Naren and Pari get married, Ankita leaves for Banaras for Naren and Pari’s happiness, Soham’s kids leaves the Deshmukh’s house in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Ankita decides to leave the city for Naren’s happiness. She promises to give her contact info to Mansi. Rushaali comes and gives bridal dress to Pari. She gets a call from her secretary informing her that Ankita didn’t deposit the cheque yet. Rushaali says, it is upto Ankita to encash it or not. Ankita comes to Naren’s house to give him some files. Kinnari asks her to apply haldi on Naren. Ankita agrees.
Manav scolds Gaurav for insulting Prashant. Neena thinks to take revenge from Ankita and her siblings. Naren asks Ankita to call him Jiju and asks her from whose side she is coming. Ankita says, from his side. Naren thanks her. Archana takes Ankita to the hospital where she is being informed about Ankita’s pregnancy. Archana gets shocked. Archana thinks Ankita is carrying Naren’s child and thinks to talk to her. Shekhar comes to Archana’s house and praises Ankita. He tells them about the fire experiment on Naren. Archana thinks, if Ankita is pregnant with Naren’s child, she will not let Pari marry Naren.

Marriage function starts. Archana searches for Ankita. Soham comes to know about the wedding. Soham thinks Archana and Manav did not pay heed to his demands. Soham comes to the wedding and stops the wedding. Manav and Archana tries to stop Soham. Mansi requests Soham to go. Soham says, they took his happiness 20 years back and now taking his daughter’s happiness. Neena blames Soham for ruining his kids life. She tells everyone that Ankita is pregnant with Shashank’s child.
Soham gets angry on her. Sachin interferes and warns him. Ankita comes there. Soham asks her if she is pregnant. Manav says until the matter is cleared, he will not let Naren and Pari’s marriage happen. Soham asks Ankita to tell everyone that child is Naren’s. Ankita says child is not Shashank’s but someone else, not even Naren. Archana stops her and asks to tell the truth. Ankita says yes she is pregnant with Naren’s child, but Naren does not love her and loves Pari. She doesn’t want to ruin Naren life. Archana asks where will she live? Ankita says she wants to bear Naren’s child at any cost.
Archana thinks to talk to Naren, but Ankita stops her. She says Naren loves Pari and should be with her. She goes from there asking Archana to take care of her siblings. Naren and Pari get married and take elders’ blessings. Ankita sits in the bus and recalls Naren. Pari leaves the Deshmukh’s house after her bidaai. Manav asks her to remember their teachings.

Archana gets sad. Savita and Sulochana get emotional about Ankita and Pari. Archana cries. Kinnari welcomes Pari and congrats her. Rushaali asks Pari to start a new life. Naren takes Pari in his arms and takes her to their room.

Archana is still sad. Manav asks him to tell what is bothering her. Archana tells him that Ankita left the city. She has sacrificed for Naren and Pari’s happiness. She was carrying Naren’s child. Manav gets shocked. Archana blames her for ruining Ankita’s life. She says, I couldn’t do anything for her. Prashant overhears them. Soham is sitting outside Deshmukh’s house. Some neighbours badmouths about Ankita. Archana comes out and tells them that Ankita sacrificed her love for Naren’s happiness. She was carrying Naren’s child and not anybody’s else.
Soham gets shocked to know that Archana knows about it. He questions her, how could she get Pari married to Naren then. Archana says, I tried to stop her, but she left. Soham leaves. Kinnari upsets Pari by placing Ankita and Naren’s photo on the blanket. She tears the photo and recalls Ankita’s words. Naren comes and hugs her. Naren gives her their pic as a gift. Pari smiles. They consummate their marriage. Soham comes with Police and asks Inspector to arrest Naren for cheating his daughter.
Naren agrees to cooperate with the police. Mansi asks Archana about Ankita. Pari comes there and tells that Soham got Naren arrested. Shashank informs Mansi that Ankita might be in Pune Nursing home. Pari says she will speak to Ankita first. Ankita comes to the nursing room.

Rushaali shows the contract papers to Inspector. Inspector says, it is alright. Soham asks him, is it written in contract that Naren can make Ankita pregnant and leave her alone. Inspector says it is not written. Inspector asks Soham if he has a proof. Shashank says, he can get proof by performing DNA tests on Ankita.

Pari comes to meet Ankita and tells her that Naren is in jail and asks her to tell the truth. Ankita tells her that Naren loves Ahana and Pari is Ahana. It does not mean whose child it is. She promises to go away from there.

Shashank, Naren, Soham and the police comes to the hospital. They didn’t find Ankita but a letter left her her. The letter was written for Soham. She asks him not to blame Naren for her condition and asks Soham to accept that the child is only hers. Soham cries. Inspector frees Naren.

Ankita takes tickets for banaras. Shashank and Soham searches for her. Soham breakdown and cries. Ankita hears him, but stops herself. Pari gets sad seeing Savitra and sulochana concern for Ankita. Rushaali comes there and informs them that Ankita eloped with her unborn child. She badmouths about Ankita. Pari tells them that Ankita did this for her.

Naren comes to Ankita at the railway station and says he will be always there for her. He didn’t come to stop her. Ankita says, she don’t need his favour. She gives him best wishes and goes inside the train. Savita says, she knew everything but was quiet for Pari. Prashant tells Mansi that Soham was right to judge them. They didn’t think about our tai’s happiness. He asks her to come. Mansi says, he is right. Manav tries to stop them, but in vain. Keep reading.

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