Veer and Madhavi plan to sacrifice Shivani for getting a heir and performing black magic on her in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

In Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, some goon kidnaps Shivani and takes her somewhere. Raghu reaches the place. The goon tells them that he wants to tell them the dark secret of the well and doesn’t want to hurt them. Just then Veer comes and shoots him. Raghu and Shivani get shocked. They come home. Madhavi thanks him while Sunanda blames them. Sumitra, her mom and Lata come to the jewellery shop to sell Lata’s jewellery. Maya and Rupesh come there in disguise of a nawab. They like the jewellery and offer her double price. Sumitra refuses to sell it. Later, Sumitra parents sell jewellery to Rupesh and Maya for 10 lakhs rupees and get happy.

Raghu recalls the past happening and asks Shivani not to go anywhere without informing her. She agrees. Shivani gets to know that some is blackmailing Sunanda and asking her to give money to him in 24 hours. Sumitra checks the money and finds only papers. She scolds her parents badly.

Rupesh and Maya give jewellery to Lata. She gets emotional and thanks Maya and Rupesh. Maya tells her that it was Vivek’s idea. Mother and son have a emotional hug. Shivani thinks about Sunanda. Veer comes and places his hand on her shoulder while pacifying him. Shivani gets shocked. Raghu comes. Veer sees him and immediately keeps his hand on her head and blesses her.

Raghu calls Vivek. Vivek says, they are fine. Maya asks him to send some money. Raghu says ok. Shivani sees a digger in Sunanda’s room and shows it to Raghu. Sunanda gets angry on them for spying on her. In the night Shivani sees someone wearing blanket going out and follows her with Raghu. It turns out to be Sunanda who was hiding some jewellery in the land. Raghu and Shivani confront her and takes her to Sooraj. Sooraj tells them that he is well aware of his wife’s acts. Raghu and Shivani are shocked to know that they are stealing jewellery from the house. They tell them that they will inform Veer, but Sunanda tells them that Veer won’t believe them as Sooraj is his real brother.

Vivek gets money sent by Raghu. Maya asks him to make right use of the money and asks him not to tell his parents that Raghu sent the money. Raghu apologizes to Shivani for not believing her. They go to sleep. Someone comes probably Veer wearing the blanket and takes Shivani inside the well. Then he opens the well’s door and takes her in. Shaku shouts seeing a bride walking near the well. Everyone gather there. Shaku tells them everything. Shivani sees a payal there. Sunanda tells them that it was her’s. They go back to their rooms. Raghu asks Shivani to rest. Shivani is about to lie down on the bed when she sees a red color like a henna on her foot. She shouts shockingly. Raghu is shocked too.

Raghu tells her that she might have alta for the photo shoot where she dressed up as a bengali bride. Shivani says, she didn’t remember anything. Raghu asks her to sleep. Shivani sees alta bottle in Madhavi room, Madhavi lies to her saying about the puja tonight. Shivani asks her to give nail cutter, but Madhavi hides and says she doesn’t have. Shivani sees it though. Vivek puts ointment on Lata’s wounds. Lata and Baburaam get happy with him. Veer comes to Shivani and gets close to her on the pretext of film shoot. He starts styling her hairs, much to Shivan’s amusement. Raghu comes. Veer asks him to go somewhere to get the camera for the shoot. Raghu agrees.

Shivani packs the food for him. Shaku asks Shivani to stop Raghu somehow as today is very inauspicious day. Shivani gets suspicious and tries hard to stop Raghu. Raghu assures her that he will be back soon. Shivani worries for Raghu. Raghu leaves. Veer comes to Shivani again and gifts her necklace. Shivani refuses to accept it. Veer forcefully puts the necklace around her neck. Shivani gets shocked and feels strange. She wonders what is Veer upto.

Madhavi comes to Shivani and looks at the necklace. She tells her that the necklace is hers. Shivani gets shocked and questions Veer why he gifted Madhavi’s necklace to her. Madhavi refuses to have said that surprising Shivani. Madhavi tells her that they brought the necklace for her. Shivani wonders what is happening with her. Shivani calls Raghu, but he doesn’t pick her call. She gets tensed.

Shivani drinks the milk containing sleeping pills and sleeps. Veer and Madhavi are seen praying to the devil. A cradle is shown there. They say that no one can stop them from fulfilling their motive and laugh. Veer puts alta on Shivani’s feet while she is asleep and asks Madhavi to dress her as a bride. Madhavi dresses up Shivani. They plan to sacrifice her to get a heir.

Raghu comes back home as Shivani’s phone is switched off by Madhavi. Madhavi and Veer get tensed and hides Shivani behind the bed. Madhavi lies on the bed covering herself. Raghu comes inside the room and sees Veer. Veer tells him that he came to discuss the script with Shivani, but she is sleeping. Raghu believes him. Raghu takes out the car keys and it falls near the bed. He bends down to pick it, but doesn’t see it. Keep reading.

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