Raghu saves Shivani from Veer, Raghu shocked to know Sumitra’s true colors and plans to take his home back in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

In Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Veer and Madhavi is doing black magic on Shivani to fulfill their selfish motive. Raghu comes home splashing water on their evil plan. Veer tells Raghu that he came to discuss the script with Shivani and takes Raghu with him. Madhavi changes Shivani’s clothes and makes her lie on the bed. Madhavi tells Veer that they got saved. Veer tells her that mahurat is only for 48 hours and says they have only tomorrow’s night. Madhavi thinks of a plan and shares it with Veer. They think to make Raghu jealous.

Maya comes to Sumitra’s room and takes the keys impression on the soap to get the house papers. Shivani wakes up in the morning. Raghu tells her that he came in the night as he got tensed about her. Shivani teases him. Veer comes with a bouquet and thanks Shivani for making his day. Shivani is clueless and tells him that she didn’t send any bouquet. Veer tries to make Raghu doubts Shivani. Shivani asks Veer about the lie. Veer tells her that girls are ready to do anything for him as he is a film’s producer and says he is doing a big favour on her as he is giving the money for her treatment. Shivani goes to Raghu and takes promise from him that he won’t take money from Veer under any circumstances.

Sumitra catches Maya and Vivek red handed while they try to open the locker. She gives them punishment. Raghu gets worried about Shivani’s treatment. The lady who runs the club comes to him and offers him to fight with two boxers and the prize money is 20 Lakhs rupees. Raghu refuses to fight because he promised Shivani that he won’t take any risks. The lady convinces him somehow. Raghu leaves the house after promising Shivani that he will return soon. Madhavi and Veer see him going and thinks that their motive will be fulfilled today. She reminds Veer of baba’s words that he has to spend a night with a virgin bride to get a heir.

Veer mixes tablet in Shivani’s milk. Shivani gets suspicious and doesn’t drink the milk. Veer and Madhavi come to her room. Shivani wakes up. They get shocked. Madhavi asks him to take her immediately to the well. Shivani is shocked to know that they are doing black magic on her. Shivani shouts for Raghu. Veer tells her that he won’t be back. Shivani gets shocked. Veer takes her forcibly in the well.

Raghu and the boxers start fighting. Raghu beats them, the boxers throw cement on his eyes making him turn temporary blind. They beat Raghu. Raghu thinks of Shivani’s words and tries to hear the sound. He beats the boxers and wins the boxing match. The lady gets shocked.

Shivani warns Veer and Madhavi that Raghu won’t spare them if anything happens to her. Veer tells her that Raghu will die soon or might have died by now. Shivani asks them what they want. Veer and Madhavi tell her that they want to have a child and their baba asked Veer to spend a night with a virgin bride to get a heir. Shivani is shocked at their superstition. Veer tells her that he kidnapped his employee’s bride but she committed suicide. And then he killed his employee. Shivani gets shocked. She confronts them and asks Madhavi how can she do something bad with a woman being a woman herself.

Raghu hears the lady talking with the boxers and refusing to pay them money as they failed to kill Raghu. Raghu confronts her and comes to know that Veer gave her the money to get him killed. Raghu rushes home. Veer asks Madhavi to go as the mahurat is going. Madhavi goes to her room and Shivani’s words keeps echoing in her ears. Veer tries to molest Shivani. Raghu comes in time and pushes Veer. He beats him. Dadi and Madhavi comes with Police and gets him arrested.

Veer shouts at Madhavi for betraying him. Madhavi tells him that she has realized his mistake. Dadi refuses to forgive him. Shivani faints. Raghu takes her to the hospital. Shivani asks him to confess his love, but Raghu doesn’t. Doctor informs Raghu that they operated on Shivani and the next hours will be critical for her. Raghu gets shocked. He goes to her and pleads with her to open her eyes. He cries while holding her hand. Shivani opens her eyes and asks him to take her home. Raghu gets happy.

Sumitra auctions Baburaam and his family’s stuff. The family gets sad. Raghu comes and gets surprised. His family gets happy to see them. Raghu asks his family about Sumitra’s doings. Sumitra tells him that Baburaam named his house on her name. Raghu gets shocked. Baburaam and his family tell Raghu how Sumitra betrayed them and took his signatures. They tell him about the insult meted out to them by Sumitra. Raghu gets angry and goes to the police station. Inspector comes to arrests Sumitra. Sumitra acts innocent and tells the Inspector that Baburaam himself gifted the house to her. Inspector asks for the proofs from Raghu. Inspector refuses to arrest her. Sumitra then accuses Raghu for marrying Shivani although he is married to her. Lata requests her not to frame Raghu. Sumitra agrees. She tells Raghu to get ready for the test and promises to return his house if he accepts her condition. Keep reading.

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