Naren and Ankita are getting closer; Priya’s secret comes out in open; Pari hires a goon to kill Ankita in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Deshmukh’s get ready for the Ganapati Puja. Savita tells Sulochana that Ashi has same qualities as Ankita and praises her. Rushaali gets irked and badmouths about Ankita. She tells her that Ashi is completely different from Ankita. Naren asks the Inspector to catch Raunaq as soon as possible. Naren tries to wake up Ankita. Ankita wakes up and sees Naren. She thinks Naren is not happy seeing her alive. Naren thanks the God. Doctor who gave Ankita’s baby to Rushaali calls her and tells her that he is coming to Mumbai to lower her guilt. Rushaali gets tensed. He says, he will unite a mother and daughter before the Ganesha Visarjan. Ankita hears Rushaali taking on phone and questions her. Rushaali refuses to answer her. Ankita thinks something is related to Ranvijay’s accident case.

Ankita goes to her room while the aarti is going on. Raunaq comes to Ankita’s room and tries to kill her by suffocating her. Naren comes to her rescue and saves Ankita. While Ankita thinks Naren is behind Raunaq’s doings. Raunaq escapes. Mansi gets scared thinking about Raunaq threats. Raunaq asks Mansi to mix poison in Ankita’s milk. Mansi mixes it as Raunaq kidnapped her daughter Priya. She goes to Ankita’s room and gives her milk. She gets emotional and hugs her. She tells Ankita not to drink the milk as it has poison in it. Ankita pretends to die. Raunaq gets happy and tries to escape with Priya. Shashank catches him. Raunaq tries to kill Priya, just then Ankita come there. Shashank spills the beans that Priya is Raunaq’s daughter. Everyone get shocked. Police arrests Raunaq.

Doctor comes to meet Ankita but Rushaali stops him and emotionally blackmails him not to say anything to Ankita else Pari and Naren’s relation will break. Doctor agrees to her sayings and returns the money. Neena and Pari discuss about Mansi’s rape and then Mansi giving birth to Raunaq’s baby. Ankita tells her that she knows about it and tells about motherly love. Ashi asks Pari to feed her food. Pari scolds her insread. Ankita goes to make lemon juice for her. Naren thinks Pari isn’t taking good care of Ashi. Ankita hears Ashi calling Mumma. She goes to her room and makes her sleep. She sings lori for her. Naren asks Pari to love Ashi. Pari refuses to love her as she is not her daughter. Naren thinks he saw motherly love in Ankita’s eyes for Ashi and hopes Pari loves her too. Naren goes to make beetroot soup. He didn’t like it taste. Ankita tastes it and adds something. She takes the soup to Ashi and makes her drink. Ashi likes the taste. Naren smiles.

Pari thinks of Rushaali’s words and arranges a champagne and cake party for Naren to celebrate their anniversary. They dance with each other while Ankita looks at them sadly. Pari thinks she is going on the right path as Ankita is jealous of her. Pari and Naren inform the family about their anniversary and says they are throwing a small party. Rushaali taunts Ankita indirectly. Savita takes her side. Naren asks Pari, why she spends so much on the party. Pari says she will not if he doesn’t like it. He gifts her a ring. Savita and Teju tease Kinnari infront of guests. Pari and Naren cut the cake. Ankita comes. Pari asks her, if she will not give her gift. Ankita tells her that she gave her biggest gift of her life and congrats her. Rushaali congratulates Pari for making Ankita jealous.

Ankita thinks to go as she is getting attracted to Naren. Inspector comes and meets Pari. She asks him to meet Ankita. Ankita asks the Inspector if he is not ashamed and blames him for protecting the criminals. Inspector leaves. Naren asks Pari, why did she call the Police officer. Pari says, she wants to insult Ankita. Naren tells her that if Ankita starts taking her revenge then they will be nowhere. Neena overhears them. Pari tells him that she didn’t do Ranvijay’s accident purposely. Neena gets shocked. Naren asks Pari not to trouble Ankita. She pretends to agree.

Neena thinks of a plan and smirks. Naren and Pari continue to enjoy the party and dance on the song Tere Haath Me…………Naren gets a flashback of dancing with Ankita. Ankita cries. Naren comes to her and sees mangalsutra on the floor. He picks it and gets flashes of his marriage with her. Ankita takes him. She sees a lizard and hugs him tightly. They get conscious and part ways.. Pari is being informed by the cashier that Ankita refused to give her salary. Pari gets irked. She comes to Manav and informs him about Ankita taking revenge on her. She tells him that Ankita is misusing the powers given by him. Manav says, he will talk to Ankita.

Manav comes to Ankita and asks her about not issuing Pari’s cheque. Ankita shows him the record which states that Pari took more than enough money from company’s account in all these years. She tells him that Pari is misusing company funds on personal expenses. Manav tells her that her decision is right. Pari thinks Manav might have fired Ankita from MD position. Manav comes home. Pari starts her drama again. Manav asks her to stop badmouthing about Ankita. He tells her that Ankita has full rights to use her powers and rules. He tells her that he is proud of Ankita. Naren tells Pari that Ankita is right.

Neena tells Sachin that they shall blackmail Pari and extract money from her. Sachin agrees. Neena calls Pari as a blackmailer and asks her to give her money to safeguard her secret. Ankita tries to cheer Ashi and plays hide and seek with her. She touches Naren and feels him. Naren gets uncomfortable too. Pari hires a goon to kill Ankita. Keep reading.

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