Ankita and Vaishnavi’s beautiful bonding, Pari loses her baby and accuses Naren in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Ankita is staying in Ranvijay’s home. Ankita thinks to go as she can’t be a burden on them. Kavita asks her about Mumbai and her husband Vishnu gets mesmerized by her beauty. One couple comes to Panditji and shows their kundli. The husband of the woman asks Panditji to make Ankita sing, if she sings then he will accept that he is a good and authentic pandit. Panditji requests Ankita to sing as it was about his reputation. Ankita sings Saathiya Yeh Tune Kya Kaha……The husband praises her singing and accepts that Panditji is a genuine one. He gives him Dakshini. Vaishnavi starts laughing. Everyone get surprised.

Panditji thanks Ankita for her gesture and asks her to stay at their home for Vaishnavi’s sake as she forgot to even smile after her mom’s death. Ankita agrees to stay and thinks to give love to Vaishnavi.

Rushaali asks Naren to think about starting a family. She explains to him that a baby makes the couple relation more stronger. Naren agrees. Kavita asks Vaishnavi to get ready to go to school. Vaishnavi agrees to go if Ankita makes her ready surprising them. Panditji’s wife asks Ankita to go as she doesn’t want Vaishnavi to get emotionally attached to Ankita. Ankita promises to go once Vaishnavi gets back to normal life. The goons see Ankita coming out of Ranvijay’s house and passes lewd comments. This doesn’t go well with Ranvijay and he ends up beating the goons surprising Ankita.

Vaishnavi craves for her father’s love. Ranvijay has turned a deaf ear towards her since his wife’s death three months ago. Pari informs Naren about her pregnancy and asks him to become more responsible now. They get happy. Rushaali gets on cloud nine after getting the good news confirmed. She gives the sweets to everyone and blesses Pari.

Sachin does some minor fraud in the project and gets some money. He buys gifts for his wife and children. Neena shouts at him for thinking low and asks him to think big. Sachin understands her point. Ankita decides to leave Ranvijay’s house. Ranvijay’s mom taunts her for staying at her place and getting attached to Vaishnavi.

Naren and Ankita are seen buying the cactus plant, but at different places. Naren wonders why he brought the cactus plant. Naren imagines hitting some pregnant woman by his car and rushes home. He tells Pari about his imagination. Pari thinks it is related to Ankita and gets tensed. Pari informs Manav and Sulochana about her pregnancy. They get happy and bless her. Sulochana gets emotional thinking about Ankita. Ankita writes letters to Naren about her pregnancy etc. Kavita asks her, why she doesn’t post the letters. Ankita says, because she doesn’t wish to post.

Vaishnavi brings a trophy and tells Ankita that she won a drawing competition in her school. Ankita asks her to show it to Ranvijay. She comes to Ranvijay. Ranvijay scolds her making her sad. Ranvijay looks at his wife’s photo and gets sad. Ankita informs Panditji’s wife that she is leaving and leaves.

Pari tells Naren that she wants to help Manav in his business and convinces him. Ankita is walking on the road and sees Vaishnavi fully wet with high fever. She takes her to the Ayurvedic Doctor for treatment. Naren gets black and white flashes of Ankita and gets disturbed. Panditji’s wife wakes up Panditji and tells him that Vaishnavi didn’t come home yet. Panditji and his son Vishnu goes in search of her, but couldn’t find her.

Ranvijay comes home in the morning and his mother informs him that Ankita took Vaishnavi with her. Ranvijay gets tensed and goes to search her. He finds Ankita and Vaishnavi outside the Ved’s shop and yells at Ankita for taking his daughter with her. Ved tells him that Ankita saved his daughter as she had pneumonia. Ankita makes him understand that his daughter needs his love and attention. Vaishnavi asks Ankita to come home. Ranvijay realizes his mistake and hugs his daughter. Panditji and his family ask Ankita to come home. Ankita agrees.

After one month, Ankita writes in the letter about her pregnancy and Ranvijay’s family who are taking good care of hers. Kavita notices baby bump on Ankita and tells to Panditji’s wife. Panditji’s wife asks Ankita about it and says some motherly words. Ankita gets emotional and touched. Ankita writes in the letter that she is 6 months’ pregnant. Pari tells Naren that she is 3 months pregnant when he tries to feel the baby kicks. Naren again sees flashes of Ankita and gets tensed.

Panditji predicts that Ankita will have a baby boy. Panditji’s wife tells Ankita that she wants to do her baby shower. Ankita agrees. Ankita and Pari’s baby shower is shown at the two ends. Everyone blesses Pari. Ankita feels Manav, Archana and Naren’s presence and gets emotional. Pari asks Naren to go to office. Naren leaves. Pari feels pain in her stomach and calls Naren. He doesn’t see her call as he was busy giving the presentation. Later he calls her. Pari asks him to come home soon as she is having pain. Naren rushes home and takes her to the hospital. While on the way, they has an accident and Pari loses her baby. Doctor informs the family that Pari lost her baby. Naren goes to speak to her. Pari accuses him for the loss and calls him a murderer. Naren gets shocked.

After few days, Rushaali asks Naren not to worry. Naren tells her that Pari still held him responsible for the baby’s death. Keep reading.

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