Roshini walks out of the house; Sid takes her home; DD tries to stop Roshini and Sid’s engagement in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, Roshini comes to know about DD’s truth that she is feigning heart attack. Roshini gets heart broken and thinks of Sid’s words that they are not wrong. She thinks to confront DD but Mona stops her and asks her to talk to Sid. They go to the catering office and meet the waiter who swapped the sweets boxes with money boxes. The waiter admits to have done it on DD’s orders. Roshini gets shocked and starts crying. Sid’s mom prays for Sid and Roshini’s unity. Sid tells her that he will meet Roshini and inform her about their rich status and also will inform her that they can buy her mom’s business. Sid’s mom tells her not to do that as Roshini hates rich people and may end relation with him. Sid says, he can’t bear his parents’ insult.

Roshini comes home angrily and packs her bags to leave the house. DD asks Mona, who informs her that Roshini came to know about your truth. DD is shocked. Roshini comes out of her room and informs Nani and others about DD’s doings. Nani gets shocked and asks DD. DD tells her that she did the right thing as she can’t get Roshini married in a poor family. She justifies her doings. Roshini calls her Durga Patel and says congratulates her for her drama. She is about to leave the house and finds Sid at the doorstep. She hugs him and asks him to take her to his parents as she wants to apologize to them. Sid tells DD that he will marry Roshini and nobody can stop him.

Sid takes Roshini to his house and thinks to hide the truth for some more time. DD is angry as Roshini left with Sid. Nani tells her that Roshini chose her love over money. DD says, she wants to secure her future. Roshini apologizes to Sid’a parents. Sid’s mom asks Sid to hide the truth as Roshini is already hurt because of DD. DD thinks Roshini is like her husband and thinks to make her life difficult so that she starts thinking practically.

Sid’s mum arranges bed for them. Roshini goes out while Sid follows her. DD throws Mona’s bag out of the house and warns her to stay away from Roshini else she will reveal her secrets. Roshini tells Sid that she is missing her Dad. Sid asks her to wear their engagement rings. She wears it. They share an emotional hug. Roshini gets up and goes to kitchen to make tea. Sid’s parents inform him that there is no water. Sid tells them that he brought water tanker. Roshini talks to Nani over phone and tells her that she is happy with Sid and his family.

Sid’s parents ask Panditji to take out auspicious date for their marriage. Panditji asks for the kundli. Sid asks him to take out the date without kundli. Panditji asks her to call her mum. Sid’s mum says she is her mum and asks him to take out the date for roka. Panditji takes out a date. Everyone get happy. Roshini gets emotional as Sid’s mom addresses herself as Roshini’s mum. Sid’s mum comes to DD’s office and tells her about the date. DD gets angry and asks the guard to throw her out. Sid’s mom says she came to unite them but you are ill fated. She says, she will give love to Roshini which she craved for all her life.

Prashant and her aaji come home. Sid’s dad brings pakodas for them. Roshini likes the taste and hugs him. Sid teases her. Nani keeps havan at home. DD asks Bablu to throw havan’s things. Nani walks out of the house angrily and tells DD that she will attend Roshini’s marriage for sure. Sid’s mum gives the designer outfit to Roshini for her roka ceremony. Roshini thinks she saw it on magazine cover. Sid’s mum lies to her saying she got it from a tailor. DD calls Krish and asks him to get the chawl vacated.

Nani and Mona come to Sid’s home for roka. Nani gifts him her husband’s sherwani diamond pin. She gets emotional. Sid cheers her up. Sid and Roshini sit for their roka. Krish gets the municipal officer who tells that the houses are constructed illegally and asks them to vacate the houses. DD comes there. Sid warns her that they will get engaged anyways.

Sid and Roshini get engaged annoying DD. DD hides and sees their engagement. Sid goes to her and tells her that he is happy that she came. Sid’s mum comes home and tells Sid that she was saved by Krish. Sid thinks Krish is upto something. Resham acts to attend Roshini’s wedding. Sid and Roshini get romantic. Sid’s mum scolds him. Nani and Dadi argue with each other. Sid’s mum brings Roshini. Sid comes playing drum. Everyone get happy. Keep reading.

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