Mayank goes to village to break Gunjan’s fast, Gunjan gets the electricity in the village and determines to get the loos in every home in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Gunjan misses Mayank and didn’t break her fast after the puja gets over. Rachna misses Kabir and calls him. She asks him to come to break her fast. Kabir tells her that he will wait for her at the rooftop and thinks love makes to do everything. Vikram gives the engineer’s report stating that there is no gold in the village. Head thinks he has to get gold at any cost. Gunjan looks at the moon. Mayank comes surprising her. He makes her break the fast. Mayank gifts her earrings. Gunjan gets happy and hugs him.

Kabir climbs the rope and gets on the terrace. He gifts her bracelet and thanks her. He breaks her fast. Rachna is happy. Sangeeta comes them and locks the bolt of the terrace door. They get stuck on the terrace. Mayank tells Gunjan about his new boss being Charu. She gets shocked and worried. She asks him to leave the job. Mayank tells her that Charu is changed now. Mayank asks her to trust him. Gunjan says, she can’t trust Charu.

Kabir and Rachna sit on a bench and starts talking. They wake up at 6 pm and Rachna thinks Dayal must have left, so they shall go inside. Dadi looks for Kabir. Shayl sees her and calls her inside the home. Kabir and Rachna get tensed. They come down hanging through the rope. Rachna walks inside the house. Shayl sees her and asks from where she is coming. Rachna lies making Shayl suspicious. Dadi asks her about Kabir. Rachna says she doesn’t know.

Gunjan tells Mayank that she wants to know everything about Charu. They have a hug. Chiraya asks him to leave before anyone sees them together. Head meets Rahul and tells him that he will get the labourer for digging the land in the evening. Rahul asks him to tell the villagers that he is making the well. The head agrees. Kabir asks Rachna to tell her family about him. Rachna says not now. Kabir decides to tell everything about them. She promises to tell her family.

Rachna comes home and hears Shayl rejecting a proposal for her as the guy is 10 years older than her. Chaya tells Rachna that Shayl will not accept Kabir’s proposal as he is above 30 and she is just 19 years. She asks her to spent some time with Kabir and know about each other. At Mayank’s office, he sees his boss misbehaving with Charu and hurting her. He applies ointment on her forehead. Charu asks him to leave and doesn’t tell him anything about her husband’s tortures.

Labourers starts digging the land and find a gold bangles. Then they get a large stone. Rahul asks them to keep on digging and insists the head to get digging machine. Head says, they will get the electricity. Gunjan and Chiraya get happy. Mayank goes to Charu’s house to give her a file. She turns to bring coffee and faints. Mayank brings Charu to the hospital. Doctor tells him that his wife has low BP and prescribe her medicines. Shayl and Seema see them leaving and enquires with the nurse. Nurse tells them that she might be pregnant. They get shocked.

Rahul convinces the head to get the electricity in the village as they didn’t know till when they have to dig the land for gold. The head agrees. Kabir’s design was incomplete, Rachna covers the dummy with a stroll. Client likes it. Kabir thanks Rachna. Mayank and Charu come home from the hospital. Charu’s husband GS asks her about Mayank. She lies to him and asks Mayank to go. Chaya tells Kabir that Rachna lied to her mum about coming there. He gets angry.

Electricity comes to the village, all thanks to Rahul and Gunjan. All the villagers rejoices and distributes the sweets. The head calls Rahul and the digging machine starts working. The engineers announce that further digging will bring out water. The head recalls Gunjan’s promise that she will bring electricity in the village. He orders the engineers to stop and points a gun to Rahul. Gunjan thinks she must save Rahul now. Gunjan comes in a shawl and kneels down saying it is all because of you. She praises him. The head says I brought electricity for you all. Gunjan now tells Chiraya that now the toilets project it left, head will also do it by himself.

Seema and Shayl questions Mayank about Charu. He tells them that she is his new boss and tells everything. Seema asks him to leave the job. He says, he can’t as he is earning well and his job profile will get better. He asks them to trust him. Shayl calls Chaya’s mom and comes to know that she is fine. She thinks why Rachna is lying. Rachna comes home and lies again making Shayl suspicious. Charu calls Mayank and asks him to come urgently. Mayank goes to her home. Charu tells him about GS’s tortures and hugs him. GS comes and sees them. He throws their wedding pics and threatens Charu and Mayank for having an affair. Mayank tries to explain but in vain. Gunjan and Rahul come to the office and says they have come from home ministry and wants to check all the details of expenditures. Rahul and Gunjan are shocked to see the records citing toilets are made in Birpur and lakhs of rupees have been sanctioned. Keep reading.

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