a shadow. Sid tries to remove all her fears. She asks him to arrange food as she is hungry. Sid and Roshni reach dhaba and order food. They have their dinner there. Roshini gets sad as she misses her mom. Waiter gives bill to Sid. Sid finds his wallet missing. Owner asks them to pay the bill and threatens to call the Police. Kesar calls and informs DD.


Police comes and takes them to the police station. Sid tells the Inspector that they are newly weds and his wallet was stolen, just then a constable brings the thief. Sid tells the Inspector that this thief had stolen his wallet. They recover his wallet. Sid pays the dhaba bill to the Inspector and leaves. Sid and Roshini wonder where to go as it was night. A police constable asks Sid and Roshini to stay in his house for a night. Sid and Roshini thank him for his timely help.  Kesar follows them and makes holes in the roof top of constable’s house. Sid tries to get romantic with Roshini but their night gets ruined when it starts raining and when the roof of the house begins to leak. Sid gets tensed as he feels Roshni will once again get angry but she gets excited. She goes out and enjoys the rain. They share a romantic moment together while the song plays. Sid kisses Roshini.


Kesar comes back home and boosts about spoiling Sid and Roshini’s honeymoom infront of DD. Sid and Roshini come back home together surprising DD.  DD gets angry with Kesar as he had failed in his attempts to separate Sid and Roshini. DD raises her hand to slap Kesar, but just then Sid comes and stops her. He surprises Kesar when he tells that he knew that he was around them creating troubles. He goes on to tell DD that he will give her a grand child very soon and challenges her to stop him from doing so. DD gets angry and fumes.


Sid finds out that his Dad Raj not keeping well and goes to see him, leaving behind all his work. Roshini talks to her friends and invites them to Sid’s house. Roshini’s friends come to meet Roshni and Sid and feel suffocated due to the heat inside the house. They insult Sid’s parents for being poor as they don’t know that they are the richest family in the city. Roshni gets angry at her friends and asks them to leave the house immediately. When Sid comes back to DD’s house, she shouts at him blaming him forRoshini’s insult infront of her friends. Roshni shouts at her mother. She calls her DD instead of mom. Sid seems to lose hope as his plans of uniting mother and daughter seems to be falling apart. Sid brings food for Roshini. Roshni drops the plate by mistake and apologizes.


Roshini tells Sid that they will pay rent to DD. Sid asks her not to think much. DD insults new employee Protima. Sid tries to cheer her up and gives her chocolates. Bablu sees Sid holding her hand and gets suspicious. He asks Protima to get back to work. Roshini goes to market to get things for her home. Mona feels proud of her. Roshini thinks to cook for Sid and ends up ruining the kitchen. Sid comes home and laughs seeing her condition. Later he consoles and cheers her up. Roshini tells him that she never had food made by her mum and cries. Sid decides to get Roshini eat food cooked by her mum. Next morning he pretends to talk to his mom Simran and tells her that Roshini doesn’t know cooking as her mum never taught her. He challenges DD indirectly and provokes her to cook food.


DD took up the challenge and goes to kitchen to cook. Sid and DD start cooking and competing with each other. Sid dances while he cooks and takes it sportingly. He makes DD win. Roshini comes to the kitchen and gets shocked seeing DD cooking. DD tells her that she cooked for her and asks her to taste food. Roshini refuses to eat food made by her and prefers to eat food made by her husband. DD gets tears in her eyes. Later Sid comes to the bedroom with food cooked by DD in his hand. Roshini scolds him for eating food cooked by DD. Sid tells her that it was not food mistake and asks her to try it. Roshini refuses. Sid prays to God to make Roshini taste the food prepared by her mum. Roshini goes to kitchen and eats the food while crying. Sid notices it and smiles. Simran prepares for the puja as some baba is coming to her house. Roshini come there with Resham but doesn’t see her. Keep reading.

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