Gunjan returns to village to solve its problems, Mayank is shocked to see Charu as his new boss in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Mayank consoles Gunjan as she couldn’t do anything for the villagers’ development. He tells her that he got a job, personal cabin and a hot secretary. Rachna shows some designs to Kabir. Kabir approves it. Rachna hugs him happily. Rachna informs Shayl that she has to attend the meeting in the night and will come back late.
Prabhu asks Gunjan about the village. Gunjan tells him everything. Electricity goes off. Mayank and Gunjan go to check the fuse. Kabir and Rachna comes for the meeting. Rachna gives the presentation and gets the contract. Mayank fixes the fuse. Kabir appreciates Rachna. His car gets heated and stops. Kabir goes to get the mechanic and Rachna to sit in his car. He gets the mechanic. Kabir and Rachna takes his bike and goes. In the way it begins to rain, Rachna dances in it while Kabir watches her. He puts his coat around her, she hugs him. Kabir comes to drop Rachna.
Rachna tells that she will tell everyone about their love but not now. Shayl opens the door and asks, didn’t Kabir come to drop her. Kabir tells Dadi that he wanted to drop Rachna but she didn’t wanted him to do so. Gunjan tells Rachna that she failed and couldn’t bring any change in the village. Rachna cheers her up. Garg family decides to sleep on the terrace because of the electricity failure. Gunjan fixes the fuse and gets worried for the villagers. Mayank asks her not to go there alone.
Gunjan is frustrated that Mayank is not understanding her. Shayl explains to her that like one candle cant spread light in the whole hall, likewise only you can’t change the condition in the entire village. She asks her to light something in villagers’ minds first. Shayl promises to let her go. Gunjan leaves for the village. Mayank comes to his office and is shocked to see Charu as his new boss. He asks her, until when she will stalking him. Boss comes and introduces her as his wife. Mayank gets shocked.
Gunjan is in the bus to Birpur and thinks how will she win the trust of villagers and convince them for the change. Mayank gets worried and thinks he has signed a three years contract. Charu comes and holds his hands. She tells them that they can start a new life here. Chiraya’s mom refuses to take Gunjan’s help. Chiraya refuses to meet her and thinks she has troubled her family. Rachna tells Kabir that she has to go home. Kabir asks her not to take advantage of their relationship as work comes first. Rachna thinks, Kabir shall cheer her up.
Gunjan comes to Rahul, but his house is also locked. Rachna replies rudely to Kabir. Kabir asks her, what happened. She tells him that Shayl asked her to bring tube lights. Kabir says, we will bring while getting the fabric. Goons ask Gunjan to goand refuses to give her any facility. Gunjan wonders what to do. Gunjan comes to the temple and asks for strength to fight for the change in the village. Kabir and Rachna get fabric and tube lights. Rachna gets naughty and throws colors on Kabir. Kabir runs after her. He drops her home. Rachna asks him to hide. Shayl opens the door. Rachna tells her that she went for a meeting and brought the lights.
Mayank gets disturbed thinking about Charu’s words and thinks he wants to leave the job. He wonders how to break the news to his family and misses Gunjan. Chiraya’s Dad comes home after fixing her alliance. Chiraya tells her mom that she should do something and support Gunjan. Vikram laughs on Gunjan. Chiraya brings water for her. Chiraya asks for apology, she says that she thought if we won’t support you, you will leave, but now I want to lead a life like you. Rahul comes and asks her to come to his house. Chiraya brings food for her.
Rachna tells Kabir that they shall go for a movie. Kabir tells her that you hide about us from your family and wants to go out. Rachna gets upset. Charu comes to Mayank’s cabin and asks him to handle some project. Kabir asks Rachna to come for work. Rachna says she isn’t hungry. Gunjan sees a generator going on a truck. Chiraya says it is going to the head’s house. Gunjan asks why there is no electricity here in spite of having the wiring. Rahul says that the head keeps all the money that comes for village.
Kabir asks Rachna to go home as it was late night. Mayank is told to wait by his secretary to meet Charu. Charu makes him wait for two hours and then calls him in her cabin. She asks him to help her in the project. Mayank says, he knows her plan. As he has signed the contract, he will only do office work. Rachna works till late at night and sleeps. Shayl thinks to talk to Kabir. She comes to the office and faints in the storeroom. Kabir gets shocked and wakes up her. She tells him sorry. He asks did she eat something. She says no. He asks her to come for lunch.
Charu’s husband scolds her for not working on the presentation. Mayank comes to her cabin and thinks she was genuinely asking help from him. Kabir orders food for Rachna. She asks, do you know my favourite dish. He guesses it wrong. Rachna orders food for him then. Kabir gets tickets for film and gives it to Rachna. She thanks him. Gunjan and Rahul gather the villagers and present a skit on the problems of village. One villager asks what does they want. Shayl asks Rachna to take an off from work. She sees tickets in Rachna’s bags.

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