Pragya gets shocked knowing about KB marriage hall being in trouble; Abhi refuses to help her shocking Sarla in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

In Kumkum Bhagya, Purab throws the arrow for Ravan’s dahan making Abhi fumes. Abhi gets angry and begins to beat him, but dadi intervenes and explains to Abhi that it is good for Aaliya that Purab has not married her as he did not love her. It is wrong to marry without love. Aaliya tells Abhi that Purab came to meet Bulbul after ruining her life. Pragya’s cousin Puneet meets her and informs that Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall is in danger. He tells about the notice issued to vacate the place and it will be demolish.  Pragya realizes that Sarla had hidden the truth from her and feels bad. Abhi’s forehead gets injured and Tanu start caring for him while Abhi asks her to maintain distance from him.


Dadi’s cousin sees them together and opines that Tanu is trying to get involved with Abhi. She informs this to Pragya and asks her to keep an eye on Tanu. Pragya gets worried thinking that dadi’s cousins might find out the truth. Pragya warns Tanu to stay away from Abhi. Someone lights up bomb and throws which explodes making pragya faints. Everyone get sho ked. Abhi lifts her and takes to their room. Doctor comes and checks Pragya. Dadi asks Abhi to take care of Pragya. Tanu thinks her plan has backfired. Dadi assures Sarla and beeji that Abhi will take care of Pragya being her husband. They leave.


Abhi gets annoyed seeing Pragya unconscious on bed and thinks she is acting. He manages to wake up Pragya and informs her that he was the one who had taken care of her, but Pragya refuses to believe him.  Beeji brings Sarla home and asks her to stop thinking about Pragya. Pragya rushes to meet Sarla. Pragya asks Sarla if she forgot her completely after marriage and asks why she did not tell her about KB marriage hall problem. Sarla says she did not want to trouble her. Pragya asks if this is not her house and asks how she will feel if she will hide things from her. Sarla says she wants to see her happy and starts crying. Pragya asks her to stop crying and says this marriage hall is part of our family. She decides to go to BMC office and will get it out of trouble. Sarla thinks Bulbul must have informed Pragya.


Pragya meets Bulbul who informs her about corporator’s conspiracy and tells her the whole incident happened. Pragya return home. Dadi’s cousin tries to warn Pragya about Tanu. Pragya tells her that Tanu is trying to get modelling contract through Abhi and tries to cover up Abhi and Tanu’s relationship.  Abhi sees Pragya talking to Dadi’s cousin about Tanu and thinks she is trying to brainwash her against Tanu. He gets angry and decides to teach her a lesson. He confronts Pragya. Pragya tells him that she didn’t do such things and she is already stressed. Pragya breaks down and tells him about Kumkum Marriage hall being in trouble. She tells Abhi that Sarla’s marriage hall which was the source of their bread and butter is now under threat and will soon be demolish. She requests Abhi to use his power and settle the matter. Abhi listens to her seriously and then laughs. He refuses to help her and enjoys her talk. Aaliya gets to know about it and gets happy.


Pragya comes to KB marriage hall and sees Sarla decorating It for the last marriage. Pragya sadly serves guests. Bulbul asks her if she spoke to Abhi about marriage hall. Pragya says yes, but he does not want to help us. A guest asks them to take care of celebrity guests who are attending marriage. They see Abhi coming there. Abhi tells Pragya that he didn’t come to help her and taunts her.


Abhi feels sorry for Sarla and her family. Akash sees Rachna walking with difficulty on the road and is about fall. He holds her and asks her to be careful. She asks him not to show fake concern. Sarla looks at Kumkum bhagya from her house and gets sad. Bulbul tries to console her. Sarla asks her why did she tell KB problems to Pragya. Bulbul tells her that she didn’t say anything to Pragya. While the marriage is solemnised at the marriage hall, Abhi and Pragya continue to fight as Abhi thinks Pragya is throwing flower petals on him.


Groom’s mother apologizes to Abhi for the trouble he is facing due to AC failure. She says her son was to marry Pragya, but Pragya rejected her son as she demanded dowry. Abhi asks Pragya, why did not she marry groom and instead trapped her. Pragya says they were demanding this marriage hall as dowry. Pragya throws water on him. Sarla scolds her and asks her to take him home. They continues to fight and hear Sarla’s voice coming from outside.  They get shocked to see the officials from the BMC reaching before time to demolish the marriage hall.


Pragya requests Abhi to stop the officials, but Abhi walks away without answering her. Sarla and Beeji get shocked. They question Pragya why Abhi behaved this way and ask her if all is well between them Abhi meets corporator and thanks inspector and corporator.  Corporator comes and asks Sarla if he remembers her. He informs her that Abhi is on his side now.  Alia comes to Tanu and takes her to witness KB tragedy. Sarla asks Pragya to tell the truth. Pragya is speechless as she recalls Abhi’s treatment towards her. Keep reading.

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