Gunjan promises the villagers to get the electricity soon, Kabir and Rachna are getting close, Mayank feels bad about Charu in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Gunjan, Chiraya and Rahul try to make villagers understand the problems they are facing and ask them to raise their voice. Gunjan promises that she will get electricity to each of the houses in a week as they all will have to create security for themselves. They wonder how? Gunjan says, she is sure that they will help her one day. She picks the torches and urges people to come forward. The head laughs and says that a girl alone can’t harm him. Shayl questions Rachna about the movie tickets. Rachna lies to her saying she went to watch the movie with Chaya. Shayl asks her to inform them before going. Rachna thinks she can’t tell them about her relationship with Kabir until she is sure.

Gunjan and her team march the village holding torches in their hands in the night. Some men eyes her and thinks to kidnap her. Some girls come and assures to support Gunjan. Mayank apologizes to Charu. Charu gives him work and reminds him that she is his boss and he must respect her. Gunjan calls home and talks to Rachna. Gunjan talks to the engineer regarding getting the electricity. Vikram informs the head about the electricity equipment bringing in the village. Head gets furious at Gunjan.

Villagers get excited and happy. Gunjan asks the engineer when he will start the work. Head comes and shouts that after he gives the permission. He asks, do you have permission. Gunjan replies to him that they aren’t government people but private company. All the documentation has been done already. She shows him the papers. Engineer tells her about the cost. Rahul gives cheque to the engineer. The villagers thank Gunjan. Gunjan tells them that women will be safe now after getting the electricity.

The head wonders from where she got the money. Vikram thinks from their safe. Kabir gets worried about the models who didn’t turn up. Rachna gets an idea and gets ready as a bride wearing Kabir’s design. Mr. Tiwari appreciates Kabir’s work and says that his company will be happy to work with him. Mayank thinks about Charu. He asks her is everything fine. Charu reminds her that she is his boss now. Rahul and Gunjan dug the soil and take out the jewellery box worth lakhs. Head sees them with the box. Gunjan hides it.

The head and Vikram comes to the house and finds a map showing points to gold. They think they will get gold in the other places as well. Gunjan comes there. Vikram leaves the map in a hurry. Gunjan picks it and asks Chiraya. Head and Vikram come near the tree and mount to dug the soil for gold. Rahul and Gunjan also come there. Head thinks he will see how they take gold now.

Rahul tells Gunjan about the story of the gold. Gunjan says, it is getting used for Village development. While they go back to bring the tools. Head and Vikram take out the gold. Rahul and Gunjan fight with each other and accuses the other for the gold loss. Kabir calls Rachna. Kabir suggests that they should tell everyone about them, but Rachna says not now. Shayl hears their conversation a bit. The head comes to Rahul and asks him to shake hands with him. He says, we will divide the gold and get the electricity also. Chayl takes the phone from Rachna’s hands. Kabir disconnects the call.

Rahul comes home and tells Gunjan that their plan worked. Gunjan recalls getting the jewellery from the villagers and her plan. They think they are near their goal. Mayank thinks to help Charu and thinks he can’t believe that she has changed so much. Head tells Vikram that he doesn’t believe on Gunjan and Rahul. Gunjan says she has an idea and goes wearing the field-man mask to the fields. Vikram goes to check the field. Gunjan and Rahul get shocked. Rahul throws something to stop Vikram. Vikram thinks someone is coming and goes.

Kabir and Rachna goes for shopping. Rachna selects a dress after trying many. They dance on some song and tells I love you to each other. Shopkeeper misunderstood Kabir to be elder of her house. Rachna makes it clear that he is her boyfriend. Shayl and Seema come to the same restaurant. Rachna signs Kabir to hide and tells Shayl that she has been waiting for her friend Chaya. Chaya comes there. Shayl asks her to come home. Rachna apologizes to Kabir. Kabir leaves. Chaya teases Rachna.

Gunjan gets emotional thinking about celebrating teej with Mayank. Chiraya asks her to go home, but Gunjan says work is important here. She misses Mayank. Kabir and Rachna think to call each other. Rachna makes henna cones with bad mood. Gunjan calls Mayank. Mayank asks her to come soon. Gunjan couldn’t hear him properly. Gunjan asks Rahul to charge her phone. She calls Mayank and kisses the phone. Rahul laughs. Mayank is about to tell Gunjan about his new boss then stops thinking she will get worried.

Rachna thinks to keep the teej fast for Kabir and writes his name with henna. Gunjan tells the story of Parvati and Shiv to the village woman. They get surprised with her knowledge. Gunjan keeps the fast for Mayank. Shayl gives tiffin to Rachna. Rachna gives the food to the beggar as she is fasting. Rachna tells Kabir that she has kept the fast for him. He tells her that she won’t be able to stay hungry. Rachna bets with him.

Gunjan and Rahul scares the engineer and asks him to lie to the head. Rachna asks Kabir to come to her home for breaking her fast otherwise she won’t eat anything. Head listens to Chiraya and Gunjan’s conversation that how she convinced the engineer to give the false report that there is no gold. Head asks Vikram to call the engineer. Mayank sees his boss GS misbehaving with his wife Charu. He offers his help. Charu asks him to go. Mayank thinks Charu is caught in a horrific relation. He wonders how to help her. Keep reading.

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