Shivani determines to know about well’s secret, Veer kills the goon who knew about the well’s secret, Maya and Bella plan against Sumitra in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

In Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Shivani gets shocked to see the ash powder marked on her forehead. She tells Madhavi about it. Madhavi tells her that it is dust and asks her to get ready for shoot. Shivani then sees her torn saree piece on the plant and gets shocked. Veer comes there and asks her, what happened? Shivani shows him Saree piece and tells him that she got it on the plant. Veer says, saree might have stuck on the plant. Maya apologizes to Sumitra and asks her to befriend her again. Sumitra refuses and says you are meant to be my servant. Maya tells her that Saharia family wants to take their home back. Sumitra gets shocked.
Shivani is rehearsing with Sameer for the molestation scene. Raghu comes hearing Shivani screams and misinterpret Sameer. He beats him so much. Shivani tells Raghu that they were just rehearsing the scene and asks him if he is jealous to see him with someone else. Raghu says, no. Shivani asks him to answer himself. Raghu gets tensed. His reflection/ soul comes and tells him that he is indeed in love with Shivani. Raghu says, she is his Maliksaa’s grand daughter. I can’t love her. He thinks, truth is that I can’t see her with anybody else.
Shivani tells Dadi about Raghu’s jealously. They have a laugh. Raghu overhears it and thinks to turn the table on Shivani. He asks the director to make the scene more romantic, to Shivani’s shock. Saharia family come back from the temple and see some men preparing wine. They get shocked. Sumitra comes with her parents and Rajesh and says she asked them to make wine. Lata asks her not to insult God. Sumitra and Rajesh plan to earn money from wine business. Sumitra asks Lata to give agni pariksha and asks her to walk barefoot on the burning coal. Lata takes God’s blessing and walks on the coal with ease. Her family members cries. Sumitra asks the men to remove the wine making.
Shivani thinks why Raghu is ignoring her. Someone cuts the rope to kill Veer. Veer leaves. Director asks Shivani to rehearse her lines. Shivani gets jealous to see Raghu talking with some girl. Raghu comes to her and tells her that she was looking beautiful in the look test. They have an eye lock. Raghu sees the big light falling on Shivani and saves her. Raghu follows him, but the goon escapes. Madhavi takes out an evil eye from them. Kids comes and tells that their ball went in the well. Shivani hears about it and says she gets scared there. Servant hears her talk and gets tensed. Shivani asks the servant Shaku about the well’s secret. Shaku tells her that once she saw a bride going inside the well. Shivani thinks some secrets are hidden in this house. Sunanda comes and blames Shivani for gossipying and scolds Shaku.
Lata’s family cry to see Lata in pain. Raghu calls her. Lata doesn’t tell him about their problem. Baburaam asks him to come soon. Maya apologizes to Lata for befriending with Sumitra and says it is a part of their plan. Bella says, Sumitra thinks our unity is broken. Maya thinks to take advantage of her thinking. Shivani sees someone coming out from Sunanda’s room and going outside towards the well. She follows that person and gets attacked by him. Next morning she wakes up. Raghu tells her that he brought her in the room and asks, why she went near the well in the night. Shivani tells him that someone attacked her. He asks her not to think and massages on her wound.
Shivani asks Dadi about the well. Dadi gets tensed and says it is just your suspicion. Shivani thinks why everyone is hiding about the well. Gini brings Dahi bade for Rajesh and intentionally throws water on him. She then wipes the water. Maya brings Sumitra and shows Rajesh with Gini. Sumitra gets jealous. Dadi asks Shivani to search her stick. Shivan gets it in Sunanda’s room. She sees a blood mark on the stick and gets suspicious. She recalls getting hit by the same stick near the well. Sunanda comes and asks her to leave. Shivani asks her if this stick was used by someone else too. Sunanda gets angry and insults Shivani.
Raghu comes to her rescue and asks Sunanda never to talk loudly with his wife. She is my wife and I won’t bear her insult. Shivani is happy. Gini purposely falls on Rajesh. He holds her and they have an eye lock. Maya shows them to Sumitra. Sumitra goes to Rajesh and slaps him hard and warns him not to go near Gini. Panditji comes ad asks for Puja. Lata and Bella tell them that they have lost the house. Sumitra tells him to do the puja and offers money.
Shivani smiles recalling Raghu’s words that she is his wife. Raghu says, even today you are Maliksaa’s grand daughter for me. I am fulfilling the promise made to him. She asks, will you tolerate if anyone insults me. Raghu says, never. I won’t tolerate. Shivani smiles. Shivani is in Madhavi’s room. Veer comes and hugs her from behind. Shivani gets shocked. Veer tells her that he thought Madhavi is here. Madhavi comes and laughs on Veer for not recognizing her.
Shivani collides with Sunanda and sees a bag falling from her hand. She follows Sunanda in an auto. Sumitra wears Lata’s jewellery and sits for Puja. Lata gets sad as it was her mother’s last memory. Puja starts. Sumitra asks them to sit far being her servants. Sunanda goes to the casino. Shivani is stopped by the guard. She gets a call asking her to come to some place to know about the well’s secret. Shivani tries calling Raghu, but he was not there. Shivani goes to that place and on the way calls Raghu. She asks him to reach there.
Shivani reaches the place and gets kidnapped by the goon. Raghu comes and sees Shivani’s bangle on the ground. He sees someone taking Shivani in the car and follows the car. The kidnapper takes Shivani to some place and tells her that he wants to tell her secret of the well. Shivani says, she doesn’t want to know and asks him to let her go. Just then Raghu comes and beats the goon. Goon keeps knife on Shivani’s neck and tells them that he don’t want to harm them. Just want to tell them about well’s secret. Just then Veer comes and shoots the goon. Keep reading.

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