Abhi continues to misunderstands Pragya; Aaliya and Tanu throw her out; Sarla gets a heart attack in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

In Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi blames Pragya for helping Purab and tells her that he will bring her truth infront of her family. He will make her family hate her so that she commits suicide. Pragya is shocked. Tanu asks him to give rigorous punishment to her. Aaliya says, she wants to kill her. Abhi tells that he will tell her truth to Dadi first. Pragya is shocked. Purab calls Abhi to know about Pragya. Abhi warns him not to call him again and disconnects the call. Pragya tells Tanu that you changed color so fast. Tanu tells her that she did it for her love as everything is fair in love and war. Pragya feels pity on Abhi for loving a selfish and greedy woman. Aaliya comes to know about Tanu hiding Purab’s letter from them. She asks her not to hide anything in future.

Sarla calls on Pragys’s number. Tanu picks the call and tells her about Pragya leaving the house. Sarla gets shocked. She adds further that Abhi will not forgive Pragya and tells that she helped Purab to elope from the wedding altar. Sarla gets tensed and worried. Bulbul tells Purab that she won’t forgive him if anything happens to her family. Sarla sees the dream that Abhi is throwing Pragya out of the house and gets worried. She says she won’t forgive Bulbul.

Abhi talks to Dadi and takes promise from Dadi that she won’t take his words on her heart. He tells her that they are betrayed by her bahu Pragya and she helped Purab to leave the mandap. He tells her that Pragya cares only for her family. Dadi couldn’t believe him. He tells her that he can’t live with her and feels betrayal. He tells her that her choice went wrong for him. He tells her that she can live in the house but he won’t have any relation with her. Dadi listens shockingly.

Bulbul asks Purab to take her to Mumbai. Aaliya and Tanu ask Pragya to leave the house and lies to her saying Abhi wanted her to leave. Tanu asks Pragya to give her mangalsutra before leaving. Pragya stops her from snatching her mangalsutra and tells the importance of mangalsutra in married woman’s life. Pragya believes that Abhi wants her to leave, but thinks to meet Abhi for one last time. She turns and sees Aaliya and Tanu standing there. Pragya leaves. She walks on the road and wonders where to go. Abhi asks Aaliya and Tanu about Pragya. They tell him that they have thrown her out of the house. Abhi says what they hurry up. He is anyways happy. Tanu tells him that she wants to prove that she will be the best choice for him. Pragya sits on the side of road and recalls her happy moments with Abhi. She thinks why she is thinking about Abhi. Abhi too misses her.

Purab stops his car near the hut and tells Bulbul that he will call the mechanic in the morning. They see a hut and goes inside. Purab tells her that they have to spend a night there. He makes two separate grass beds for them. He gets his chachi’s call. Chachi asks him to rekindle love in Bulbul’s heart and win her. Purab thinks of her words. Sarla gets restless and tells Beeji that she wants to meet Pragya now itself. She waits for an auto, but falls down as she gets a heart attack. Suresh who was passing from there with his sister Rachna see Sarla and gets down. He asks Rachna to inform Sarla’s family and takes Sarla to the hospital.

Purab hurts himself intentionally so that Bulbul confess her love for him. Bulbul realizes his plan and tells him that she hates him. Purab gets sad. Rachna informs Beeji about Sarla getting a heart attack and Suresh taking her to the hospital. Pragya comes home. Beeji asks Pragya to come to the hospital. Pragya gets shocked knowing about Sarla’s condition. Akash informs Dadi about Sarla being in the hospital for heart problem. Dadi gets shocked. She asks Abhi to come along with her. Abhi agrees. Pragya gets emotional seeing Sarla on the hospital bed. Dadi and Abhi reach the hospital. Pragya sees Abhi and runs to hug him. Abhi holds her even though he doesn’t want to embrace her.

Beeji tells Dadi that Doctor told them that Sarla needs immediate surgery. Suresh talks to the Doctor who says he had informed the senior doctor and he will come. Suresh gets angry and goes to call the doctor. Pragya asks Beeji what led Sarla to get heart attack. Beeji tells her about Sarla’s conversation with Tanu. Pragya gets angry and goes home. Aaliya opens the door and taunts her for coming back. Pragya reminds her that she doesn’t need permission to come to her own house. Tanu sees her and comes out of her hide out. Pragya slaps her hard shocking them. She gives them lecture for trying to kill Sarla.

Pragya reminds Tanu that her relation with Abhi is illegitimate. She tells that she is legally respected wife of Abhi. Mitali hears them and thinks she should behave like Pragya. Meanwhile Abhi gets angry on junior doctor and asks him to call senior doctor immediately else he will get the hospital closed. He threatens the staff members and calls Sarla as his mother. Senior doctor comes and operates on Sarla. Pragya thanks Abhi for his timely help. Abhi gets emotional for Sarla. Pragya tells him that she will remember his favour and help. Abhi tells her that he hates her for the core and asks her to remember the enemity.

Purab tries to hurt himself. Bulbul stops him. Purvi calls on Purab’s number and informs Bulbul about Sarla’s condition. Bulbul cries and tells Purab. Tanu acts like a wounded tigress and plans to make Abhi slaps Pragya. Suresh comes back. Pragya informs him that Sarla is taken for operation because of Abhi’s efforts. Nurse informs them that Sarla gains consciousness. Pragya and Suresh go inside to meet her. Keep reading.

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