Sid decides to make Roshini take part in garba competition; DD gets him busy in office; Clients gets impressed with Sid in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, Roshini goes with Resham to Sid’s real house to meet spiritual leader who was giving darshan there. They get surprised to see a big house. Resham and Roshini do not notice Sid’s parents just behind them performing the puja. Simran prays to god to let her be with her son and daughter in law as she cannot live without them. Roshini thanks god for giving her Sid as life partner and prays to set him free from DD’s debt. Later Sid’s parents get surprised seeing Roshini there and get worried thinking that Roshini will find out the truth about them. Simran says Raj that god sent Roshini on first day of navratri. Raj says it is good she did not see us. Simran informs the same to Sid.  Nani comes and tells them about garba festival. She asks Sid to take Roshiniwith him. Roshini says she will not go and gets sad. Nani asks her to forget about past. Sid asks what are they talking about.


Nani tells Sid that Roshini wanted to participate in garba competition with DD and enrolled their names also, but DD did not reach the venue, leaving Roshini sad. Sid says he will convince her to take part in garba competition. He decides to make Roshini get over the bad memories.  Raj and Simran reach DD’s home. Simran says she needs to learn garba from her. Roshini is silent. Simran gets disheartened. Roshini says she left garba for one mother and will start it back again for another mother. Simran thanks her.


Nani asks Roshini to teach garba at home as DD has gone out. Simran breaks flower vase while dancing. DD enters home just then and begins shouting and insulting Sid’s parents, but Roshini intervenes and calls her mother a heartless robot. She takes them to her room irking DD. Raj and Simran are about to leave home when Raj sees DD and invites her to his chawl’s garba competition. DD asks him stop his drama and insults them. Simran says DD that even thiefs and thugs would be not like learning her behavior and says she is very poor in her ethical values and says the man she is insulting is much rich in moral values than her.


Sid says Bablu that he has to go early to attend garba competition. Bablu lets him go. DD decides to make Sid give a presentation in front of the foreign clients. Sid looks at his watch. DD calls him kamchor. She plans to keep him busy in a meeting with her clients. Sid is forced to stay away from the garba. Roshini gets upset as Sid does not arrive for the garba competition on time. Roshini waits for phone call and gets angry as she gets no message from Sid. Roshini understands that Sid has been caught up in DD’s office. Nani and Sid’s parents feel bad seeing Roshini sad. The garba competition starts and Sid and Roshini’s name is announced. Naani thinks once again DD chose business over Roshni. Roshini drops dandiya and walks out of venue. Sid comes home late and sees Roshini angry.


Sid tries his best to apologize to Roshini but Roshini does not seem to be in the mood. DD says him that he cannot carry on the relationship and says he has to go away from Roshni’s life. Sid sadly sits beside swimming pool and recalls his promise to keep Roshini happy. Nani comes and talks to him. He says he made her cry a lot and will make her happy now.


DD meets clients at her office. Client says he liked her presentation, but wants to meet some more customers. Sid brings Gujrati food and serves them. DD asks Kesar who asked to serve gujrati food. Sid says he decided it and starts talking in Japanese. Clients like indian food and praise it. DD gets happy. Sid tells DD that the clients want to be a part of the garba in her house. DD asks him to arrange for a grand garba at her place. He makes a plan to call Roshini in the party. DD practices in mirror to invite Roshini and thinks she may not come as she is her daughter. Nani asks her to take Sid’s help. DD thinks it will help to impress her clients.  DD comes to Roshini’s room and invites her for garba party, but Roshini ignores her.


Roshini asks DD to call her inlaws if she really wants her to attend the party. DD agrees. She goes to Sid’s parents and apologizes to them. Then she invites them to her garba party. Sid’s parents are surprised. Durgadevi still hates Sid and his parents. The party starts. Raj and Simran enter party venue. DD gets irked seeing them. Roshini greets them. DD gets angry when she sees Roshini giving more importance to Sid’s parents than her. Later the Japanese clients come and wish to meet Roshini.  DD calls Roshini and asks her to meet the clients. Roshini meets the clients along with Sid’s parents. Roshini introduces Raj and Simran as her in-laws and takes guests in. Later, DD gets angry at Sid for calling office employees. Sid hosts the party and invites guest Gurmeet Chaudhary to dance. Keep reading.

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