Naren gets blurred flashes of Ankita surprising him, Ranvijay takes Ankita to his house, Manav offers a big project to Sachin in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Ankita leaves for Banaras. Pari was still upset over the fact that Ankita was Naren’s past. Rushaali makes her understand to forget about Ankita and enjoy her life with Naren. She asks her to give love to Naren and make him happy. Naren comes back home and gets romantic with Pari. They consummate their marriage. Pranav and Sonu misses Ankita and get sad remembering her. Mansi consoles them and says Ankita will be back soon. Shashank cheer up the kids and brings icecream for them.

Soham cries recalling Ankita and thinks he couldn’t give happiness to his daughter Ankita. Soham comes home and tells the kids that Ankita eloped without fighting for her rights. Mansi tries to reason with him. Soham tells her that Ankita is walking on his footsteps. 20 years ago same thing happened with him. They cry.

Rushaali gets Ankita’s letter published. Soham happens to read it and gets angry. Rushaali comes to Naren and Pari’s room and gives them tea. Pari wakes up Naren romantically. Soham comes to Rushaali and asks her about the pamplet in the newspaper. Rushaali tells him that she got revenge from him for sending her son to Jail. Soham reminds her that once Ankita was her daughter in law. Rushaali refuses to acknowledge her as her bahu and calls her a caretaker of Naren. She insults Soham very much. Soham leaves sadly.

Next morning, Naren goes to office after Pari feeding him juice and breakfast. Rushaali gets impressed with Pari. Pari goes to the restaurant and awaits for Naren. She calls him who was on the way. Naren while driving the car sees a shop and goes there. He buys the chocolates and recalls buying it before. He couldn’t recollect about Ankita. Naren asks the shopkeeper to keep his watch as he didn’t have money. Pari comes there and asks Naren to come. She hears shop keeper discussing about Naren.

Naren and Pari go to see the doctor. Doctor checks Naren and says he is fine. Pari tells them about how recalled something. Doctor tells her that his past is haunting him and we can’t erase his past from his memories. Pari gets tensed as Ankita was Naren’s past. She comes home and searches the same on the net. She shares it with Rushaali. Rushaali asks her to forget about Ankita and move on. She suggests her to give so much love to Naren that he forgets Ankita fully.

Rushaali throws a party party for Pari and Naren. She gives her saree and asks her to go to Spa. Pari comes to the jewellery shop and likes one necklace. Saleswoman asks her to buy another one and says it was already sold out to Naren Karmarkar. Pari gets happy. Saleswoman informs her that Naren ordered it for his wife few months back and didn’t turn up to take it. Pari gets angry and thinks it was for Ankita. Naren comes to the shop and buys the same necklace. He comes home and gifts it to Pari. Pari gets happy and thinks Naren loves only her.

Pari, Naren, Rushaali and Shirish enjoy a private party with a champagne. Shirish and Rushaali gives them honeymoon tickets to switzerland. Naren refuses to go there citing work and says he would go to Goa instead. They go to their room and start dancing on the song. Naren gets flashes of the past and sees a lady behind the curtain. He gets tensed. Pari senses his tension and thinks she will remove Ankita from his mind and heart.

Ankita reaches Varanasi. Some goons follow her and hold her hand. Ankita tries to free her hand from their hold. Ranvijay, a new lead opposite her comes to her rescue and saves her. Manav comes to meet Rushaali and shows her some papers which has proofs against her illegal actions. He warns her to get it published in the newspaper if she continues to trouble his family members. Rushaali gets tensed.

Archana tells Manav that she hired a detective to locate Ankita and is positive about it. Neena overhears them and feels insecure. She tells Sachin that Archana wants to name all her property on Ankita’s name. Sachin prays that they shall never get Ankita. Archana then goes to Mansi’s house and gives her fruits and sweets. They talk about Ankita and get emotional. Archana comes home and suggests to Manav to involve Sachin in their business. She asks him to give some project to him to make him feel secure.

Ankita searches for accommodation. She was declined by the owners saying they give room to only family. Ankita talks to the panditji. He asks her to check near Shiv Mandir. One girl looks at her and smiles. She goes to Ankita. Ankita asks her name and faints. The girl immediately rushes to her father Ranvijay and bring him to Ankita. He takes unconscious Ankita to the hospital. Doctor informs him about her pregnancy and asks him to take her home. Ranvijay refuses, but his daughter insists.

Naren continues to get flashes of Ankita and wonders what is happening to him. Manav gives a big project to Sachin and tells him to prove him. He tells him that they didn’t differentiate about their children. Sachin says, he will think and let him know. Neena asks Sachin to take up the project and transfers all the property on his name through it. Sachin agrees. Naren and Pari are sitting in the restaurant. Naren sings for Pari. She gets happy. They dance on the song Saathiya Yeh Tune Kya Kiya……..She asks him why he sang that song. Naren is speechless as he couldn’t recollect that he sang it for Ankita before. Later, he sees flashes of Ankita in his dreams. He gets restless and thinks he is missing someone very precious to him.

Ranvijay brings Ankita home surprising his parents and family. His daughter Vaishnavi takes care of her. Ankita wakes up in the night and comes out of the room. She sees Ranvijay in the hall. Ranvijay tells her that she was unconscious and that’s why he took her to the hospital and brought her here. Ankita thanks him and is about to leave. Ranvijay asks her to go in the morning.

Prashant gets emotional and asks Bappa why he pained Ankita so much. Why he took her away from them. Mansi consoles him. Some neighbours taunts Prashant about Ankita. He beats them. Mansi asks him not to get angry at people’s taunts and takes a promise. They hug each other. Ankita cries thinking about Naren and her baby. She thinks Naren doesn’t know about her pregnancy and cries.

Ranvijay’s bhabhi Kavita brings food for him. He asks her to keep the food for Ankita outside his room. Kavita gets angry. Mansi blames herself for Ankita’s misery. Shashank consoles her and makes her understand that Ankita is very strong and she will be fine. Naren sees Pari’s maang without sindoor and says he will fill her maang. He is about to fill her maang, but then stops as he gets flashes of his marriage with Ankita. He wonders what is happening to him. Pari hugs him. Keep reading.

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