Naren regains his memory and proposes Ankita to marry him; Ranvijay gets out of coma; Ranvijay asks Ankita to marry him in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Sunanda unites Ashi with her real mum Ankita. Ankita gets glad and thankful to Sunanda. Sunanda asks her to unite with Naren as she knows Ankita loves him so much. Ankita is thoughtful though. Naren goes to the store room to search for a clue that can remind him of his past with Ankita. He gets his marriage photo album and starts thinking. Sunanda comes there and tells him that Ankita and his jodi is like Lakshmi/Narayan jodi and tells that Ankita sacrificed a lot for his happiness. Naren asks her to help him recollect the past. Sunanda reminds him about the selfless love Ankita had for him and tells about the fire experiment which Ankita did to get back his memory. He says he saw Ankita taking care of whole family and even Ashi wanting to stay with her. She tries to convince Naren to once again marry Ankita, but Naren seems to be confused.


Pari meets Naren and apologizes him for her mistake and asks for one more chance, She says as they got back their house and company they can start afresh. She says now Ankita took back Ashi, they can adopt a child. Naren asks her how can she separate him from his daughter and asks her if she will stay with him in a hut. Pari asks what do you mean? Naren makes a final decision, hands over the divorce papers to Pari and asks her to sign on them.  Pari asking Naren how can he do this to her. Naren says he used to tolerate her for Ashi and now he does not want to stay with her and remarry Ankita. She says we can fix it even now. Naren is adamant to give back happiness to Ankita. Ankita looks on surprised. Pari says till now he did not give her happiness and will not give it to Ankita also. He asks her to stop being selfish again..  Pari says she will not sign on divorce papers and walks out.


Pari sees Ankita and Naren talking and slaps Ankita. Sunanda comes to Manav’s house and talks to him about Ankita and Naren’s marriage. Manav assures her that if Pari agrees, he will speak to Ankita and make her agree to marry Naren. Ankita decides to leave Naren forever and take Ashi along with her. She packs her bags and comes down to leave. Naren tries to stop Ankita from taking Ashi along with her. He says that he will marry her, but Ankita does not listen and leaves. Naren falls down and gets an attack. He is rushed to hospital and while family gathers in hospital except Ankita. Ashi asks Ankita if she is angry on her dadda/Naren. Ankita says no. She gets a call from Manav who informs her about Naren’s hospitalization and runs to the hospital with Ashi. Ankita rushes to the hospital with Ashi and meets Naren.


Naren gets a flashback about marrying Ankita and all the romantic moments spent with her. He wakes up and finds whole family standing in front of her including Ankita and Ashi.  Ankita says Ashi will be with him now and tries to go. He holds her hand and says he remembers everything now from the time he met her to getting Ashi. He tells her everything. Ankita gets teary eyed with happiness. He requests her if she will marry him again. Ankita walks out without telling anything. Pari reminisces Manav warning her that she would lose Naren forever if she does not mend her ways and then Naren asking her to sign divorce papers.


Ankita sees a god idol in hospital and says she waited for Naren to get back memory, but when he is remembering everything, she cannot ruin Pari’s life. She gets confused. Archana asks her to ask Ashi’s opinion and then decide. Sunanda says Archana is telling right and asks her not to force her decision on Naren, and let him take a decision. Rushaali apologizes to Ankita and asks her to accept Naren. Pari goes to the hospital and meets the goon and asks him to inject the medicine to Ranvijay. She tells him that a heavy dose of the medicine can either send the person to a long term coma or can even kill him. She determines to stop Ankita from uniting with Naren. Ankita agrees to marry Naren and hugs him. She gets a call from the hospital informing her about Ranvijay’s worsened condition. She rushes to hospital.


Once Ranvijay’s condition gets stable, Pari meets him and shows the newspaper article which was earlier being published to insult Ankita. She asks him to marry Ankita to save her from further insult. Ranvijay gets discharged from hospital and comes home. Ranvijay’s parents insist him to marry Ankita as soon as possible. Naren and Sunanda hear this and wonder why Ankita has not yet told them about her decision to marry Naren.  Pari informs Rushaali that Ankita will marry Ranvijay. Rushaali thinks to take kids’ help.


Pari provokes Ranvijay against Naren and informs him that Naren might stop his marriage with Ankita. She says that Naren is behind Ankita’s money. Ranvijay gets ready for the rituals. Ankita tries to speak to Ranvijay about Naren. Ranvijay refuses to let her marry to Naren. Ranvijay explains to Ankita that Naren is not worth marrying her as he had left her earlier to marry Pari. Ranvijay asks her to marry him as he had provided her support during her toughest days. Ankita has no other option, but to agree. Ankita gets ready for the haldi function and just then Naren enters her room and puts haldi on her face. They share some romantic moments. Ankita challenges him to put haldi in front of everybody. Ankita and Naren come down together. Everyone is surprised to see them together. She slips and is about to fall, but he holds her and applies haldi in front of everyone. Ranvijay gets irked seeing them together. Ankita goes and sits beside Ranvijay for haldi rasam. Neelima and Kavita apply haldi on them. Pari reaches there with sweets and challenges Rushaali that Naren will not marry Ankita. Keep reading.

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