Abhi beats corporator and gets behind bars; Pragya overhears corporator and Inspector’s conversation and gives statement against Abhi to safeguard him in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya

In Kumkum Bhagya, corporator asks Sarla to vacate hall in 30 minutes and take all her items. He asks Sarla to get him married to bulbul to get back her marriage hall. Bulbul says she will slap him again if he talks about marriage. Marriage hall is about to be brought down, Dadi forms a human wall with her family and says corporator that he has to crush them to reach their marriage hall. Aliya and Tanu witness the entire scene from a distance and enjoy. Corporator asks his men to start the bulldozer. bulldozer is about to break the walls of the marriage hall, just then Abhi comes back and surprises everybody when he stops the corporator from breaking down the marriage hall as he shows a stay order. He gives the stay order to Pragya once he reads it. Pragya reminisces Dadi telling her that Abhi will fullfill his responsibilities and will not let her down. Abhi asks corporator to get out now.


Corporator starts insulting Bulbul, Pragya and tells they are big prostitutes and calls Abhi as fool to marry Pragya. He then says Sarla and Dadi are big pimps and handles the business alone. Abhi gets furious and starts beating the corporator and even stops a constable from hitting Pragya with his stick. Constable signs Inspector to arrest Abhi. Police stops Abhi and arrest him. Pragya and her mother Sarla are worried about Abhi. Pragya is confused as to why Abhi had defended her and her family’s honour and gets touched by his gesture. Sarla says Pragya that Abhi loves her so much, but she unnecessarily doubts him. Purvi asks her to bail out Abhi.


Aaliya and Tanu come back to their house and discuss the happenings.   Aaliya says she will not bail him out and says Abhii made a mistake this time and let him realize his mistake.The police bring Abhi to the police station.  Abhi gets into lockup and thinks this for the first time he is coming on a real location. Corporator comes there and taunts Abhi. Pragya comes to meet Abhi and overhears the corporator telling Inspector Yadav to beat Abhi and give him third degree torture at the police station. She decides to involve the media and threatens Inspector Yadav that she will also involve the higher authorities if he harms Abhi inside the prison. Abhi have a good time along with other prisoners inside the prison cell. They get happy and request him to sing a song for them. Abhi sings for them. Pragya is surprised. Abhi introduces her to the jail inmates.


Pragya is confused thinking why Abhi fought for her and marriage hall.  Abhi make it clear to her that he had immense respect for her grandmothe. He tells her that he has not forgotten the pain which she and her sister Bulbul had given to Aaliya. Pragya gets happy thinking that Abhi had fought for her irrespective of the hatred towards her. Tanu comes to the police station and starts blaming Pragya for Abhi’s condition. Aaliya asks him why did he protect the marriage hall. Abhi says he did it for Dadi and asks them to call lawyer. Aaliya says to Tanu that Abhi is not repenting for his decision at all and that’s why let him stay in lockup for some days. Tanu and Pragya have a heated argument outside the police station.


Alia hides the fact from her family that Abhi is in jail.  Pragya calls Purab and requests him to help her bail out Abhi. Purab asks her not to worry. He comes there with the lawyer and assures her to get bail by 11 a.m. and asks Pragya to give her statement that corporator provoked Abhi to beat him. Pragya thanks Purab for his help. Purab asks her to go back home. Pragya comes home and meets  Aaliya. She scolds her for not helping her brother Abhi. Aaliya tells her that she purposely let Abhi be in prison for a night as she wanted him to learn a lesson for supporting the wrong people. Pragya gets stunned. Mitali reads in the newspaper that Abhi is in jail and gets shocked when she learns that Kumkum Bhagya is the same marriage hall which she tried to acquire by getting Raj’s signatures. She talks to her dad on phone and thinks if her family would have read the news and known about her dad’s plan, they would have killed her.


Tanu informs Aaliya that Pragya managed to hired a lawyer to bail out Abhi. Aaliya asks her to reach the police station to get the things in their favour. Other Inspector reaches the Police station and gets happy knowing about Abhi. He tells him that his wife is his big fan. He gets Abhi out of lock up and treats him as a celebrity. Tanu and Aaliya reach the police station and show fake concern towards Abhi. Pragya comes there with her lawyer who asks her to give a statement in Abhi’s favour, but she gives a statement against Abhi shocking everyone and making Abhi fumes. Abhi asks her to leave his house before he is released from the police station. Aaliya brainwashes Abhi by saying that Pragya is taking revenge as she or her sister could not marry Purab.


Sarla slaps Pragya and asks why did she give false statement and betrayed Abhi. She says she is ashamed of her. Pragya tells her about the incident where corporator asks inspector to break Abhi’s hands and legs once Abhi is released and says she got him into jail and now will bail him out at any cost. She continues that she had done this only to save Abhi’s life.  Keep reading.

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